Saturday, 20 August 2011

Saturday 20th August 2011

Good Morning each,
After two days of far less bother from the moving pains, they have returned this morning with a vengeance. The painful involuntary intakes of breathe as well. Sod it!
I went over yesterday to see pal Stewart, and his helper Margaret from across the road, he has just had new windows fitted, very nice too! So they posed in front of the front windows for the photo.

You can just see the dressing on Margaret's leg? This was caused by a red ant having a bite of her when she was in the garden... weeks ago now. The poison is taking ages to clear up for her. If the ant knew who she was and what kind of person she is, it would not have attacked her.
Steward now has thousands of music tracks of 50's 60's and 70's music stored on various devices.

The 'Fat Black Cuddly Cat' is pictured giving that innocent 'Where's my food look!"

I'm not feeling so good today, but will try to get out for a walk later. Might have a go at Yahoo Answers for a bit with my cuppa...

Take care all!

Monday, 15 August 2011

Monday 15th August 2011

I'd like to record my appreciation and thanks to the owners and staff of Carrington Pharmacy, on Mansfield Road.

When I was released from the Cardiac Unit, and finding it painful and difficult to get about, Mr Bilakhia, without any prompting or requests, brought my medications to my door!
Also, with the constant changes to my prescriptions it would have drove a lesser man mad - but he and his staff remained calm and considerate, and continue to be so today.
always a smile of greeting when I go in, and I find it reassuring in this day and age.

A great Thank You to them all!

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Wednesday 10th August 2011

Better night all round (Tue).  Took extra painkillers again. But pains started again on getting up, and were intermittently very sharp until approx 1600hrs, when they eased a little.

Walked to City Hospital Rehab for 1000hrs. Spoke with nurse about concerns over pains continuing.
She listened properly, then said she'd speak with Cardiac Surgeon Mr Jutley about some more effective painkillers, and then get back to me.
I walked part way to town. Purchased some 3 for a fiver DVD's, old 'A-Team' stuff, (well I like it when the goodies win!), and some 2 for a quid deodorants from Pound Shop.
Walked home, well tired out when I got in. Had cuppa, made food, and fell asleep.

The nurse from rehab rang, she'd contacted Surgeon who said he was happy to allow stronger pain killers as a one off - she then rang my Doctor who said no, because I'm on Warfarin. Together they decided I'd start at the Gym next Wednesday, exercising.

Put on DVD and fell asleep again.

Woke  after an hour or so, cuppa, medications, and did this blog. Still feeling tired, and the 'moving' pains are coming back yet again, left shoulder, neck, under left arm, and sternum.

Thought of the Day:
"These cruel, plundering, vicious, nasty rioters, are the policemen, doctors, teachers, and politicians of the future!"

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Monday 8th August 2011

Less pains while trying to sleep; but they started again when I got up.
Going to answer Lynda's emails (American Cyber-friend), then have wash shave and change, then go to meet Janet and Pete, who said they would lift me home with shopping if I met them at Morrisions.
Can't believe I'm still hurting when I try to carry lift or stretch, after all this time.
I'm having to split the laundry into two bags, and that weight is my limit, before the pains start again. Very frustrating. 
Pains in chest and underarm far worse today than ever before. I'm getting a bit bothered by this, and will mention it to Rehab tomorrow and Nurse on Friday. Most uncomfortable.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday 7th August 2011

A better night, only a few pains!! Sleep seemed better, and I can remember contents of a dream; Pathway, River, boat, drowning, friends, and old colleagues from the 60's?
Toileted, made a cuppa, took medications, and did this bit of the blog.
Had a go on Yahoo Answers, and put some stuff on The Spoof site.
Overcast and a bit nippy this morning.
Must get ready for my daily walk in a bit. The I can call at the Chemist's for prescriptions on the way back.
Heard about the riots in London on the radio, so sickening.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Saturday 6th August 2011

Morning each,
A bit better night last night for pains, but very little sleep again. Must be glad of small improvement though. This morning the pain is less than it has been for two days! Even if a temporary relief, a welcome one.
I walked to and around the City this morning, and took these photo's to send to my Cyber-friend Lynda in America.
Two gals collecting for Animal Rescue - bless them!

Near deserted beach! No sunshine you see?

Very few people about yet?

CPO Ash, gladly posed for me!

CPO Linda also posing in front of the fair for me!
Got home, made a cuppa, had some nosh, and fell asleep for a whole 15 minutes!

Friday, 5 August 2011

Friday 5th August 2011

0455hrs: Another bad night I'm afraid, chest pains bad, very little sleep. Awoke, and yawned and stretched - that was a mistake, the pains increased and have stayed that way from 0330hrs to now.(0500hrs) They are the worst pains since they started. Painful involuntary intakes of breath all night, have remained also.
Took extra painkillers with AM medications, will call at Dr's later, to make appointment... again!
Feeling very tried and weak again.
So frustrating that two cardiac specialists, the rehab nurses, and the Doctor cannot relieve the pain, and even more puzzling, they do not know what is causing them!
1655hrs: Went to doctors, then chemist. Must remember appointments this coming week; Monday, Chemist prescriptions (after 1500hrs) - Tuesday, Meet Janet and Pete at Morrisons (1000hrs) - Wednesday: Rehab City Hospital Gym (1000hrs) - Friday, doctors and nurse 0845hrs, take urine sample, do not eat and drink only water after 2000hrs night before) I think there was something else on Monday, but can't remember... senility eh?
The walk into town was a bit painful, chest pains persisted, pain on left knee joint came on suddenly, I thought I'd have to abandon the walk, but it went away after about 5 minutes? Then, ten minutes or so later, I got sharp pains in left ankle that went off after a few minutes? Am I disintegrating?
I got yet another saucepan for me to burn, from the 99p shop, and some Frazzle type snacks. If the Queen knew how I lived, she wouldn't half be jealous!)
Got home, pains still niggling away.
Had nosh, fell asleep, had a bath and shave, had a cuppa and updated this blog.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

4th August 2011

A terrible night I'm afraid, pains in the chest, neck, and now throat area persistent last night. Sharp involuntary painful sharp intakes of breath, and dizzy spells.
So no walking for me today. Took extra painkillers with other medications this morning.
So very weary, and tired feeling. Pains have continued as in the night, not good that.
Thought of the Day:

How have my generation developed so much villainousnesses, vindictivenesses and
vociferousnesses in abundance, and yet consider this as normal?

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

3rd August 2011

Replied to email from Lynda in America.

Walked to City Cardiac Unit for lecture on Rehabilitation exercises. (with already aching legs, and a corn coming on now).
Very tired now.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

2nd August 2011

Better night all round, I think the long walk yesterday helped me to sleep a bit better. Chest/shoulder/neck pains far less severe. (this has happened before of course, then they return with a vengeance).
Two appointments today at QMC, 1030hrs Anticoagulation Clinic, then to the Nations Cardiac Unit for tests and assessment. Last Tuesday it took me an hour and a half to walk there, so that's my target today.
Will now make list of things I want to ask at Cardiac. Will update later if I do not fall asleep.
Hope everyone reading this is okay, and thanks.
At the Anticoagulation Clinic my INR level was spot on for the first time!
At the Cardiac Unit, they could not tell me why I am suffering the chest/neck/shoulder/throat pains! Great!
Got home (bus half way, walked the rest, oh by the way, I walked to the QMC in 84 minutes, a record!) then the City Hospital Rehab called, they want to see me tomorrow at 1000hrs.
Burnt another saucepan, huh!