Sunday, 2 December 2012

Diary of Woes - December 2012

Saturday 1st December 2012:

* Up at 0600hrs  - medications, WC, cuppa, then a couple of hours struggling to get on the internet again. laptop still slow as well.

* Tried to sort new phone camera shot size out, failed.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, but they were not it.

* Walked to Asda, then caught tram to Bulwell, where I donated some togs and DVDs to the Headway shop, then spent some money I could not afford on pressies.

* Caught bus back home in time to fall asleep again. (getting fed-up with nodding off  now!)

* Tried to sort out the mobile settings - failed! Fell asleep again.

Sunday 2nd December 2012:

* Up at 0600hrs - medications, carbolicalisation, cuppa and on the laptop.

* Pete had sent me this photo of when he says he was half way through shaving his 'tash off.
I said I liked the Hitler look, and challenged (dared) him to keep it!

* Had a go at trying to get the settings set up on the mobile - failed again!
Oh dear!

* Pains in stomach and chest seem a bit easier this morning.

* Bloomin' cold this morning -2.

* A fellow Spoofer and cyber-friend sent me an email from Canada, with a photo and message:
"A photo of a tree in our yard with lights on it.  We have had a very snowy beginning to winter, but as you can see, it can be pretty.  (it's about -10 C)"
So cold out there.
But what a magnificent tree!

* Had a rinse, and went over to see Margaret and Stew.

* Margaret was tired and her leg had still not healed, I wish there was something I could to help.

* I felt so tired again today, no walking, mostly dosing between visits to the WC.

Monday 3rd December 2012:

* Up at 0440hrs. WC, cuppa then medications.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stewart. Stew was testing his new disability scooter... yes the Harley Davidson one has gone.
Margaret was looking a little better. She plods on despite her injuries bless her.

* Tool this photo of Margaret as she was cleaning up for Stewart while he tested his new scooter.
I can assure you she was not about to remove 'Chloe' from the bed by lifting her by her head!

* Had a walk into the city centre, called at the 99p shop and got some nibbles and bits for the nurses, Margaret, neighbours and chemist staff.

* Amazingly the rain stopped for my walk into the city, belted down while I was in the shopping centre, stopped again while I walked to get the bus back to the hovel, came again while I was on the bus, then stopped for my walk to the house, then as I was preparing me Goulash and peas, poured down again!

* Tried sorting out hetting the web on the mobile again... no luck again.

* Attempted to watch a DVD - nodding off for a few minutes very few minutes until I gave up.

Tuesday 4th December 2012:

* Up at 0430 hrs. WC, kettle on, laptop on, WC, Diary updated, WC... oh dear, WC, one of those days?

* Not good today, mind wandering a bit.

Wednesday 5th December 2012:

* Bad night.

* Advice here for anyone unable to pass from the back passage - try a tin of Hungarian Goulash. It tastes great and ensures the unblocking of any blockages... I know!

* Went over to see Stewart and Margaret, they had just got back from the doctors when I arrived. Both seemed well. Asked if they wanted anything from the shops, then popped down to get it, and returned with it for Margaret. Maxine was at the house 'Stew's other carer), she;s been burgled!

* Walked to Asda to get some nosh, and at the check-out, suffered a blank, and could not remember my pin number - on the third go I managed to get it right. I apologised to the woman and the waiting shoppers, and scurried off.

* When I got home, I could not find the £30 cashback... oh dear, cutbacks on the way now!

Thursday 6th December 2012:

* Awoke about 0400hrs, WC, made cuppa - and thought I heard noises from outside. I peeked out through the curtains, and saw a youth lingering near to my neighbours car and van - I got the camera, opened the door. and took a photo of the grey hooded yob... however when I downloaded the photo, he was not in it?
Was he too quick for me? Understandable
Where had he gone?
Had I imagined him?
Am I losing it? Silly question really, sorry.
It was -4 degrees, and the door cracked a bit when I opened it?
Anyway, I could not see anyone after taking the photo?

* Took medications.

* Concentration bad again today - depressed a bit too.

Friday 7th December 2012:

* Up at 0510 hrs.

* Went over to see Stew and Margaret - Stew in a not answering/talking mode, sorting out some paperwork, I realised I was not welcome and he was doing something ijmportant to him, so left.

* Got bus to Bulwell. Everyone seemed unhappy, grumpy or depressed.

* I got some cheap chicken and chips from the freezer centre, and returned to the hovel.

* Amazingly the falling asleep and nodding off was less obvious today.
Until I tried reading a book, then the head dropped.

* Couldn't muster any interest today.

Saturday 8th December 2012:

* Awoke 0545 hrs, aware I had been having horrible dreams on and off all night, but could not recall anything of them... only that they were disturbing.

* Kettle on, WC (No blood this morning!), water heater on, and updated this Diary of Woe.

Sunday 9th December 2012:

* No other Woes to report today, unless of course, one has occurred that had taken affect at a later time, that my limited observational and memory cells had missed, by which time I would have become aware of it's happening in which case it may be recorded elsewhere in this log, if I remember it. (I think)

* Not a good day.

Monday 10th December 2012:

* Up late again, (Temperature -1c) feeling a bit perkier, around 0600hrs. Medicated, abluted, carbolicalised, cuppa, and toyed with the idea of going on the BT internet - Ha! - much anguish, frustration and two hours later, I gave up.

* Decided I needed a good

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, took photo of Margaret as she sorted Stews meal, she looks so good today, and my loins were girded.

* Bade my farewell and set of on marathon walk to Bulwell to get some Potato fritters.

* The walk went okay, knees not too bad, no dizzy spells, but feet hurt after a couple of   miles of steady unhurried walking. weather not too bad after all.

* On my quest for potato fritters, I visited Iceland, Heron, an independent shop (forgot the name), without any luck, none of them stocked potato fritters? Eventually got some from Farmfoods store, and very nice too!

* Took a walk around and got some cheap bikkies and other stuff.
Struggled with the two full bags to the the bus, and caught it. (Again, thank heavens for the free bus-pass).

* No sooner had I got in and had a meal (potato fritters, baked beans and beetroot), the tiredness descended again, and I virtually did nothing for the rest of the day. Sad.

Tuesday 11th December 2012:

* Up late yet again 0630hrs, (Temperature -5c) confused, in pain and depressed.

* Decided against going to the launderette due to the freezing weather. Not that I expect it to get any better, just that I feel a bit fragile this morning, poor old git.

* WC, cuppa, laptop on (Yes I got on the BT internet... how long for is as yet unknown if course), medications taken.

* Half an hour later, had to curse, spit, and reset the BT modem thingy! Then again! Then again!

* At 0747hrs I published this Diary of Woe on the web to here.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stewart. I asked if Stew wanted anything from the shops, and set off to get his TV paper. Very icy road and pathway surfaces in places, took care, and fed the hungry birds of the way there.

Wednesday 12th December 2012:

My local launderette
* Up around 0400 hrs, and to the WC - no blood or pain, looking good.
Medications taken.

* Cuppa made, and Diary updated. -3c this morning.

* Got laundry ready.

* Popped over to see Margaret and Stew, but Margaret not there, poorly.
Stew had received new mobile phone and asked me to put sim-card in and charge it up. Fancy phone, a G3?

