Friday, 1 February 2013

Diary of Woe - February 2013

Fri 1st February 2013

* Good morning all... got some sleep at last last night. That lasted over four hours! I hope that's not the last of it though.

*Kettle on, to the WC, laptop started, medications taken, then spent a few moments trying to work out how I got on the wrong bus yesterday while drinking the cuppa. No luck.

* Had the urge to so some graphics this morning. Both to compliment articles I hope will be on the new Dorking Review website when it gets up and running shortly. Leonard P Stretch is a character created so well by Colonel Juan.
The second is not for use on the magazine, just a bit of fun to follow on from Mr Puddle's rib-tickling 'Attempted Armed Robbery at Little Divot Post Office'. Both worth reading when they are published, I'll let you know.

* Forgot me midday medications, but remembered my night ones.

* Enjoyed me meal - parsnips (from cheapo damaged pack from Farmfoods, Garden Peas (Asda Smartprice), Banana (From Derby's market when I went to Derby in mistake for Mansfield yesterday), Instant mash (Asda Smartprice 20p pkt), and two fishcakes on offer at Heron Foods.
If HRH knew how well I lived she'd be jealous!

* The Freeview box went wonky on me.

* So I put a DVD on, and that kept sticking, even after cleaning the reader thingy.

* So I decided to go on the net - but no... BT Wifi down yet again! And no cat in the house to kick!

* Moved onto the old laptop, and connected by wire, and after the third attempt got on the net.

* Then went in kitchen to make a cuppa, and found I'd left the oven on all day.

* Up to the WC - noticing I'd left the heater on all day.

*It's a funny old life innit?

* Spilled me tea as I came back in front room.

* I'm depressed now, and not tired at all.  (Huh!)

Saturday 2nd February 2013

* Busy on graphics today.

Sunday 3rd February 2013

* Bad night, again sleepwise. Pain adding to problems. (Angina)

* Did a bit of work on graphics, and posted them. I enjoy doing these despite the time it takes.

* Popped over to see Margaret and Stewart. Both in good form I'm glad to say.

* Fetched some stuff for Stew from the shops.

* Potatoes, parsnips and a pie and gravy today... Mmmm! 

Me latest smudge for the Dorking Review
One Leonard P Stretch. (by Colonel Juan)
* Feeling drained after the meal, I drifted off involuntary into a fitful dream filled agina suffering series of five minute nod-offs for about four hours or so - awaking to the by now familiar aroma of burnt food permeating the whole house...
Up and out of the chair accompanied with the arthritis knees pains, knocked me stuff off of the stool, stubbed me toe, into the kitchen knocking me tray of dirty plate and cup onto the floor, observed the smoke coming from around the cooker area - and whipped open the oven door to release more toxic fumes into the atmosphere. Grabbed a cloth and removed the oven gently warped, singed, burnt, smoking and very bloody hot oven tray from the rack, and placed it in the sink, and as I poured water over it, it sounded like a giant snake, or angry cat.
The kitchen filled with a dark steam...
A little wee'd off, and suffering from various pains, I turned off the oven that I should have done six hours earlier.
Coughingly I returned to me kip. and depression took a hold of me.

Monday 4th February 2013

* Awoke late, coughed a bit more, and checked the mayhem in the kitchen. Getting dizzy spells as soon as I tried to bend down to sort things (this is normal for me nowadays), then took me medications quickly. The pungent aroma lingers...

* Laptop on to do this update, BT connection first time? (Am I still asleep and dreaming?).

* WC - where I found I'd left the heater on all night again... never mind it is a bit cold this morning.

* Phew the smell in 'ere...

* Did some graphics for the Dorking Review and posted them.

* Must get out for a good walk today. (He say's settling back in his chair!)

A young looking, desirable, gorgeous Margaret today!
* Went  over to see Margaret... she looked like a schoolgirl, marvelous!

* Forced meself to leave her and walked into the city centre. gor some bits for the nurses in the morning at the QMC, cheapo air-spray, disinfectant and bird seed from Pound shop.

