Thursday, 8 April 2010

Redundant at 61

The ticker is okay, the angina a bit bothersome still, the dizzy spells are being looked into with a change of medications being given, the arthritis is bad some days, tolerable others, the memory loss is worrying, and the loneliness remains constant.
Nearly 65 now!

8th April 2010

My current prospects are growing dimmer now,
Four weeks searching, complete failure somehow,
Downheartedness, I must try not to allow,
Frustration, ambivalence I must disavow,
I must put in extra effort, and now,
I have often made this silly vow.

I feel now, after so many dismal job searching failures,
Enrolling in a basic IT course and such ventures,
Dealing with agencies and other vultures,
Every application ending in a reverse,
Although I write this in pathetic verse,
My morale sinks.. it's getting worse.

At the college I'm greeted with detestation,
Superior attitudes in full manifestation,
I'm old, bespectacled, and get denigration,
A hearing aid wearer, full of deprecation,
Of genuine good nature, but demoralisation,
Undervalued, worthless, full of desperation.

In my last job, I was a controller administrator,
Working nights, a humane participator,
A calming person, an empathetic moderator,
Assisting, aiding others a good cooperator,

Finances forced redundancy, now my prospects are poor.
I'm not sure how long I can take unemployment any-more.

A Year after the Operation...

Really getting depressed now!


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