* On to the launderette - only two people there.

* Returned togs to hovel, and went on walk to get some microwave bacon cobs from Asda.
Knees and sternum not bad at all. Got the cobs, fed the birds on the Forest on the way back.

* Had potatoes, beans, and cob, watched Heartbeat on the goggle-box and fell asleep as is my habit nowadays.
Midday Medications taken.

* Woke up about 1800hrs, WC, wash and change, cuppa, medications taken, laptop on, during which I had an escape of wind - that if it could have been harnessed as a weapon, could have replaced nuclear weapons!
Evening Medications taken.

Thursday 13th December 2012:

* Up at 0425 hrs - WC (painful), Laptop on, cuppa, and Morning medications taken.

* Popped over to see Stewart and Margaret, but only Stew there - he says Margie just busy. Had a chinwag, then had a walk into town.

* Called in to chemist on the way, to see if Stewart's prescription was ready - told to call back in the afternoon.
Carried on to town in the bitter cold, and warmless sunshine.

* Called in Poundland shop to get some pressies.
Then at Primark to get some long sleeve T-shirts on offer.

* As expected it was very busy with depressed looking shoppers, yobboes, Big Issue sellers, Charity collectors and dangerously driven disabled scooters mingling.
I even noticed a few youngsters not using a mobile device!

* Took photo of one of the stalls in the foreign market, the busiest being a 'Beer Stall' selling small bottles of rare beers at 3 for £10.

* Caught the bus back to Carrington, and called at chemist to collect Stewart's prescription.

* Had Herrings in sauce, potatoes and garden peas for nosh, then the usual nodding off.

Friday 14th December 2012:

* Up at o315 hrs.

* WC, medicated, carbolicalised, cuppa, WC, laptop on. Internet connection (up until this point, 0430 hrs) only lost twice

* Had a go at sorting the mobile out for an hour or so - gave up again.

* Tried to get the presets on the DAB radio sorted - gave up.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew. Both I'm glad to say in good form. Remembered to take Stew's prescriptions I collected yesterday, and some nibbles and After Eight mints for Margie. Chin-wag  pursued.

* Went to shops, remembered to get TV mag for Stewart. Also got some microwave Veg burger cobs with cheese. Tried one later, very nice, well done Lidl.

* Dropped paper off at Stew's.

* Noticed through the morning that sneaky emmissions of wind from the anus had increased in frequency and intensity. And it stayed that way all day and night!

Saturday 15th December 2012:

Had a challenging walk in Nottingham City Centre
*On waking properly at 0559 hrs, I immediately noticed the pungent aroma my rear emmissions had left behind... blimey!
And they continued.
I was worried for when I opened the door, and imagined the pigeons would be falling from the sky when I did!

* WC, cuppa and laptop on. BT Internet connection had to be reset a couple of times (fancy that!)

* Got things ready for going on walk to town and the Pound Shop. Took some old DVDs and clothes for charity shop with me.

Slad Square amusements - but few smiles were noticed!
* Called in Stewart's on way out, he and Margaret were okay, although Margie was tired again.
Stew's TV was not working, despite my inadequate unskilled attentions. Margaret phoned and arranged for engineer to call on Monday AM from Virgin,

* I set off, fed the pigeons, and walked with relative ease into the city, by the time I arrived, I was walking (hobbling) in my usual fashion.

* The place was crammed with folk, Big issue sellers, street entertainers (singers, guitarists, squeeze-box's, saxophonists etc), shoppers, muggers, shop-lifters, yobs... and even a few people not using a mobile device. The many using them, I had to be weary of, as they tended to walk into me, one nearly knocking me over and calling me a naughty name! It take all sorts I suppose.

* The Slab Square was busy with the fair and shopping stalls, and despite the rain, it seemed packed.

* Walked into Broad Marsh centre and the 99p shop, but they had very little on offer that I needed or fancied. I did get a few bits for 'Thank You' pressies for the chemist staff, hospital haematology, the GP staff, and the girls at the launderette. 
Dropped off the stuff at the charity shop there. I noticed that even more shops had closing down sales on... bit depressing how few people were shopping in there.

* Caught the bus home, and the usual tiredness and weakness overcame me, I became the useless article I normally do in the afternoons nowadays. Nodded of regularly, little concentration, no will power...

Sunday 16th December 2012:

* Up at 0330hrs, in a little discomfort from chest and bladder pains, WC, WC, laptop started, cuppa made, WC... then realised I'd not taken my evening medications last night.

*BT Internet connection was working...Yes really!

* Stomach rumbling noisily and painfully.

Monday 17th December 2012:

 * Up at 0210hrs. Made a cuppa, WC'd. Laptop on.
Desperately tried to get BT Internet to work - rests, help guides, reboots, and much frustration, and by 0315hrs I'd managed to get a slow connection working.
Little wonder that when a BT Internet advertisement comes on the TV - my reactions are: 1) To laugh out loud. 2) Cry. 3) Spit. 4) Hatred and 5) Despair!

* Then then laptop gave up the ghost, all sorts of messages, everything went haywire. R.I.P.

* Managed to get the old Vista laptop going, and got an internet connection to so this update with at 0400hrs. (Phew!)

* No cash for another or repairs, so I hope this one keeps going and working for me.

* Going for a walk today, to get some more little thank you pressies, bread, and veg, after I visit Margaret and Stew later, must remember to call at surgery to ask for prescriptions for Ramipril and Codienes that I'm low on for some reason.

* Called in to see Margaret and Stew - who was having his Virgin DigTV box installed. Margaret looked very tired and unwell. Had chinwag and left some nibbles, Stew did ot need any shopping done.

Dropped off box of biscuits at surgery with prescription request, to be collected Wednesday if I remember.

* Walk into town, not too cold this morning, bit of drizzle. Feet aching a bit, angina bothersome, and the wind was still aromatically pungent!

* Got some gifts from the cheapo shops, the streets were still busy for a Monday, then caught tram to Asda.

* Got some microwave cobs and instant mash, had a dizzy spell as I left the store. All okay within a few minutes.

* Realised I'd overdone the shopping as I started to walk home with the two bags, and was well knackered when I got there.

* Tried reading but nodded off. Tried watching DVD, nodded off. Tried watching TV, all crap programmes and nodded off. Got me head down and for the second night suffered horrible dreams, I couldn't remember anything about them, other than I did not like them.

Tuesday 18th December 2012:

* Up at 0500 ish this morning. Kettle on, WC (failed in both departments), laptop on (worked thank heavens), and updated blog to this morning. Tried WC once again, despite my well honed muscular young body telling me I needed to go, I couldn't.

* My previously subtle escapes of wind turned into mini-blasts this morning, but not as lethal aroma-wise. Managed a painful in the WC passing just before going out about 0800 hrs.

*  Set out on walk to the hospital - remembering to take record log and appointment sheet, bus pass, and umbrella, but forgot my mobile phone.

* Not too cold this morning, and no rain, called in Lidl en route for bread.

* A decent crowd in waiting area when I arrived at 0939 hrs.

 * Caught bus back to town, then another to Carrington, called in to see Stuart and Margaret, thankfully she looked a little less tired today.

