Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Diary of Woe - Oct 2012

Monday 1st October 2012:

* Up at 0400hrs, chest pains, breathing heavy, but up all the same, so not all bad!

* Went over to have a visit and natter with Margaret later, she still wasn't certain the plumber had fixed her leak.

* Went on a little walk into Nottingham. Took a few photo's and put them on me Walks in Nottingham album on Facebook later.

* Took this photo of the Nottingham Goose Fair goose on the island Mansfield Rd/Gregory Boulevard - the black car came across and made it look like the Goose was on the roof of it - at the same time as the bus in the forefront nearly belted on the head with it's yellow wing mirror as it passed by! And took a couple along Mansfield Road.

* Must remember no Warfarin tests tomorrow.

Tuesday 2nd October 2012:

* Up at 0300hrs, pains and aches not too bad.

* Took medications and went on laptop. Tried to sort out the newer one to get internet to work, without any luck.

* Walked into Sherwood to get sml loaf of continental bread and cooked belly pork, and the sandwiches were marvellous with a little barbecue sauce and a large potato.

* Made the sarnies and just started to eat them, and Margaret knocked on the door, Stew's toilet had blocked up. So I took me tackle (Gloves, bent coat-hanger and bucket) over to Stews, and managed to free it without any problems. (Apart from the knees when I tried to get up again afterwards) We had a little natter, and I returned to the sarnies and cuppa when I remembered Stew's cat Chloe was left in the house, and I became concerned for the welfare of me belly pork! All was okay though.

* I uninstalled Google Chrome, then reinstalled using Firefox - now Chrome seems to be working, although very slowly.

* Idle day on Coreldraw, Facebook and blog.

Wednesday 3rd October 2012:

* Up later today, 0510hrs. Brother in law Pete said he would meet me at 1000hrs at Morrision's in West Bridgford and lift me home with heavy shopping. So I'll get a walk in to town, and bus out after 0930hrs when the bus pass comes into validity.
I'll try to remember to take photo of Pete and Janet if she comes, at Morrison's.

* Medications taken, teggies washed and changed into some half-decent clothes, and off on my walk to town, and caught the bus out to Morrison's.

* Janet and Pete were in the shop when I arrived. Janet and Pete both looked in fine health, although Jane was a bit tired looking to me, but sounded well.
Purchased a ton of heavy stuff, bleaches, tinned goods; tomatoes, veg curry, garden peas, potatoes, fabric fresheners, soap powder, mineral/spring water etc.

* Had funny turn and developed a new pain in my guts when I got to the checkout - the girl on it packed my bags for me. I think the pushing and pulling on the heavily ladened trolley caused the problem, plus I was holding on in the bladder dep't.
Janet pushed trolley out for me, bless them both.
Pete ran us back to his house and I tried to use the WC - but it was all wind and much of it, and was unable to pass any water, that might explain things a bit.
The new pain began easing straight away after that.

* Pete ran me back to the hovel, and unloaded the five bags of goods for me. I remembered the camera, so took a quick (bad) snap of him as he did the unloading for me.

* Pete took the Pension papers away for Janet to have a look at for me, and offer advice.

* Popped over to see Stewart, he looked in fine fettle. His cat followed me home and demolished a packet of cat food then went up and collapsed into a deep sleep on the bed.

Thursday 4th October 2012:

Walking passed the traffic en route to hospital
* During the pain ridden night's so called sleep, I suddenly realised I'd missed my appointment for the Warfarin INR level tests! (Got the date wrong)

* Got things ready, remembering the treats for the girls at the hematology clinic, the record book, the bus pass to get back with, and most important... not to take a water tablet until I got back!

* Set off on the walk to the QMC, noticing because I was later going out later than usual, the amount of traffic fighting to get into town, as I walked past them! Took a photo or two and posted them to my Facebook 'Photo's from my walks' album later.

* The walk went well, I couldn't believe how well I was hobbling on, the angina eased up a lot, the knees were no worse than usual, and the stomach and wind was okay too. Things looking up today? Got there in under 1 hr 20 minutes (That is if I remembered my setting-off time correctly of course, which may be questionable I suppose).