* Eventually caught bus back to Carrington, got a loaf, and walked to the hovel, and made a meal.

* On visiting the WC afterwards, noticed blood on me hands. Checked me Inch, and blood was leaking away. Managed to stop it in the end - as I'm going to QMC in the morning for me Warfarin level checks, I'll pop in to see someone there and get treatment/advice then.

* Washing meself up, I noticed blotches on my face... and the angina is still playing up, what a palaver!

* Sorted me medications fron packs into me little tubs.

* Not feeling too good tonight.

Tuesday 5th February 2013

* Up every hour it felt like, little sleep again. Feeling well drained.
I wish I could recall the dreams I suffer, all I know is they were not nice.

* Got up 0615hrs, urgent trip to the WC, (cleaned the dried blood around me 'Inch'), things put in bag for QMC visit... record card and bus pass to get home remembered! (haha!)

* Angina bad again, kettle on, WC visit again, laptop started (BT connection working!), cuppa made, and realised yet again I'd left the oven on overnight, (but at least it was only on low this time and no food left in to be cremated), shuddered at how cold it was this morning, stomach started rumbling noisily, medications taken, this rubbish updated. 

* Thought it best to wear me long johns, scarf, and thick hat for this mornings marathon walk to the hospital, with it being so nippy weather-wise.

The walk to the QMC:

* Decided to call at B&M on the way to the QMC, to see if they have any of the cheap ham, beetroot and or veg casserole left in stock. Set off around 0750hrs.

* 0812hrs: Fed the pigeons on the Forest.

0828hrs: Arrived opposite the retail part on LEnton Boulevard, to cross the road to get to B&M.

0840hrs: Got across the road.

0844hrs: Realised B&M do not open until 0930hrs!

0859hrs: Managed to avoid homicidal motorist as I crossed Derby Road on the new pelican lights.

0925hrs: Arrived at the QMC hematology dept - followed in the queue to press ticket machine - and it broke down just as I pressed the button! (Huh!)
Staff sorted, giving me the now familiar 'Poor old git' look.

9054hrs: I was called in, and had me Warfarin blood test done.
Bit of bother stopping the vein bleeding, and i told the nurse about the bleeding yesterday - she summoned another nurse to look at me mini-appendage.
Real embarrassment now!
She took me in a side room, and giving me a look of sympathy and stifling her amusement, she hosed down me undernourished dangler and had a look and prod with double gloved hands.
"No bleeding now, but there is two lesions..." She then quized me on habits...
Resulting in my being given advice, and told to return to my GP if this happens again!
Blushingly and with head down, I exited the building ASAP.

* Caught a bus straight away, then got a connecting bus in town that went out immediately I got on, and called in Lidl to get bread and some flowers for Margaret.

1058hrs: I was in Stewarts flat... but no Margaret! (Shit, sob, depression and what a bloody month up until now! Stew was a great form this morning.

1104hrs: Back in the flea-pit.

* WC visit, cuppa made, put the oven on (nervously), and updated this twaddle again.

* Had a wonderful nosh today - and made sure I turned off the oven too.
Potatoes, baked beans, veg burger and bread.

* Getting cold already here. (1425hrs), gonna be freezing tonight they tell us.

* As I tried to get to sleep (dreaming and waking up every few minutes it seemed), I remembered I'd not taken me night medications... tsk!

Wednesday 6th February 2013

* I don't know what I was dreaming about before I woke up this morning, but the first thing I did was to say out loud "Good morning world!" shaking myself in the process.

* Laptop started, kettle on, WC visit, uncomfortable, bloody and painful, down to make a cuppa and take morning medications. Body feels odd (put it down to missed med's last night).

* Then the battle to get a BT connection took place - I don't think I won this struggle, rather BT allowed me to eventually.

* Updated this crap.

* Popped over Stew's, took Margaret some flowers, Stew doing well, Margaret more lovely than ever...