* Bubble and Squeak and egg sandwich for nosh, then nodded off. (Fancy that?)

* Haematology clinic called with Warfarin level test results... 1.6, way too low. They gave me increased dosage levels, and appointment for 27th December for another test. 

* Made a cuppa, and nodded off again! (Well I never!)

Wednesday 19th December 2012:

* Up around 0300 hrs. sore-throat and cough, WC, cuppa and laptop on, got BY Internet connection after three tries... bless them.

* Did some graphics, feeling okay at the moment I must say.

* Set off to collect extra prescriptions from GP, and Pete (Brother in law), called as I was leaving the hovel, bought me a pressie from him and Jane. I gave him mine for them, such as it was.
Arranged to meet him on Friday at Vic centre clock 1400 hrs.

* Called to see Stew on way out, but he was not available.

* Collected prescriptions and took them to the chemist to be filled, then caught bus to Bulwell to get Potato Fritters, bird seed, Goulash, and cheap bleach - I got the bird seed.

* The usual performance (or lack of) when I got back in the PM - tired, nodding off.

Thursday 20th December 2012:

* Woke around 0315 hrs - blazing sore throat, cough, angina bothersome, knees not too good,  went to WC (blood), put laptop on, made a cuppa, but sore throat meant I didn't enjoy it, but thought it best to take fluids anyway.

* BT Internet connection came on First Time! Damned slowly, but it came on! I might try to create a graphic of congratulations for them and post it on Facebook later?

* Other than nipping over to see Stew, and trying to catch my neighbour to give them their pressies, I do not think I have anything on today? Just as well with how I feel.

* Managed a bloodless visit to the WC, and popped over to see if Stewart wanted anything from the shops and take him a tin of biscuits. He was just going out, to wait for his lift to the Social Centre Christmas nosh and bingo.

* Popped limping, sore-throat, coughing and passing wind, to Lidl, and got a pork pie (my seasonal weakness), milk, and apples and vegetable curry.

* Washed changed and wrapped up well, gargled with the last of the TCP, and snuggled down for a read... kept nodding off.

* A few cold calls on the land-line, and I unplugged it.

* A knock at the door from a cold calling accident claim urchin, who I breathed heavily on in the hope of him catching my cough and sore-throat, got me a bit worked up.

* Then afterwards I drifted into oblivion - to be woke up by Chloe (Stews cat), head-butting me awake in her efforts to draw my attention to the fact that Stewart had locked her out, abandoned her, and that she needed fodder rather urgently. I obliged her - despite not knowing how she got in the house in the first place?
She spent the rest of the night, curling up and settling on my more than adequate comfortable stomach, demanding attention between feeds, attending the grit tray, returning to the comfy stomach. What a night... bless her!

Friday 21st December 2012:

* I awoke around 0345 hrs, being head-butted again, got bullied into feeding Chloe once again, WC, Washed, fell over Chloe - then opened the door to see if she wanted to go out, and of she went... Nine hours of bullying me, headbutting me, being fed, walking on the laptop keys, and all without a thank you! Huh! 

* Made a cuppa, laptop on, remembered to go meet Pete at 1400hrs at the Vic Centre fancy clock come fountain thingy.

* Must remember to take my camera when I meet Pete.

* Set off on walk to town. No rain, not cold either, things looking good - until I got on Milton Street, where on the last 50 yards I was knocked on my right arm by a cyclist in the crowd, hit on my left side and arm by a mobility scooter, then nearly knocked over by a damned skate-boarder! Never mind.

* I took a photo of the crowds of shoppers ignoring the 'Stop - don't cross' signs, at the junction with Upper Parliament Street, where two pedestrians have been killed, and eight injured this year - they never learn!

* Went in Vic centre and waited for the arrival of Pete - he arrived late again... I say Again, AGAIN! This makes the last four meetings arranged that he's turned up late for... I'm considering reporting him to the Outer Peruviam Pregnant Kangaroo Appreciation Society!

* Gave him some goodies for him and Jane, and he tool photo's of me for later use.

* Walked home, leaving Pete at the Lincolnshire Poacher Ale House on Mansfield Road for a Tipple. I carried on to the hovel, where I got the laptop going and updated this drivel.

* Watched a soppy Christmas film on TV - Gawd knows why?

* Well I say watched... the usual nodding off occasionally  accompanied the going cold cups of tea, and emmissions of wind. Gargled with TCP to try and ease the sore throat a bit.

Saturday 22nd December 2012:

* Up around 0530 hrs. Miserable night, coughing, sneezing, sore throat, angina bothersome, and bleeding on my first visit to the WC - botherations!

* Dark this morning, the  rain looking settled in to me. When I find me reading glasses I've have a peruse of me book.

* Might have a nip into Bulwell later (on the bus, not walking in this weather), to see if I  can get some potato fritters for myself, and coconut thingies for Jane and Pete.

* No coconut thingies available, but I did get some Potato Fritters from Farmfoods.

* Miserable rainy weather, miserable health, and a little sorry for myself, I caught the bus back to the flea-pit - to find a very sorry looking wet Chloe meowing at the door.

*Took her in and tried to dry her off a bit, and fed her... Stew had locked her out in the rain again!

* When it came to time for me to try and get me head down, she was already in position on me belly and legs imitating a hot water bottle with claws. Sleep was not a possibility.

* She decided to vacate the premises about 0500hrs, and then I got some kip! Realising when I woke about 0930hrs, that I had not taken me morning medications... so I just had a beta-blocker, and Omeptrzole to get me through.

Sunday 23rd December 2012:

* Got a cuppa and the laptop on around 1000hrs - then popped over to Stewart's, but I felt a little worn, weary and frazzled.

* Got an email message from Thomas on Facebook, his Dot has gone through the a bit this year - new kidney and eye. He's had a few accidents too. They both amaze me how they cope so well, wonderful people.

* Not going out on walk today - it will be too dangerous in the crowds fighting to get their late Christmas stuff. I'll pop out to get me bread and milk tomorrow afternoon after the rush dies down a bit.

* Called in to see Stewart and take him a snack - then returned to the hovel and stewed and brewed between falling off into nods, coughing, wheezing etc.

Monday 24th December 2012:

* Better night pain-wise - much improved. Throat a bit easier this morning, cough no worse, things looking good. But the horrible dreams, all made-up
 from fragments of old real, not so good memories and seemingly patchworked together, not nice, but for some reason they didn't bother me so much last night... perhaps... well never mind.

* Got up late, 0715 hrs, WC (no blood), Cuppa, laptop on (BT Internet connected first time!).

* Dark and wet out still, must remember to get my bread later on in the day when the rush eases off. If they have any left that is.

* Popped over to see Stew and take him some liquors. He was expecting visitors, so I soon left and had toddle in the rain down to the shop for some stale bread (Lidl), and drop a few gifts in at the chemists for Christmas and New Year by way of thanks.

* Spent a dreary day, WC, reading, dozing, TV, Internet, WC, dozing, WC... you get the idea?

Monday 24th December 2012:

* I was sat in me chair wondering whether or not to bother getting up, realised I was late with me medication, started to nod off again... and heard a metallic bang from outside. I peeped out of the window, it was raining as usual, but could see little untoward, other then a few wine bottles smashed in the road between the parked cars.

