Sunday, 8 May 2011

British Bobbies

Wartime Police Wolsley 6/80

1955 Police Wolsley 6/90

1952 Police Wolsley 6/90

Police Wolsley 6/80

Police Wolsley 6/80

Police Wolsley 6/90

Police Wolsley 6/80

It's true they have changed a lot, even during my sixty-four odd years or so.
But that is only because they have had to, to meet the current needs to tackle the unruly element of our society.
Now that they have David Cameron and the coalition cutting back, it will not be so noticeable, because there will be so many fewer than ever before in ratio to the population of our disintegrating country.
Still, it'll easier for the politicians to fiddle their expenses, illegal immigrants to come in, and drunk killer drivers to maim children, paedophiles etc.

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