* Fetched paper for Stew, and some nosh for myself from Lidl.

* Walked Margaret home from Stew's... couldn't kiss and cuddle her 'cause of me facial blotches (Damn!). Walked back to the dump, tried to kick a cat but couldn't catch it. (Not really, I made that up... sorry)

* Got my test results through the post - and an email from the GP surgery. Warfarin level too low. Got to go next Tuesday to QMC - might have to have the injection direct into the ticker again if it has not increased.  Then to the GP for extra checks. Bloomin' busy this being unwell innit?
Direct injection no problem, had to have one last year, funny feeling, felt a tad dizzy afterwards for a moment or two, no real pain involved. (Many a last word...?)

Thursday 7th February 2013

* Up at 0550hrs - better night for kip.

* Laptop started, to the WC (much blood from the 'piles' - tsk), kettle on, morning medications taken, checked on here, emails, SSH, and Facebook.

* Got bus to Bulwell and got some frozen foods.

* When I got back to the bomb site, I found some mail on the floor, the first one I opened was
from the QMC - telling me I'd missed my last appointed date for Warfarin level testing.
That would be the visit I made and related on Tuesdays waffle?

* The next one I opened was from Swinton Insurance telling me my car insurance was due.
That would be the car insurance I cancelled with them three years ago when I was made redundant and could no longer afford to run the car, and then was medically barred from driving anyway.

* The third was my Bowel cancer test kit.

* The forth a rejection letter from an interview I had over two years ago. (From an agency)
It's nice to feel wanted!

Friday 8th February 2013

* Better kip last night. Up at 0540hrs. To the WC had to take me first samples for me Bowel Cancer tests, laptop started, again BT internet connection first time (worrying this bombshell is), made a cuppa, took me medications, and checked me emails.

* Surprised myself this morning, I really got on with doing some graphics for the lads and lasses (There's no telling really) at the SSH and posted them off.

* Had to stop meself around 1047hrs when I remembered I've got to go to GP... tsk... never mind.

*Popped in to see if Stewart needed any shopping and was alright - he seemed in good shape.

* Hobbled to the GP surgery, and explained me confusion over the Warfarin level test dates etc. Told to just ignore the letter from the QMC and go in for appoitnment made earlier with themfor next Tuesday - fair enough.

* Found some old Sawley Gazettes on me old external drive, so sorted a selection of things I might use on the SSH. Took me hours... never mind nowt else to do.

Saturday 9th February 2013

* Up around 0500hrs.

* Laptop started, Kettle on, WC visit (did last sample for Bowel Cancer Tests), Made cuppa, took medications.  

* Morning Medical Machinations (Pain/hassle/bother)

Angina: Easier than yesterday HerniaWorse than Yesterday Arthritis Knees: Same as Yesterday Arthritis Hands: Easier than yesterday Bleeding: Same as Yesterday Impetigo: Same as Yesterday Wind Balloon: Same as Yesterday WC Visits: Worse than Yesterday (Pain & urgency) Concentration: Easier than yesterday Ticker: Less thumping Easier than yesterday Depression: Easier than yesterday Dizzies: Same as Yesterday Blotches on face: Same as Yesterday  to look at, but itching more.
So as you see. a good start to the day - even if I did manage to clout me elbow as I fought to keep my balance as I put on me long johns!

* Did some more graphics for the SSH (Satirist's Safe House) and posted them.

* Popped over to see Margaret and Stew, both in fine form, but Margaret looking the prettier. walked her home. then went to post me sample tests.

* Called at the paper shop to check if I'd won anything on the lottery - and this will surprise you ... I hadn't. (Tsk)

* Nipped in Lidl to get glared at and ignored by their staff just out of nappies, and get some milk, kitchen towels and veg.

* Fed the pigeons on the way back to the flea-pit.

* Got in and went to the WC - realised I'd left the water heater and heater on - hard to believe I know!