* Made a cuppa, started laptop (BT Connection working, fingers crossed), WC, looked for me three Christmas cards to open, but could not find them - I just know I put them somewhere safe.

* Later I'll go over to see if Stew is okay, and feed the pigeons... well it's someone to talk to.

Wednesday 26th December 2012:

Suffered bad BT Internet connection loss yesterday - and despite all my efforts had to give up trying, but back on this morning, although slow. Doesn't bode well for my chances of getting on near New Years day does it?

* Tuesday, I took a walk in the rain to feed the pigeons - didn't see even one? Odd that.

* Didn't speak to anyone apart from Sam and Alan my neighbours who kindly dropped off a new saucepan and timer Christmas pressie for me - that was nice.

* Got up late and feeling a little low around 0700 hrs. Kettle on, WC (No problems), cuppa and medications.

* A ring on the stove burnt-out this morning... another! Still I've got two rings still working.

*Popped over to see Stew and Margaret, and walked her home. She was looking well, despite her feeling so tired and worn out. I'd love to win the lottery and make it possible for her to stop working.

Thursday 27th December 2012:

* Up just after five hundred hours - not that I slept really, just kept nodding off for a few minutes, dreaming horrible dreams, bursting into wakefulness and trying to remember what I'd dreamed, then forgetting what it was about, nodding off and starting again.

* Visited WC (No problems), started laptop, put heater and thermostat on in bathroom, made cuppa in my Christmas pressie giant mug (Took care not to fall in it!), opened browser and lost the BT signal. Got it back again.

* Remembered I had Warfarin level blood tests today, checked I had record log, nibbles for the nurses, and bus pass ready. Hoping the rain keeps off, to enable me to get a good walk in to the hospital, I need one - eating too much of the wrong foods, and not  been getting my regular walkies in lately. My own fault allowing myself to get feeling down and depressed, at least I was cheered up a bit yesterday in seeing Margaret.

*  Felt a touch of dizziness this morning - I hope this eases when I go on me marathon walk.

* Set off on the walk to the QMC, proud I'd remembered to take me bus pass, record card and the mobile - but when the rain started, I regretted forgetting to take the umbrella. Got there in good time, 1 hr 20 min's, and not too many patients waiting, took me ticket, and read several chapters of 'Berlin - The Downfall', when my number was called. There was only one nurse today instead of the usual three - they'd suffered many absentees and had to use then on the wards.

* I departed to the bus stop - to find it was a Sunday service, and I had no idea of the times. After half an hour, I had to nip back into the hospital to use the WC - I saw the bus pulling away as I walked out of the building. (Fancy that!)

* I walked into town, and got some bird seed, no buses passed me as far as I noticed, and the rain held off too!

* Got bus home, got in, WC, kettle on, TV on, then realised I'd forgotten to collect me prescriptions - so coat and hat on, and out to the chemist. Who, after a long investigation, informed me they had forgotten to order my medications, but had three-quarters of them in stock, and I could return on Thursday 3rd to collect them. (huh!)

* Got back to the hovel, had a nosh, watched a bit of the box, then laptop on - got phonecall from Insurance company about unpaid account, paid it.

* Came across photo of me op last year. Where did they out me Sternum while they were doing me? No wonder I still get pains in that area.

Friday 28th December 2012:

* Up around 0600hrs, Kettle on, laptop started (praying BT internet would work this morning), WC (blood), no extra pains today. Looking good at the moment - the marathon walk yesterday might have helped.

* Went on  'Satirists Safe House', and did a couple of postings.

Saturday 29th December 2012:

* Not too good this morning. Didn't get up until gone 0830 hrs. Missed medications. Past blood in WC, Chest mucous filled, coughing, angina chest pains, legs swollen, hernia tender, and a new pain in shoulder. Depressed. Good job I'm used to it innit?

 Went over to see Stew and Margaret, took them some nibbles.
Margaret very very tired, she is doing double shifts at the Theatre Royal (Pantomime) for three days, poor girl. Managed to give her a keep well cuddle - dare not give her a kiss in my state.

* Came back had a rinse in cold water then put the water heater on, made a cuppa, and updated this rubbish.

* Did nowt but graphics and web today.

Sunday 30th December 2012:

* 'Orrible night filled with worrying dreams again.

* Missing yesterday's medications has caused the angina, knees, and stomach to be painful on waking. Had trouble getting upstairs to the WC, but no bleeding this morning.
Made a cuppa, laptop on. Must try to get out for a walk for a bit despite the weather.

* Nipped over to see Stew, Margaret not there, no shopping needed, took him a bar of choc.

* Still not feeling on top form, managed to do a bit on internet when I eventually got a connection from BT.

* Decided against going for a walk.

* Repaired the headphones (in a fashion) with cellotape - after I'd fell asleep with em on un broke um! So listened to radio for a bit.

* The inevitable nodding off began...

Monday 31st December 2012:

* Up at 0530hrs coughing, angina bad, but hernia and arthritis not too bad at all.

* WC (no blood - hurra!), cuppa, added graphics to SSH gallery, tidied up a bit until the  pain of bending got worse, then ablutions, changed of togs, and off to the launderette.

Big John Wayne
* The chap I talk and laugh a laugh with was there, Big John Wayne - and he'd used three machines, so I couldn't get to use my usual two. I used the one free one, and a small older one, and pulled John's leg and blamed him!
When they had both done, the washing in the smaller one was still soaking wet, and it took  £3.80 in the drier - again I blamed John - who stuck out his tongue (See photo) and said "If it bothered me I'd tell you, but it doesn't weasel!"
I like this lads style!
He showed me how to set some things on the mobile phone.
Grizelda who wants me but doesn't know it!
Grizelda the large gal in charge of the launderette told me she was crazy for me, and wanted to ravage me immediately. (Well what she said actually was 'Are you alright today?' but I read between the lines.) 

* Got soaked on the walk home due the rain.

* Dropped off on way back to see Margaret and Stew.
Margaret had to rush off, she looked tired again bless her, Stew was okay, asked if he wanted any shopping done - negative.

* The headphones that now have more cellotape than plastic on the right side, just have to be replaced despite the lack of funds and the recent £300 spent on insurance. So I got me card, bus pass, and camera, and well wrapped up against the horrible wind (the rain had died down), and set off on a walk into town.

* The pound shop was tried, but they had none. I had to go into Wilkinsons to try and get a dvd cleaner, and they had some headphones on offer at £12 down from £16, so got them.

* Caught the bus back, and dropped off at Lidl to get a ready meal and some milk. The usual merry helpful staff scowled at me when I paid.

* The rain joined the wind as I approached the door of the hovel - and out ran poor Chloe - Stew's black cat, she'd been put out in the bad weather again until morning - so I took her in, she destroyed three pouches of cat food (Must get some more in tomorrow), and as soon as I'd had me very tasty TV dinner, she jumped up on me knee and assumed the position of purring hot water bottle.
Of course when it came to my having to get up to go to the loo and change into me sexy  cotton pyjamas, a discussion and fight ensued as to who actually owned the only chair in the front room that she was spread-eagled upon... I'm now on the stool working on the laptop.