* Got on the bus to go into town, and as we went around Derby Road Island, saw someone had been knocked down on the pelican crossing. I hate to see these things. Ambulance in attendance.

* In town I called in the cheap DVD shop, and got a film called 'Thing' for £2.

* Caught bus back to Carrington, and called at GP surgery to disclose my appointment error to the receptionist.

* Popped in Stew's on the walk home, he and Margaret were both in good form I'm glad to say,

* Had a tin of tomatoes and tinned sausages with tons of bread... the tasteless cardboard flavoured Morrison's own label wheatmeal. Decided to watch the DVD while eating, only to find it was a film I watched donkey's years ago, and I didn't like it then either!  Another to go to the charity shop.

Friday 5th October 2012:

* Nodded off early last night, well tired, and managed to sleep for four hours before waking with bother from the chest. Took some medicine and painkillers, then managed to nod off for another two hours. Up about 0300hrs, WC, cuppa, and on the laptop - but couldn't get on the web (damned BT) until after many tries and resets, and reboots an hour later.

* Darren (old mate from my Sawley security days contacted me on Facebook, but we lost the link.

* Dizzy spells.

Saturday 6th October 2012:

On walk to Bulwell - signs of winter on the way!
Nodded off early again last night. Up at 0300hrs trying to connect to the web again, all came on eventually but a tad slow, and I had to redo the bookmarks again?

* I did two 'Certificates of Satirical Excellence' awards today, one for Jaggedone, one for Francois Dubois. Both excelled themselves.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew this morning. Had a nice chinwag, and took a meal for Margaret.

* With no walking yesterday due to feeling a bit rough, I had a hike (hobble) into Bulwell this morning, took about 1 hour 25 minutes or so, but I felt okay when I arrived in Bulwell and called into the B&M shop to look for bargains. Found packets of Bacon Jerky at 29p, they were very short date but a bargain. Got some Goulash 90p tin, Cooked Ham sml 89p tin, and Alliums at 39p a jar.

* Caught the bus back into Carrington, dropped off at small Tesco to get some cheapo wholemeal bread (Another tasteless brand, I have to admit the Lidl one is by far the tastiest!).

* Got in the hovel just in time to get to the WC.

* Ham and allium sandwiches with a cuppa, followed by a packet of bacon Jerky (Not bad). Remembered to take medicine for the wind.

* Angina pains started early tonight - soddit!

Sunday 6th October 2012:

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew. Both seemed okay.

* Bad day depression-wise, and angina bad.

Monday 8th October 2012:

* Managed to get to sleep early last night, woke up about 0430hrs - medicated, cuppa, and on the laptop. Finished touches to Jag's Erskine graphic.

* Still not feeling very good though. Angina and stomach playing up... will see how I feel later and try to get out for a walk.

* Got bits together for Margaret (nibbles and meal).

* My painful waterworks on the flow again, getting me down a bit, but mustn't complain considering.

* Went over the road to visit pulchritudinous Margaret, who was working away changing Stewart's bedding and doing the laundry for him. Had a chat while she worked, bless her.

* Took a good walk into Arnold, to visit the Asda there, and get some of their Smartprice cheapo tinned minced beef, instant potato mix, and tinned beans & sausages. I saw they had some ladies short socks at 4 pairs for £2 so got a pack for Margaret, in readiness for the cold nights.

* Went to look at the open Market on Front Street, as the photo shows, it was bereft of choice, people, and a little sad.

* Got bus home, had Goulash, peas and aliums with some bread, and two strong cuppa's. Abluted, changed into nightwear, and thought it would be a good idea to boil the last of the new potatoes in preparation for making a nosh for Margaret in the morning.

* Put on my 'New Statesman' DVD - fell asleep.

Tuesday 9th October 2012:

* Woke up to the smell of burning!

* Partially panicking I painfully forced my knees into activity and hobbled into the kitchen to be greeted by the now familiar pungent odour from the burnt pan of new potatoes. Very thankfully I'd left them boiling on a very low setting, about 5 hours earlier.