* After nosh, I drifted off into the world of nod and dreams... just wish I could remember them. Thus I missed my midday med's... humpf!
* Sprang awake, hobbled hastily to the WC (As in Dean Martin's hit song 'Just in Time'). Laptop back on, cuppa, evening medications, passed wind violently a few times (nearly lifted meself off the floor with one of 'em, oh the unexpectedness and pain!).

Sunday 10th February 2013

* Could hardly be any more different to yesterday morning. Up late, 0700hrs, lousy night trying to get off, then usual nightmares and dreams.
Feeling well down, Angina rampant, dizzy spells and well depressed I'm afraid.

* Kettle on, to the WC (no blood), found I'd again left the heater on all night in the bathroom, laptop started (with BT connection first time!), made a cuppa, took med's later than I should have, set about trying to finish a Gaztop graphic I started yesterday.

* Went to see Margaret and Stew, had a natter then walked Margie home, had a little walk, then got back and had some nosh.

* Put some potatoes in the oven, and veg in the pan. Then settled to watch the end of a film, timing it so that when the film ended, the potaotes and parsnips in the oven should be done nicely... then fell asleep for an hour! The saucepan is still soaking in the sink tomorrow afternoon, and the smell and smoke from the oven... well... 

* Spent most of the day in fitful nods, and feeling down and drained.

* Took evening med's and pit on laptop to do this and some SSH stuff.

* No kip at all - so did graphics and watched TV all night.

* Made a cuppa at 05354hrs had took medications before nod off, as now feeling tired, just got to encourage and convince the brain and body. (Not an easy job)

Monday 11th February 2013

* WC visit, quick rinse and change. Morning medications taken, laptop started. Cuppa made. Spent hours on graphics for SSH. Some vehicles had two inches of snow on their roofs, others had none.
Bit nippy.

* Went over to see Margaret, looking radiant. Had a natter, then fetched some things for her from the shops, and walked her home. A quick walk around, fed the birds, and got back in the hovel to try and get some sleep. (Huh!)

* Watched 'Heartbeat' on the box... and drifted off into a blessed stupor.

* Thankfully I awoke at 1740hrs in time to take me evening medications, WC visit, make a cuppa, and update to this point.

* Angina started bothering again.

* Started some more graphic ideas.

Tuesday 12th February 2013

* Sleep... I got some sleep in last night!
Mind you I needed more, really wanted to stay in bed when I woke up after 0700hrs with chest pains and  an urgent need for the WC - but realised time was of the essence, as I had to put the water heater on to get ready for me ablutions before I go to the QMC for me Wargarin level tests.
Mucho blood from my movement this morning. (Piles?)

* Set off a little later than usual for me walk to the QMC. Got there in around 1hr 25m.
A new girl being trained sorted me out (took me blood).

* Caught the bus back to town, being on decent form today, I remembered the bus stops had changed in time to drop off at four bus stops earlier, to enable me to catch me second bus at that one's new stop.
When I arrived at the bus stop, I noticed they had changed back to the old bus stops.
Hey-ho, I got a little extra walking in.

* Called at Stew's on way home, but all locked up.

* Back to the no sleep scenario again. Tsk! Spent hours on doing graphics, SSH and Facebook.

Wednesday 13th February 2013

* Got up (can't say woke up really) at 0600hrs - hastily visited the WC. Cuppa made, medications taken and laptop started.

* Got into creating graphics again.

* Popped over to see Margaret and Stew, had a natter.

* Started out on a good walk, but when the snow started I decided against it.

* When I got back, cuppa made, photo of the snow taken. Back to the graphics.

Friday 15th February 2013

* Horrible sleep again. Woke up coughing. Still feel tired now that I've arisen - hastened to the WC (no blood this morning - goody), made a cuppa, took med's, and spent over an hour trying to get my BT broadband internet connection to connect!
Though all the usual routes - BT helpdesk routine (Ha!), reset button several times, set to default waffle, Chrome off and on, laptop restarted, then off and on.
Eventually got the browser up, hurra!
Clicked to get me bog up, and another call to the WC was received... up the apples, did my business, came down and put kettle on again, had a look outside to see the rain had dispersed all the snow, had a look for me lost hearing aid... and found it! Returned to the laptop, and me blog was just finishing loading!