The cremated potatoes
* Evening medications remembered and taken, and I tip-toed around to put the kettle on so as not to awake her Majesty in the chair. (I am a soft fool!)

* As soon as the fireworks outside started, they started inside with the cats claws alerting me to start of the fireworks.
Which was not a bad thing, as it alerted me to the cremated potatoes I'd left in the oven.
A  trip to the kitchen, stubbing my toe and knocking off the table lamp en route, and I was able to burn my fingers as I rescued the intended nosh from the smoke filled oven, creating a smoke filled kitchen.

* The cat didn't like it, but preferred it to going out into fireworks outside.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Diary of Woe - November 2012

Thursday 1st November:

* Angina accompanying me into the new month, along with frequent indicators for me to visit the WC.
Knees not too bad, as is the wind balloon, impetigo, feet and piles.

* Decided to wear the new jeans this morning... and apart from restricting movement in all leg areas, being too long, too tight to fasten without pain, and too narrow, they are alright.

* On laptop for a while. Facebooking.

* Went over to see Stewart and Maxine, his other carer. Took some nibbles for them, and we had a little chin-wag.

Took a photo of them, and updated this Diary of Woe.

* Lazy day waiting for the test results to be emailed or phoned to me - neither arrived.

Friday 2nd November:

* 'Orrible night with the angina pains. Little sleep.

* Up at 0325 hrs and WC, extra painkillers taken, cuppa tea, and on the laptop.

* Went over to see Stewart and Margaret, had a natter. Margaret looking a little tired, Stew was not with us properly, a little concerned over sorting out his financial arrangements with Virgin on his mind.

* Walked into town to Waterstones to try and get L R Johnson's book ' The Unacceptable Truth', but could not get it.
Called in Poundshop for seed and disinfectant.

* Called at Lidl on way back to get some bread, fed the birds on the way.
New member of staff on the till - well it's the first time I've seen him anyway. He said 'Good morning to me!' They'll soon knock such niceties out of him I'm sure. (Shame)

* Got home and the tiredness came over me again. Nosh, medications, sat to read Berlin book.... then pitiful sleep overtook me.

Saturday 3rd November:

* Angina was less bothersome last night, but the bladder was worse. (swings and roundabouts?)

* Up at 0300 hrs - WC, made a cuppa, on the laptop, WC.... took medications, WC... WC... oh dearie me!

* Popped over to see how Stew was on my way to shops, asked if he wanted anything from shops, he asked for TV paper.
Called in newsagents and got us both a copy.
Then on to Lidl for some bread, potatoes and fruit.

* Dropped Stew's paper in for him, then in the hovel and put oven on to 'do' me giant spud in, going to mix some cheese granules in later, then put back in oven to brown off - fingers crossed?

* After waking from my nodding off, I managed to rescue some of the burnt potato.

Sunday 4th November:

* Only angina bothering me to any degree this morning - this very very cold morning.

* A nice scent of burnt baked potatoes still lingering in the hovel.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, both seemed okay today. Ogled and pined over Margaret.
Took photo's of  Margaret as she was making nosh for Stewart while she wasn't looking.

* Idle day today. (Again).

Monday 5th November:

* Up about 0500 hrs, hernia bothering me in a nasty way, but angina is easier, but had a dizzy spell or two.

* Had a brainwave to write a note for myself to remind me of hospital visit Tuesday (INR Warfarin level blood-test, and to pick up prescriptions on Wednesday).

* Took morning medications, WC'd, and made a mug of tea.
Noted I'd left the water heater on all night - questioned my parentage and spat a bit!

* Went over to see Margaret, but she was not there.

* Bussed it to Bulwell, got some reduced in price frozen chicken bits in batter, nibbles, and forgot to get the bleach (fancy that).

* Feeling so tired suddenly again - oh dear, cough coming on now too! So cold.

* Spent a while looking for the note for myself to remind me of hospital visit Tuesday (INR Warfarin level blood-test, and to pick up prescriptions on Wednesday that I did. No luck, how do I do it I wonder?

Tuesday 6th November:

*Odd night, not sure if I kept waking up or dreaming.

* Up around 0430hrs, WC, got things in bag for hopspital visit, cuppa, WC, medications, WC, and on the laptop. Cough a bit worse this morning, Angina a git, bladder hot.

* Walk to hospital went well, not too cold, and I got there in about 1 hour 25 minutes. Bit of a wait, but not bad really, soon done and dusted and on my wat to town on bus.
Caught bus out to Carrington.

* Called at Stews on way back, he was in a mood of a grumpy disposition bless him. Lidl for some nosh, then home to eat it.

* Fell asleep.

Wednesday 7th November:

* Horrible night, little kip, much pain and horrible dreams. Never mind. New pains this morning in chest -not agina. And hernia painful too.

* First trip to WC and thick round cobbles came out.
Second visit, and I only just made it in time, almost liquid, putrid smelling, pains in chest persevered.
So tired, just kept sleeping into the morning, not up to going out to get medications from chemist.
The next trip to the WC - and I had no chance of getting there on time. Ran all over me on way up the stairs, wash and change of togs carried out.
The next trip to the WC - and I had no chance of getting there on time. Ran all over me on way up the stairs, wash and change of togs carried out.

* Getting worried now, as I had no desire for any fodder, and didn't know what drinks would be safe to consume.

* Kept nodding on and off all day.

* I called the NHS helpline to inquire - and after taking details they sent an ambulance.

* Many tests later, they assumed I had got a stomach bug. They were very thorough.

* They arranged an appointment for me with the GP for the morning.

* Still the new pains, but they were less frequent, as were there mad dashes (well hobbles anyway) to the WC!

Thursday 8th November:

* Up about 0530hrs.

* First trip to the WC, I only just made it in time, almost liquid, putrid smelling, pains in chest persevered. Second trip I failed to hold it, another pair of knickers in the bowl soaking.

* Still no desire for food. (been a while now, and that's not me)

* Saw the note/reminder I'd left myself re doctors appointment, prescriptions to collect, and toilet paper to be bought. I realised this might be a high-risk operation... high risk of rear-end evacuations, being away from toilet for so long!

* Still seem to be wanting to nod-off all the time.

* Set off for the GP appointment. Called at Stewart's on the way, (keeping my distance from Margaret and him, I explained why I'd not called to see them for a while. Scary to see people's horror when you've a communicative disease innit?

* Got to surgery, visited loo as a precaution straight away - all wind and pith though.

* Fell in love with a toddler baby in the surgery waiting area, mother was holding her up, and bouncing her on her knee - the little might was so interested in all around her, and had such an expressive face, and occasional sweet smile.

* Visited the loo again, just in time too, only just. The putrid aroma I deposited with the liquid evacuation from the rear, caused me to blush as I returned to the waiting area - I was convinced that everyone there was suffering the 'Phew Syndrome' I'd created.

* Went in to see Dr Vindla (God she's sexy), who patiently went through questioning my ailments, had me on the couch poking, feeling, probing and... best not go on about this part of the visit, I'll get myself all excited.