* I returned to my chair and fell to sleep again, had some horrendous nightmares I could not recall any details about, and awoke about 0440 hrs , visited the WC, put the kettle on, coughed due to the lingering whiff of burnt metal and potatoes, took the photo of the spuds in the pan, back to the WC, then updated this Diary of Woe.

Big John Wayne Appreciation Society

* Got stuff ready for the launderette, and walked to it, remembering to take powder, softener, cash and camera.

* Met a decent sort of chap I sometimes have a natter with, his name is John. I clandestinely took his photo as he was taking his togs out of the washing machine. He asked that none of the members of the 'Big John Wayne Appreciation Society' make any comments about his activities involving the launderette!  

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew with some treats for them. Had a little natter about nothing and everything. Margaret looks smashing this morning, and Stew was in good form with his insults.

* Decided to have a walk into the City centre and see if I could get a cheapo replacement for the dressing gown that has shrunk a little each time I've washed it, and no longer reaches around my ever growing stomach, and some long sleeve t-shirts or vests ready for the coming cold weather.

* I called in the pound shop first to get some bird seed, then into Primark - where I got a warm looking purple (I think, but I am colour blind on reds) dressing gown for £12, two long sleeve thermal vests at £7 each, and a pair of long johns at £4. Then spent even more at Greggs on a filled cob!

* Decided I felt guilty spending so much, so walked home instead of catching the bus... not a good idea with the knees not so good, and the corns ain't half givin' me some gip now!

* Put some oven chips in to have with me sausage cob.

Wednesday 10th October 2012:

* Not too good today.

* No other Senior Moments to report today, unless of course, one has occurred that had taken affect at a later time, that my limited observational and memory cells had missed, by which time I would have become aware of it s happening in which case it may be recorded elsewhere in this log, if I remember it. (I think)

Thursday 11th October 2012:

* Better night, up around 0420 hrs. WC, made a cuppa and onto the laptop.

Francois Dubois did another of his 'My life as a man #20' for the Spoof, and I enjoyed it so much, I set about creating a Certificate of Merit award in Coreldraw for it, and posted it to Facebook.

* Noticed the impetigo returning a little around chest and neck area - and a couple of boils appearing. Oh dear!

* Went over a couple of times to see Stewart, but I think he'd gone a wandering.

* Had walk to Asda, then got the tram to Bulwell, then the bus back to Carrington.

* Called in at Stew's but he was not back still - the little wanderer him!

* An idle rest of the day, Facebook then Jonathan Creek DVD.

* Pete (brother in law) called, he's visiting in the morning around 1100 hrs.

Friday 12th October 2012:

* Stayed up late watching DVD last night, so I didn't get up until gone 0600hrs - took medications, to the WC, made a cuppa, and onto the laptop.

* Sent message to Lynton on Facebook, I don't think my emails are getting through to him.

* Made and posted a 'Satrical Scribe of Excellence Award' for Jaggedone's Irish eyes are smiling again' article - a good one, I had to laugh.
Jaggedone's Article

* Pete called at house while I was at Stewarts, he joined me, and after a little natter, he bought me two tins of me favourite Goulash bless him, then explained about the pension thing that was confusing me. (Among many other things in life nowadays). I talked him into a walk to the City Centre, and went with him while he collected some shopping as dictated to him by his missus Janet. Then we had a walk around Jessops, where he viewed some electrical stuff.

* I caught the tram to Bulwell, and was forced to sit opposite a pair of legs being revealed by a young nubile lady. Tut... still I put up with them, stockings as well. Nearly missed my stop!

* In Bulwell I managed to get some cat food for my sister... well, for her cats anyway, and some cheapo tinned ham for myself.

* Caught the bus back into Carrington, but no stocking legs being revealed on that journey, damn!

Saturday 13th October 2012:

* Bad night I'm afraid. Still, angina eased a bit after I got up, visited the WC for the eighth time, made a cuppa, and went on laptop to create a graphic for Erskine Quint and The Unacceptable Truths that had been going through my disorientated head during the non-sleep night.