* Then the signal mysteriously evaporated into the ether once again, and I had to start the performance all over again to get it back... Grrr!

* Started working on me latest graphic, and one that I was proud of how it was coming on... and a power cut blotted me efforts!

* A few seconds later the power returned, but I'd lost the work I'd done in the last hour cause I didn't save it regularly enough!
Recommenced the work, and guess what?
Yes, your right, the BT broadand signal was lost! Grrrr!  Took ages to get it back, faffling resetting etc.
Still it's been going alright for a few hours now, fingers crossed. (And an email to BT to thank them)

* Had email from Brother-in-law Pete, he's going to call in the mornings.
As he leaves, he has a laugh at me missing roof tiles!

* Feeling a bit down at the moment, so his visit might cheer me up... I hope.

* A good ablutions session, and wnet over to see Margaret and Stew.
Stew had his mobility scooter out, his third one since December.
Asked himn if he would lke me to get a TV mag from the shops, he said yes.

* Popped down to the paper shop and got TV papers, then into Lidl to be ignored and scowled at by the staff, and get some bread, milk and cereals.

Pete points out me cracked leaking ceiling!
* Got back to Stew's and while having a natter, Pete knocked on the door, so went back to the hovel with him. 

* Had a  cuppa and a chinwag, and I asked him if I walked into town and got the bus put to Morrison's, would he run me back with the heavy shopping. He said should be okay on Tuesday, he'd let me know, bless him. He took some paperwork of mine for him and Jane (my sister) to look at for me.
Gave him some nibbles, and  took a photo or two of him.
One of him pointing out the cracks in the ceiling. (Left)
After he's left, I set about starting the laptop to update this rubbish.

* What a farce!
1) The laptop slowly started, and I tried to open the browser. No connection - so reset the broadband modem thingy.
2) Waited until the blue light glowed and tried again, and it was trying to connect me to a mystery supplier. 
3) So, I turned off the computer, and tried again. No connections.
4) Tried reset to default on the box. No connection. Set it manually to the proper connection - unavailable!
5) him Then the computer advised me that the Windows Explorer has stopped working. (Tsk!) Did a fault finding thingy. and had to restart Windows Explorer. 
6) Then Norton informed me that I had High Memory Usage by the Host And kept on telling me)?
7) Restarted everything again, and tried once more.
8) Finally got a connection to BT.
9) Two minutes later lost it! 
10) Fifty minutes after trying to get the BT connection... and jimmini I was in!

* By then I'd almost forgotten why I was attempting to get on for in the first place...Grrr!

Saturday 16th February 2013

Pete as he shot off yesterday - just missing knocking me over! 
* Finally, the body submitted and let me have some sleep, got at least six hours! Woke up around 0500hrs - to the WC (no blood, good).
Started laptop, made a cuppa, and tried to get BT internet access, which after only 20 minutes and four attempts and adjustments, I did.

* To the WC again, knees not so good, angina lingering, stomach pains, hand joints a bit bothersome, wind balloon in chest active, and wind from the anus bursting out ferociously at will. (it's own will not mine). Sneezing painful.
But overall feeling alright this morning up to now, and no ailments excessively painful.

* To the WC.

* Medications took, cuppa made, and laptop activated.

* Finished a smudge I was doing for the Dorking Review, it must have taken me over three days to do in between others, but I enjoyed doing it, and hope it gets some response.

* To the WC three times while finishing the smudge. (Tsk!)

* Sod me... four now!

* Decided to go to Buwell, partly for a good walk, and to try and get some roasting parsnips wot I have gotten to like but ran out of.

* Popped over to see Margaret and Stew for a natter, then set off on me walk to Bulwell.

