Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday 5th August 2011

0455hrs: Another bad night I'm afraid, chest pains bad, very little sleep. Awoke, and yawned and stretched - that was a mistake, the pains increased and have stayed that way from 0330hrs to now.(0500hrs) They are the worst pains since they started. Painful involuntary intakes of breath all night, have remained also.
Took extra painkillers with AM medications, will call at Dr's later, to make appointment... again!
Feeling very tried and weak again.
So frustrating that two cardiac specialists, the rehab nurses, and the Doctor cannot relieve the pain, and even more puzzling, they do not know what is causing them!
1655hrs: Went to doctors, then chemist. Must remember appointments this coming week; Monday, Chemist prescriptions (after 1500hrs) - Tuesday, Meet Janet and Pete at Morrisons (1000hrs) - Wednesday: Rehab City Hospital Gym (1000hrs) - Friday, doctors and nurse 0845hrs, take urine sample, do not eat and drink only water after 2000hrs night before) I think there was something else on Monday, but can't remember... senility eh?
The walk into town was a bit painful, chest pains persisted, pain on left knee joint came on suddenly, I thought I'd have to abandon the walk, but it went away after about 5 minutes? Then, ten minutes or so later, I got sharp pains in left ankle that went off after a few minutes? Am I disintegrating?
I got yet another saucepan for me to burn, from the 99p shop, and some Frazzle type snacks. If the Queen knew how I lived, she wouldn't half be jealous!)
Got home, pains still niggling away.
Had nosh, fell asleep, had a bath and shave, had a cuppa and updated this blog.

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