* Put on a pan of veg curry flavoured with vinegar and beef cube, and some tinned potatoes, got involved with the graphic that took at least two hours to get right, then remembered the pan!

* Hobbled into the kitchen expecting the worse, but all was okay... I'd forgotten to turn on the hob ring. (Sad innit?)

* Remembered medications just within the time allowance.

* Had a good walk out again today - the knees and feet knew it when I got back!

Sunday 14th October 2012:

* Not well today.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, took her some nosh and nibbles. Stew in great form this morning.

* Took photo of Margaret and 'Chloe' the cat. The one taken from inside the house, of the cat, came out amazingly distorted colour-wise. The sun shining in through the windows from me must have caused this.

*No walking today, very tired.

Monday 15th October 2012:

Margaret this morning checking the contents of her croissant
* Up around 0400hrs, passed a bit of blood visiting WC. Took med's, cuppa and on Facebook.

* Went over to see Margaret, she looks younger every day, despite her working hard.

* Walked into town, then caught bus out to drop off some cat foos and stamps for my Sister. She's looking well. Then bus to town with Pete, brother-in-law and went with him as he did a bit of shopping. Good that, cause he bought me some cheese cobs.

* Unfortunately I had a dizzy spell as I left him. Lasted a bit longer than the last ones. Still, alright now again.

* Home and had some nosh. Stew's cat Chloe sneaked in the hovel, ate some nosh, and bedded herself down on the bed.

* Tried to watch a DVD, but tiredness overcame me and I got me head down (In the chair as usual) and drifted off.

* Woken up by Chloe as she jumped up on me lap, and settled there for a couple of hours. She's a great water bottle impersonator, with the added bonus of her gentle purring being felt on me groin. (Couldn't hear the purring of course, can't do that with the hearing aids in). She later head-butted me awake, had some more nosh, and as I made a cuppa she went out to do her business, returned, and is now back on the bed.

Tuesday 16th October 2012:

* Looked at the clock and thought it showed 0410 hrs, so got up and took medications, made a cuppa, on the laptop - and realised it was 0220hrs - oh dear..., but worse followed.

* Went up for a heavy duty job in the WC - masses of blood had splattered over the sides and lip, and the water had turned deep red... oh 'eck! - I'm going over to the doctors later to try and get an appointment later today. Got to go tomorrow for flu jab, then Wednesday for Warfarin level tests at hospital.

* Did a Certificate for Skoob/Martin Shuttlecock's Spoof on the parachute thingy. I thought it was hilarious! Local Man Jumps off upturned bucket....

* Then made a graphic of a fictional newspaper from 2015. Bit of fun I enjoyed doing, I hope it gets some comments on Facebook wot is where I put it like! Took me mind off me worries for a bit.

* Went off to the GP surgery, to try and make an appointment.

*Called in Stewart's to tell him where I was going.

When the receptionist saw my details on computer, she got me in to see doctor between booked patients. So, I had her hand up me rump, and within seconds, she told me I had got Orchard Piles - at least it sounded like that to me, and being as I was lying on the thingamigig facing the wall with me knees up, I could not lip read what she said. She was concerned about the blood loss, and I was told to wait to see the nurse, to have a Warfarin INR level blood test.
So I waited and had it done - must stay in the house all day now, so as not to miss the new dosage levels they will phone or email me with, or send an ambulance.
I waited again to see the receptionist afterwards, to make sure they have my email address.

* When I was waiting in the surgery, I saw a woman, who forty years or more ago, I had fling with... ah memories!

* I was glad it was only piles anyway! Oh, and I asked and showed her where me knees had turned blue (I thought it was dye off me jeans and tried to scrub it off!), and she said it was bruising, expect some with the arthritis, let her know if it's still there in a week. I left the surgery cheered up all in all!

* Got on the laptop to update this  Diary of Woe, and Margaret knocked on the door to see how I was, that was kind of her... and I enjoyed the kiss I got... Mmmm!