* She recommended I eat bland food, suggesting toast. Gave me prescriptions, told me to call back if things had not began to settle after 48 hours, and I was off to the chemist. Becoming more aware of the 'Surprise Elements' of what she said I'd picked up (gastroenteritis) I called in the WC before leaving.

* To the chemists for prescriptions, then sharpishly into Lidl for bread (believe it or not, I managed to forget the toilet rolls!) - got back to the hovel only just in time... (Oh the stink).

* Made and ate some toast - didn't feel hungry, but thought it best to after a couple of days without food.

* From about 1300 hrs I put on the TV (Heartbeat), and kept nodding off, waking, going to the loo, nodding off, goin.. you get the idea? Until about 1800 hrs.
Took medications, then... yes you've guessed it, nodded off, Loo, nodded off, Loo...

* Things settled after my last nigh-time visit to the loo - and I thought I'd try to watch an episode of CIA on me new telly... nodded off, and (I don't know how anyone can sleep so much) didn't wake until o530 hrs...

Friday 9th November:

* Ran (hobbled) up to the WC, messy, smelly, disgusting mess... but I got there in time.

* Came down and made a cuppa (still the thirst remains, but still no desire for food), took med's, put laptop on to update this blog.

* When doing so, an escape from the rear came - all on its own. Cleaned myself up, brought down the long johns soaking from yesterday and washed the one's just muckied, and left in soak again.

* Google plus message from Gary Hoadley this morning, re my current situation via this blog - heart-warming that anyone would take the bother and wish me well, kind man Sir Gary.

* Went on Facebook. Decided Jaggedone's Spoof about MI5 and Spy pigeons was worthy of Certification, and am just about to create one for the effort.
MI5 pigeon-spies banned from flying during Chinese Communist party conference!

* Margaret called to see how I was bless her, the look on her face when I opened the dooe and she saw me, told me I must have looked in a right state.

* Chanced it and hobbled to the shop tp get bread and milk in - then bravely managed to eat some food - possibly a mistake I realise now?

 Things seemed to take a downturn around midday, when stomach cramps joined the other symptoms of my malaise. Tiredness, with unusually for me, the inability to nod off, and the cramps continuing, another escape from the rear, and I felt drained.

Saturday 10th November:

* Bad night. stomach cramps bad - another not in time visit to the WC. (More embarrassment and dirty washing)

* Up at 0515 hrs. Weary, bleary, gurgling, and cold.

* Feeling sorry for myself now... not good, I'll have... oh here I go again up to the loo.

*Arrived just in time this time, same liquid, pain and mephitis present. (Still liquid Poo & stink Argh!) But it took ages to get  through, stomach still wibbly-wobbly.

* Put on laptop, made a cuppa, and took medications. Will try later to do graphic to try and take my mind off of my condition.

* At the moment, I'm getting some exercise in at least - after each messy long winded visit up to the loo, I'm coming down restarting the bloody BT connection to the web, and five minutes later, have to drag me grumbling, rumbling noisy stomach up smartly back to the loo, and sit there in the cold, waiting for the completion of the movement - oh dear!

* Damned cramps, bubbling internally, chest pains, dizzy spells, trips up to the WC, and BT internet failing regularly is getting me down! 

* 0830 hrs: During the last couple of hours I've spemt more time in the WC than any other room... ergh! Feeling shivery too now, finger ends cold. Cough developing a bit.

0930 hrs: Not been to WC for twenty minutes, things might be improving, but still the gurgling innards talk to me - dare not eat yet. Taking water all the time though, to replace that lost.
Going to try and concentrate on doing a graphic for Eskine Quint.

1025 hrs: No more trips to the WC yet... but the BT internet connections keeps disappearing, and being as I am feeling proper poorly - my temper is getting frayed with the service I'm not getting! Risked a cup of tea... 

1055 hrs: Got BT Internet signal for a bit anyway - Margaret called to see how I was bless her cotton socks. It was very frustrating not being able to get close to her or fondle her... (Sob)

Twixt 1100 hrs and 1700hrs - dosed, WC, put telly on, WC, dosed, cuppa, tried eating some bikkies and half a banana - WC, dosed, WC, WC, WC... the gurgling abated somewhat.

1700 > 2100hrs: Dosed, 'No WC Visists!', nodded off proper - I've never known myself to dose so much!

Sunday 11th November:

* Kept waking up, sensing the gurgling and inner turmoil brewing, stomach aches still rampant, but no stabbing chest pains! Hurrah, things looking up now?

* Put on laptop, and kettle, and went up to the familiar sight of the WC - spent yonks hoping for something to happen - all wind and pith. Came down, made me tea, and found the BT Internet Hub was working! So updated this crap while I could.

* Feeling so much better, I called over to see Margaret and Stew for quick natter - then went on a little walk, but didn't go far, when the gurgling returned, and so did I to the WC! But only wind escaped - same all day, no passing at all.

* Read a book for a bit, but kept nodding off... tried watching a film,  but kept nodding off.

* Managed to eat some nosh, but still no passing at all? Had evening medications (missed midday one's bother!).

* On laptop.

* Bubbling and gurgling from within abated more and more as the day went on, very pleased with that.

* Despite all the kips and nodding off I seem to have become addicted to lately, I slept on and off for over 6 hours? Amazing.

Monday 12th November:

* Up just after 0500 hrs - toilet - yes... I've been, and passed in the accepted style! (although painfully)

* Celebrated with a mug of Yorkshire tea, must go over to see Margaret later, I shan't go in Stew's house, until I know I've got rid of the bug and cannot pass it on, but it will be nice to see and listen to her.

* Hopefully I will be able to walk to the hospital tomorrow for my INR level tests, and boy do I need a blow-out.

* Might try to take a little walk into town (only 1.1 miles) this morning, and get some cash so I can tackle the pile of washing waiting attention on Wednesday.

* Called and chatted to Margaret from a distance so as not to take risk of her catching anything, then plodded into town.

* Now the flippin' rains comes! But I carried on, as I was enjoying getting a walk in after so long a time. Soaked through, I went in Primark (nothing but quality for me!) Spent on some long sleeve t-shirts, and replacement long johns. Oh, and a water-proof hat.

* Popped into Marks & Spencers food hall to have a look at the food I could not afford to buy, then into the gents wear, the same hat (or very similar anyway) I'd bought at Primark for £4, cost £17.50.

* Caught the bus back to Carrington, fed a few pigeons, got in the hovel, fell asleep. Huh, what a  life!

Tuesday 13th November:

* Up late, around 0600 hrs. WC - back to solidish stuff now, laptop on, cuppa, got things ready for the hospital... not raining at the moment.

* Abluted, and off on trek to the blood tests at the QMC.
The knees were very good this morning, and hardly any bother with the angina, hernia, ulcer, sternum, wind-ball or dizzy spells! (A bit worrying this?)
The walk went like the clappers, and I think I did it in 1 hour 2o minutes!
Test carried out without a long wait - and I was off on the 37 bus to the city centre (Yes, I remembered the bus-pass too - Are things going too well I thought?)

*Caught bus from town to Carrington... that is where I became more suspicious of my good fortune and health for the day, as I got in the hovel, it began to rain, and I'd missed getting caught in it!

