Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday 10th August 2011

Better night all round (Tue).  Took extra painkillers again. But pains started again on getting up, and were intermittently very sharp until approx 1600hrs, when they eased a little.

Walked to City Hospital Rehab for 1000hrs. Spoke with nurse about concerns over pains continuing.
She listened properly, then said she'd speak with Cardiac Surgeon Mr Jutley about some more effective painkillers, and then get back to me.
I walked part way to town. Purchased some 3 for a fiver DVD's, old 'A-Team' stuff, (well I like it when the goodies win!), and some 2 for a quid deodorants from Pound Shop.
Walked home, well tired out when I got in. Had cuppa, made food, and fell asleep.

The nurse from rehab rang, she'd contacted Surgeon who said he was happy to allow stronger pain killers as a one off - she then rang my Doctor who said no, because I'm on Warfarin. Together they decided I'd start at the Gym next Wednesday, exercising.

Put on DVD and fell asleep again.

Woke  after an hour or so, cuppa, medications, and did this blog. Still feeling tired, and the 'moving' pains are coming back yet again, left shoulder, neck, under left arm, and sternum.

Thought of the Day:
"These cruel, plundering, vicious, nasty rioters, are the policemen, doctors, teachers, and politicians of the future!"

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