* Felt suddenly tired again very early, nodded off watching DVD.

Wednesday 17th October 2012:

* Up at 0300hrs, cuppa, laptop, facebook, WC, did some graphics, messages, WC, made another cuppa, put some spuds on the boil... then the big test - Heavy duty job in the bathroom. (Dang dang dang dang!...)

* Specks of blood, but very little. Phew!

* Must remember Flu jab later, and to pick up prescription! 1515 hrs, I'll type that again... 1515hrs. (Might remember it now) I stuck the mobile with the alarm set under me chin in case I nodded of, which of course I did do, left hearing aids in, and it woke me in time.
Walked to surgery and Obergruppenfurher Nurse gave me the jab - then I picked up prescription from receptionist, called at chemist to get it filled, then into Lidl to get a loaf of bread... by gum life's exciting for me!

Thursday 18th October 2012:

* Up at 0300hrs, kettle on, laptop on, WC visit (No blood this time), spotted a new boil coming in a rather delicate area of me anatomy.

* Did a new Thought for the Day graphic in Coreldraw and posted it to my Facebook.

* Health Condition Report for the day (Pain/hassle) factor:
Arthritis: Bit worse this morning - 20%
Angina - Usual condition - 35%
Haemorrhoids: No bleeding yet - 15%
Boils: New one joined the others - 4%
Impetigo: No change - 1%
Duodenal Ulcer: Calm - 1%
Bladder cancer: Normal - 15%
Wind balloon: Not fully blown up again at the moment: 10%
Dizzy Spells: None yet this morning - 0%
Water retention: Okay - 1%
Water passing: Painful - 22%
Corns callouses: Urgh! - 33%
Concentration: Really good this morning - 1%
Earache: Easier - 2%
Mental Stability: Who knows?

* Went over to see my Angel Margaret, at Stew's place, took her some stew. Both seemed okay, although Stew had suffered a trip up some step yesterday.

* Had a walk into town, it was very busy. Got a cheap long sleeve t-shirt to use as a vest in cold weather, from Primark.

* As I got in the house, Chloe, Stew's cat shot in, demanding to be fed. She stayed until about 0300 hrs, when she woke me with her usual head butting, to be fed again, then left when I opened the door.

Friday 19th October 2012:

* Made a cuppa, WC visit (no blood), on laptop, made award for Frank's Spoof effortm and one for the thought of the day for Facebook.

* Put some potatoes on the boil for Margaret later.

* Went to make a cuppa, and realised the spuds were 'well done', but not burnt. Mow there's a change in me ailing fortunes is it not?

* Got the launderette things ready, and updated this inane inconsequential waffle.

* Noticed a rough rash had developed on me neck come chest area - something different medically to interest meself in.

* Piles not too painful yet, angina okay, ulcer good, knees giving me a bit of gip mind, and wind balloon still swollen. But things can change quickly with this excuse for a body of mine!

* The 'big' lady was at the launderette, the one with the 'gang tattoos'.

* Called in to see Margaret and Stewart for a chin-wag and ogle Margaret.

* Went on marathon walk into Bulwell, by gum the feet hurt when I arrived there, but the knees, piles and angina were okay. Got the bus back, and was forced to sit facing a nubile thick thighed young lady. I cried when she got off  the bus.

* Had some nosh, read Stalingrad book chapter, put on a DVD and fell asleep.

Saturday 20th October 2012:

* Up at 0300hrs, WC visit, made a cuppa (realised I;d left hob on - turned it off), WC visit, put laptop on (failed to start windows), removed battery unplugged, replugged, battery back in, and tried again and it started (Phew).

* Started making 'Thought for the Day' graphic.

* Took a brekkie over for Margaret, she's been very busy at the Theatre Royal lately. Stewart seemed a bit deep and concerned about something. Hope he's alright.

* Had a walk into city centre, got a loaf from Aldi, and some nibbles from the Pound World shop. I had a look in the cheap DVD shop, nothing I liked, but I must say, I didn't see anyone stealing anything... nice change that.

* Walked back (not a good idea, bum and feet hurting).