* Seemed to feel vital, fit, and ready for anything? (Scary now!)

* Made a nosh and cuppa, while consuming it, I planned the rest of the day:
1) I'd update this blog.
2) I'd check emails and Facebook.
3) I'd finish the funny graphic idea I'd started about the Senior Citizen memory spray.
4) I'd clean the oven.
5) I'd write a letter to the Prime Minister.

* I booted the laptop up, visited the WC, and made a cuppa.

* Unfortunately my best laid plans were handicapped when I fell asleep... for several hours! (Here ended the good fortune of the day)

Wednesday 14th November:

* Up late, around 0600 hrs. WC - got laundry things ready. 

* Had a good walk and some bus rides in search of cheap food.

* On return to the hovel, overcame with tiredness again, and flaked out.
Must see doctor about this nodding off all the time!

Thursday 15th November:

* Up at 0445 hrs. WC - cuppa, and laptop on.

*No internet access again - very frustrating. Then the computer kept freezing every time I tried to get on the web!
Went through the BT help thingy repeatedly without success.
Rebooted countless times, reset hub countless times - swore a bit!
Disconnected everything and tried again.
Tried in safe mode.
Tried a System Restore - and Norton told me I had a problem - had to download a patch thingy, then save it, then install it in Norton?
Which was a problem because I could not get on the web? However, when rebooting for the eleventh time, I did it in Safe with internet connection, and managed it.
Remembered (late) to take morning medications.
All hot and bothered internally, I reboooted - and walla... I got on the web, then Norton told me I urgently needed defrag, virus check, updates, and Start-up cleaning.
Rebooted yet again as instructed - and sat watching the search and repair process for a an hour or so.
Then BT connection was lost again... grrr!

* Going to vote today for the Nottingham Police Commissioner, I'm voting for the two independent candidates, a doctor and an ex-policeman - only in protest at the political party candidates though.

* Called in to see Margaret and Stew on way out. Margaret is sick again and off work poor thing.

* Voted, then walked to Asda, got a few tins of potatoes, English Breakfast tea bags on offer and garden peas.

* Then caught tram to Bulwell to see if they had any Steak & Liver at B&M. Got some cheapo bickies and chocolates for Margaret.

* Caught bus back to the flea-pit, nosh, and yet again collapsed drained, spending the rest of the day and night kipping on and off.

Friday 16th November:

* Up late (0540 hrs) booted laptop and amazingly got on the BT web. 

* Medications taken, WC visited, and cuppa made. (By gum life is interesting!)

* Called at Stewart's for a chat and to get news of Margaret. Rang her, and her daughter said she was looking after her, so my offer of doing any shopping etc was rejected. I forget she has a family sometimes, silly me. Got a text telling me my talk time left was 28p... stilll searching for the card for the phone to add.

* Had a walk to B&M, then Aldi... spent too much on food again.

* Now what had lately become 'regular' exhaustion came over me even earlier  today.

Saturday 17th November:

 * Up at 0355 hrs.... WC, made a cuppa, then tried to get laptop working... which I did at 0500 hrs. Had to reset again!

* Called to see Stewart and phone Margaret - Stew said he'd tried ringing her but no reply. Hope she's okay.

So tired. Idle day

* No other Senior Moments to report today, unless of course, one has occurred that had taken affect at a later time, that my limited observational and memory cells had missed, by which time I would have become aware of it s happening in which case it may be recorded elsewhere in this log, if I remember it. (I think)

Sunday 18th November:

* Bad night I'm afraid - lousy bits of sleep between pains and dreams.

* Nodded off properly around 0500hrs - awoke surprisingly in active mode at 0630hrs?

* WC, medications (bit late), made a cuppa... laptop on first time and with internet connection working!

* Damned cold this morning, icy too.

* Still feeling drained.

Monday 19th November:

* Up around 0500 hrs, WC, cuppa, medications, then the now almost daily starting and rebooting of the laptop, getting it going in about an hour - however today the BT Internet people allowed me to at least an hours work before the dreaded flashing light appeared on the  hub, and I lost the connections - several resets and restarts later, I managed to get it back on.

* Margaret was not there when I went over to Stew's to see her with a bowl of stew and some bikkies. (Feeling down now!)

* I decided to have a walk into town and catch the bus (bless the free bus-pass),  to Mansfield for a walk around and call into B&M to see if they had any bargains in the food section.

* Decided not to take the mobile with me... I couldn't find it!

* The walk to the bus station was nice, not too cold or windy (me or the weather), the knees were in fine fettle, but the angina played up a bit.
Caught the bus, and enjoyed the ride into Mansfield. Having to cheat a bit with me crossword book though.

* As the bus drew into the bus station, the rain began.

* I called into B&M, and got some bird seed, tinned ham, and hot dog sausages.
As I left, two persistent blokes followed me towards the bus station, asking for a handout for a 'Cup of tea'. Luckily I had the sense to take the route which had plenty of people on it, and they disappeared as I got to the station.

* Dropped off the bus in Carrington, and called into the  Co-op to get a loaf. The lady serving almost spoke to me.

* Back at the hovel, I put the hearing aid plastics in soak, visitedthe WC, then I ate the meal I'd made for Margaret with some bread, then a yoghurt, then drifted off to sleep again.

Tuesday 20th November:

* Up at 0530 hrs. WC - turned on the laptop... more updates to download, took about another hour by the time it had rebooted and configured them - but the good news is BT Internet connection worked! (please do not let them know!)

* Went over to see Stew and Margaret, she was looking a bit better, Stew his usual gruff self.

* Went to Bulwell on the bus, managed to get the last two tins of good old fashioned Steak & Kidney on the shelves. Also spent too much on frozen foods, battered fish and chicken bits, I suppose I'll stop spending when the money finally runs out... I hope.

* When I got back, the usual depression, weariness, and nodding off began.

Wednesday 21st November:

* Bad night, constantly waking up, but pains from chest were a lot easier, and the knees seemed so too.

Thursday 22nd November:

* Easier night.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, both busy with paperwork for Stew's disability claims, so I left them to it.

* Has a walk into town. Very windy, made it hard going, but the rain held off until I got back to the hovel.

* Had goulash, baked beans with BBQ sauce and some bread - boy did it make me move rather rapidly to the WC on a few occasions! But it tasted great!

* For some reason I didn't nod off later in the day, and in fact could not get to sleep later, very odd for me.

Friday 23rd November:

* Up 0600 hrs - WC, cuppa, medications, WC, laptop on.

* Message from Pete (brother-in-law), arranged to meet him later to collect microwave from Argos.

* Nipped over to see Stewart on the way out, he seemed in good fettle. Too early to see Margaret.

* Walked into town and met Pete in slab square - where we queued to get free playhouse tickets for him and Pete from the Evening Post seller on Long Row.

*We joinded the queue for the free tickets, and Pete took this photo with his Samsung mobile phone.
After getting his tickets, we then walked up to Hearing Aid centre to get my free batteries. Swapping memories of the area with each other.

* We then walked down and back through the slab square, where a fair was going on, took a shot of a ride that seemed higher than the council house - then on to Clumber Street where all the mobile phone shops are, and Pete at my side for advice, we went into some shops to ask the price of pay-as-you-go mobiles with camera.
First call was at the EE shop - where a helpful assistant confused me totally with advice and specifications of the phones available.
Then we called at the O2 store, (BT owned I think?)  where I was more confused than ever... fancy that.
I gave up.