* Fell asleep for a while, had some nosh, and still the internet connection is dodgy... Bloody BT! Gave up!

Sunday 21st October 2012:

*  Horrible night, dreams, unrest, pains... urgh!

* Internet connection still kept cutting out. I called the BT line to complain and explain after two hours of following the advice in the booklet to solve the issue failed. Well, apart from not being very good on the phone due to me hearing loss, the Asian lady was very hard to understand, but she was patient and polite bless her. She said she would call me back later to see how the connection was going. Nice.

* Got up late for me, gone 0600 hrs. No blood this morning, good. Angina not bad at all, good. Knees as they have been, painful. Boils disappearing. Better day in prospect methinks.

* Patchy internet connection back on. Put a magazine article on the Spoof that I started months ago.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stewart. We did a quiz and had a natter, Stew a bit off form.

* To Aldi for milk and tea bags.

* Ailments not too bad today.

Monday 22nd October 2012:

* Up at 0300 hrs, Started laptop, to the WC (bit of blood), cuppa, laptop frozen with windows part loaded. Oh dear!
Disconnected and tried restart. Froze again on opening windows.
Started in safe mode message 'Failed to load Microsoft ISATAP #14' so none the wiser.
Desperation creeping in now - Started yet again in normal mode, and it worked?

* Went over to Stew's to ogle, fawn-over, and have a natter with Margaret. Mmm... nice!

* Walked Margaret home, then had a walk into town. Forgot camera so I didn't take any pictures.

* Bus back to the hovel, and collapsed well tired, with aching feet and knees.

Tuesday 23rd October 2012:

* Up at 0500 hrs. Got nibbles, camera, mobile bus-pass and paperwork ready to take to the hospital, see... I remembered. (Might have been due to the A4 card I wrote 'Warfarin Tests Today' on, and placed on the laptop though). 

* Set off at 0815hrs. Saw Stew was up and about so had a little natter with him. Arrived at QMC around 0945 hrs, and tool photos of part of the journey.

Set off down Gregory Boulevard, the hotel on the right of the street cleaning operative is where the youth got shot back in July this year, droplets of rain on the lens methinks?
Despite my arthritis kness and bad feet, I caught up with the cleaning operative 400 yards further on, this show him picking up his third piece of litter.
The students flats building where there are more to rent than occupied - not surprising really, this is the block that has suffered a rape and three muggings this year to date.
The junction/traffic lights with a tram going by, where the stabbing in a gang fight took place.
Commuters at the inbound tram park & ride stop. A few hundred yards from where I was mugged last August.

Further along Gregory Boulevard, the aromatic aroma of rotting fruit & Veg.
Towards where the car was shot at through the back window in August this year.
The junction with Alfreton Road, the Car Phone Warehouse that got ram raided just out of shot on the left.
To the very end of Forster Street.
Further up, and right into Hartley Road, then first left into Forster Street.
Part way down Forster Street, where the police van was torched in the riots. 
Then right down the Bramcote Street onto Alpine Street, and left towards Ilkeston Road.
Right at the junction, up Ilkeston Road towards Triumph Road.
Left into Triumph Road, passing the colleges.
Half way down, and under the new crazy paving University buildings.

Over the pelican crossing, and right along Derby Road. This is the crossing that I nearly got knocked over on by a pedal-cyclist who ignored the traffic lights.
Further along Derby Road, I was forced to suffer the shapes of young nubile young  QMC staff on their way to work.  (But they must have been late, because I couldn't keep up with em!


* Got bus back to town, then bus to Carrington - called in to Stew's, and Margaret was about to go shopping for him, so I went with her, she is lovely.

* Got back to Stew's, I bade my fair-wells and got in to clean my ears of wax, clean the hearing aids, visit the WC (bit of blood), cuppa tea, and update this blog. During which, the postman dropped guess what through my letter box?
A copy of 'Erskine Quint' from L R Johnson - bless and thank him!

 Wednesday 24th October 2012:

* Up at 0230hrs - WC, laptop on Facebook and blog.