*We then walked to Argos, where I bought the cheapest microwave available, and Pete (Bless him) carried it home for me.

* Got the oven set-up, heated a pizza for Pete to eat in his way home to test it worked, and he set off.

* I sat down with a cuppa, took my evening medications, and drifted in and out of sleep for the rest of the day.

Saturday 24th November:

* Up 0545 hrs - WC, cuppa, medications taken, then on laptop.

* WC, cuppa and medications taken.

* Went out to get TV paper and some bread, called in at Stewart's en route, to see if he wanted anything from the shops, all he needed was a TV paper as well.
In the papershop, I got rid of some pennies and those horrible 5p coins when I purchased the papers.

* Bought some roses for Margaret when I called at Lidl to get the bread.

* Dropped off the TV paper at Stewart's, Margaret was there by then, and gave her the Roses and some nibbles.

* Guess what? Stewart insisted on paying for his TV guide - in pennies and 5p's!

* Had a chinwag with them for a bit, Margaret looked very attractive as usual this morning. Her ankle is still painful for her, but she says it is getting a bit easier, and the walking stick helps a bit too.

* Went back to the hovel, and made some nosh, consumed it, passed wind, belched painfully, and the nodding off overtook me again... did nowt for the rest of the day apart from drift into and out of kip, but the chest pains were easier today.

Sunday 25th November:

* Up at 0545 hrs. WC, medications and a cuppa.

* Feeling drained again, and no walking today.

* Went over to see Stew and Margaret. Found the Roses I took yesterday for Margaret in the kitchen... looking a bit sad for themselves, still in the wrapper.
Margaret arrived, She'd forgot to take them home with her.

* Took a photo of her preparing Stewart's nosh.
She looked a little tired, and her ankle was still bothering her, the tendon has been damaged, but she bravely carries on.

* Then took a photo of Stewart, watching his gigantic TV set on in the background (As usual). It's like a cinema screen! He's got all the technology of home entertainment, Sky, DVD player, Video player, Record player, Tape player, and three music centres!

* Came home, still feeling a bit tired and weary, had an early nosh, and did nothing but read my book, visit the WC, pass wind, make endless cups of tea, and nodded off frequently. Despite which I still managed to nod off around 2100hrs.

Monday 26th November:

* Up at 0245hrs - new pain in stomach area, visit to the WC.

* Medications taken, laptop on.

* Pete (Brother-in-law) phoned, Suggested I could have Janet's old mobile, and go on a 'Sim only rental' with phone company. Agreed to meet him Wednesday at 1015hrs in Vic centre.

* Went over to Stew's to see Margaret. She was still suffering with her tendon, and looked a tad drained, good job she's off work at the Theatre Royal at the moment, as her job involves a lot of standing and walking. She still looked beautiful though.

* Weather not too bad today, wind a bit less.

* Decided I needed a new tin opener, and a brush and dustpan, as I could not find my old one?

* Walked into town, arthritis a smidgeon worse today, but the sternum less painful.
Went to stall in Vic Market for tin opener but they had none in, so I went to Wilkinsons instead, and got my requirements.

* Massive nosh on returning home - oven chips, tin ham, garden peas, beetroot, and bread, followed by a yoghurt and some nuts. (Gannet that I am)

* The usual nodding off started after eating, 

Tuesday 27th November:

* Up at 0610hrs - new pain still in stomach area, visit to the WC, got things ready for the QMC Warfarin level tests.

* Set off in the drizzle at 0800hrs on the walk to the hospital, rain stopped after about a mile... and I seemed to be setting a decent pace, the knees not too bad at all, so I gave it all I had.
Arriving at the entrance to the QMC at 0912hrs - a record time!
The waiting area where get the tickets from was 'Empty' - 'Oh dear I thought, have I got the wrong day?'
Seconds after  the ticket dispensed, I was summoned into the haematology room. I was done and out by 0920hrs. Too early to use my bus pass to get home - so I walked it.
By the time I'd got to the Forest area, the knees were creaking and painful once again, and the feet ached - I am a fool walking both ways!

* Called into Stew's, no Margaret, but Maxine had replaced her. Stew was all het up, he was expecting a visit from a social worker, so I left him to it.

* Got in and had some oven chips, baked beans, and tinned ham.

* Watched an episode of 'Heartbeat', then did this update.

* Created a couple of graphic's for Erskine Quint from Author L R Johnson's picture, put the on Facebook.

Met Pete in Vic Centre

Wednesday 28th November:

* Up, carbolicalised, medicated, found some clean clothes to wear, a cuppa, and off on the walk to meet Brother-in-Law Pete in town.

* Waited near the water fountain, crowded with shoppers, shoplifters, potential muggers and pickpockets, spaced out teenagers... oh and two people not actually using a mobile device!

Pete in Vic Centre today
* We went to the EE shop, to sort out a card for the phone Jane (sister) had given me when she got an updated one.
What a palaver!
My lack of knowledge of mobiles didn't help. We sorted a package that had internet access and 250 free calls and texts £10.50 a month.
The young man seemed helpful, and I hung on his every word - until he put the Sim-card in the phone the wrong way around.

Pete & I wondered off, and he tried to get the internet on, without success.
We returned to the shop, where the same young man told Pete how to delete settings to start again.
I'm not sure how he did it, but we did get web access eventually after another hour or so of trying.
* I can't manage very well with the small button thingies, and still can't get on the web yet on my own.

* Technology and me are not the best of acquaintances.

* Pete bought some bits for Janet, left him at his bus stop.

* Caught bus back to the hovel, had a nosh... and fell asleep again!

Thursday 29th November:

* Up at 0430, medicated, cuppa, and tried to download a photo I'd took with camera - ha!
The old laptop wouldn't read the camera - and the newer laptop went so slow it was unbelievable - but did eventually read the card from the camera, thanks to Pete giving me a holder where the small card from the camera could fit into it, then it fitted in the laptop... but oh boy, it took hours to get them downloaded!
Methinks the laptop is on the way out... oh dear!

* Knees and feet bad today, and I felt so tired.

Friday 30th November:

* Up at 0430 hrs. Bad night pain-wise.

* Freezing this morning. (Brrr!)

* On laptop, email from Pete, with photo of one of his cats, good old Arthur. (Note the excellent brickwork rendered by Pete!)

* WC visit, made a cuppa and took medications.

* Had dizzy spell on way to the WC... first bad one for weeks, but hey-ho.

* Readied the dirty laundry for visit to launderette later.

* At the launderette, a woman spoke me unprompted! I thought hello hello hello... I like this! I adjusted the hearing aid control and asked her to repeat what she'd said - shoe pointed out that my flies were undone! Ah well.

* Took laundry home and put it away, then popped over to see Margaret and Stew. Had as natter, then returned to the hovel, and toyed with the internet and laptop problems for a few hours, no progress at all.

* Had a nosh, and spent the rest of the day nodding off and dozing - and having a few dizzy spells again. Bad end for the month, never mind.