* Hope to get started today on reading Erskine Quint.

* Opened tin of Macaroni, and mixed some cheese sauce and vinegar in, on low heat to warm it through and get all the flavour for when I take it over later for Margaret.

* Took medications on time - and boy are the Furosomide water tablets working! (Off again now)

* I'm back - heavy duty job, no blood. Realised I'd left the flippin' heater on in the bathroom overnight - that'll please the gas company!

* Made another cuppa, started doing graphic for 'Thought of the Day'... then smelt the burning coming from the kitchen... see photo I took... oh dear, again!

* Tried to rescue the pan... got bits off of it, but as you see, without success. Left if soaking in liquid and bleach for the day. Oh  dear.

* Dark, dank and raining this morning.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, taking nosh for Margaret, no one in.

* Returned to the hovel, and started to read Erskine book at lunch,  finished it at 1855 hrs.
Apart from WC, making a cuppa or two & taking medications I couldn't put it down!
found a couple of printing errors, but nothing off-putting.
Thought it was engrossing. Going to do a review in a bit.

Thursday 25th October 2012:

* Up about 0500 hrs. WC, made cuppa, WC, on laptop, Facebook, replied to messages and did some graphics.

* Took medications a bit late this morning. Feeling okay though.

* Took some goulash and peas over for Margaret at Stews, but she was off poorly today. So I'll have a mega-serving of this concoction to myself later.

* Had a brisk (ish) walk into town, but got cramp in the feet and ankles when I arrived, so got the bus back.

* Had another go at cleaning the saucepans - very little gunk came off - left soaking again.

 Friday 26th October 2012:

* Up at 0230 hrs - WC, cuppa and on the laptop.

* Brother-in-law Pete rang at 0830 hrs, told me he was coming later with a 'freeview' box he thought he could get the TV going with.

A victorious Pete got the TV going for me, bless him!
* He arrived 1030 hrs with the box, and set to setting it up for me.

*By 1115 hrs, I had my first working TV in over 25 years. amazing things, it's in colour you know, and the pictures move. Pete explained to me as he worked out how to and managed to get it going, Coax, HD, Digital cable etc? Lost me.
I'm just proud of him and thankful that he got it working... great! when we left for him to go to bus-stop, we met Margaret and Stew as they waited for a taxi to go somewhere, had a natter. Margaret looked stunning! (Phrewww!)

* Walked down the front with Pete on his way to catch bus home, decided to get a loaf and a TV paper with 'Freeview' listing while I was out.
Got the TV thingy, and realised I did not have enough cash to get the loaf. (Twit)

* Got back to the flea-pit, familiarised myself with the remote whatsit, and saw in the mag that 'Heartbeat' was on at 1310 hrs - so made a cuppa and really enjoyed watching it on ITV   3.

* Sorted medication doses into the 16 little pots I use, during which I had to nip rather sharply to the WC - now this is where it gets a bit messy - I had the long johns on again, and digging through the clobber to get me inch-long-pinkie out to pass urine, I caught it on the zip. Blood everywhere again!
This time, several sheets of kitchen towels later, I managed to stop the flow. More bother now with the Warfarin INR level is expected. (Oh dear dear dear!) 
I just hope it doesn't start again, if it does I'll have to call for an ambulance this time cause I lost a good drop of the old red stuff.

* Finished the medication preparations, and went on laptop to update this waffle.

* Tried working out how the 'Freebox' remote thingy worked - or rather how I couldn't get it to work... spent so long intrigued by its foibles, it was gone 0130 hrs when I gave up and got me head down.
So a long kip, broken up by trips to the WC ensued...

Saturday 27th October 2012:

* Stirred about 0755 hrs - passed wind (freezing this morning) put the kettle and laptop on, to the WC (painful and a bit of blood), stubbed me toe on the way downstairs, dropped me cuppa, swore, passed wind, made another mug, and got on laptop to do this entry, passed wind from both ends.

* Feeling very tired. Took medications (rather late though). Got message from mate on +G, and went on Facebook.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew. Margie very busy at work, Stew okay. Fetched a TV paper for Stew, and got some nosh.

* Suddenly felt so tired again, back to the hovel.

Sunday 28th October 2012:

* Up at 0500 hrs - WC for heavy duty job (smidging of blood).

*  Did a Facebook graphic in honour and appreciation of Les's grand job of writing Erskine Quint book.
"I was absorbed into Erskine's world from the start of this epic adventure into the unknown.
I found myself with an insatiable desire for more. (I actually read it in one go, and I've never done with any book before)
I found the constant pace of the tale to my liking, and readily let go of all my troubles and woes while engrossed (and a little envious) in Erskine's escapades.
Erskine Quint - deserving of meritational acknowledgement I can assure you!"

* Took medications, made another cuppa to replace the one that went cold, and visited the WC for another heavy duty job (no blood).

* Had another go at cleaning the 'silver saucepan', some some more bits off, and left it re-soaking again.

* Updated this tripe, and posted graphic on Facebook. Checked emails: nothing there.

* Went over to see Stew and Margaret.

* Came home, chest pains a bit bad at the moment... no, very bad. And I felt so tired again, did no walking, drained for some reason.

Monday 29th October 2012:

* Chest pains kept waking me up on and off all night. Must make appointment to see doc again.

* Up, cuppa, WC (no blood), found I'd left the water heater on all night. (Curse!)

* Chest pains still bothersome.

* Managed without any effort to drop and break another mug. (Good job I had plenty to start with).

* Did some graphics, as on the left here. The Lidl one was out of frustration - if they do not treat me like shit, they overcharge me, and now they are selling me maggots in me apples - still, they didn't charge extra for the meat content!
Did an advice for husbands funny too, in aid of the Relief of Men's Suffrage Association.

* Went over to see Margaret, by gum she looked beautiful again.

* A walk to Asda for bread, was not very pleasant in the biting wind.

* Cup of tea, WC, and I fell asleep as I got back to the hovel, and tried to watch a 'Heartbeat' on the Freeview thingy.

Tuesday 30th October 2012:

* Another bad night, up around 0500 hrs. Checked the emails, did a graphic for Facebook.

* Got things ready for the launderette (two bags-full).
Took medications, wash and brush up, and off to launderette.

*  Got home, put togs away, got hospital things ready, called to see Stewart and Margaret on the way. Went by bus both ways.

* Set off on marathon walk to Bulwell - got some tinned nosh from B&M store.

* Back at the hovel, had some nosh, took medications, and fell asleep again!

* Woke up and watched another 'Heartbeat' episode, and started to watch a 'Star Trek' but again nodded off - blimey, talk about sleep!
Must mention this to the GP on my next visit.

Wednesday 31st October 2012:

* Much disturbed night dream and pain-wise.

* Up around 0400 hrs - WC urgently visited for heavy duty job - marathon event, but no blood. (Phew!)

* Cuppa, medications taken - must remember I've arranged to meet Brother-in-law Pete at 1000 hrs at Broad Marsh bus station, to go to Beeston with him.

* Walked into town and Broad Marsh bus station, where the need for a WC became urgent. There was a toilet facility (10p) that I queued up for and made full use of - but could I find a flush? No.
Met Pete, and we caught the bus to Beeston. Pete wanted to use his vouchers for free cobs at Tesco, then we popped into B&M, where I had hoped to get some tins of Steak  Kidney (cheap), but they did not have any in stock. 
The  excitement over, we caught the bus back into town.
Left Pete at his bus stop to West Bridgford, and I caught a Bulwell bus to try and get some tins of Kidney from the Bulwell B&M store.

* Yet again I was forced to suffer, and sit opposite as nubile, thick legged, short skirted, knocker revealing young lady for the trip into Bulwell.

* I nearly missed my getting off stop.

* The call for a WC again affected me, and I went to the one in the Bus Station (20p).

* B & M had only a few tins of the meat left, so I bought them all.

* Bus back to Carrington, got to the house just in time to use the WC.

* Oh the sheer excitement of my life!