* Arrived in Bulwell Market Place in about 1 hour 15 minutes, just in time to see the (I assumed) shoplifters, being encouraged to leave the Pound shop and get in the back of the police transit.

* I called in Iceland to try and get some parsnips - they had some at £1.59 but even though I like em, I'm not paying that much. So I poddled to Farm Foods, but they had none. Then to Heron, but they were the same price. I was about to weaken and buy a pack, then remembered the little private freezer place on Front Street, where they had just one pack left at £1, so snapped it up, along with a pack of potato slices with cheese.

* Caught the bus home to the hovel.

Oh dear! Done it AGAIN!
To the WC. Made cuppa and took midday med's.
Then put the potatoes and some parsnips in the oven, and peas on to cook.

* The meal was lovely.

To the WC.

* Watched an episode of Red Dwarf, during which I detected a smell of burning - and limped into the kitchen - Yes I'd left the oven on - Not only that, I'd forgotten about the parsnips, well, the now incinerated parsnips!

To the WC.

Sunday 17th February 2013

* Awoke after a decent (although broken) five hours of kip - feeling surprisingly nimble and perky.

* Put the kettle on - no dizzy spells, the angina had eased off, stomach balloon seemed a little  smaller, even the knees felt okay, the hernia no bother, and I felt mysteriously above average. Good start.

* The laptop was started, then the WC visited... blood, oh dear. You can't win em all you know.

* Made a cuppa, and morning medications taken.

* Then (no really!) I got the BT broadband internet to start first time, honestly!!

Made up me med's dosage pots - Twice!
* Ablutions tended to - change into togs, and over to see Margaret and Stew, taking their nibbles.
We had a chinwag, and then I went with Margaret to Lidl to get Stewart's shopping. big queues.
Got back with Stew's shopping, and realises Stew had missed sugar off of his shopping list. So I walked back and got two bags for him.

* Waked the Angel home, and then walked around the block and back to the hovel.

* Sorted me medication doses (cunningly in different coloured lidded pots for different dosage times), and racked and stacked em in readiness for use.
Then realised I'd missed out me Trentall Pentoxiflline for the early evening dosage - so had to check them all again and add to each pot. (I am a fool!).

Monday 18th February 2013

* Got some sleep again last night, broken, but it must have added up to five hours - very welcome that.

* Urgent mission accomplished on waking... I got to the WC just in time!

* Started laptop, made a cuppa, knocked me lamp off the stool, and paid another visit to the WC.

* Got laundry ready (two massive bags of), and set off to the launderette, feeding the dickies on the way.
Started the machines, then nipped to Lidl to get some softener (well it gives the staff someone to sneer at dunnit).

* Called in the chemist on the way back to confirm ht edate for me to pick up me prescriptions... got the standard 'Poor old fart' look as I did.
Hobbled on home, and sorted the togs, breaking a coat hanger in the process.

* Got Margaret's nibbles ready, and nipped over to Stew's to see her. (Stew is at the social centre this morning) Begag she looked so beautiful too! I don't know how she does it with all the work she does. Had a natter, and I left despondently to return to the flea-pit. 

* Feeling drained and tired, don't know why, I haven't done owt strenuous.

Tuesday 19th February 2013

Misty Mansfield Road this morning.
* Up just before 0500hrs, heap plenty sneezing - WC visit (bit of blood). Remembered I'd to walk to town and get bus to Morrison's Stables... I mean supermarket, started laptop (first time BT internet connection!), made cuppa.

* Took medications, and wrapped up warm for the walk into town.

* Bloomin' misty this morning, nippy too.

* Got in town and caught the bus out to Morrison's. Met Sister Jane and Brother-in-law Pete, did the shopping (got some roasting parsnips!), and Pete gave me a lift back to the bomb-site with the groceries.

* Had cheesey potatoes, garden peas, roasted parsnips and beetroot, followed by a yoghourt with lemon curd... by gum I live well!

* Chest and bladder pains started with a menacing tone - as I swapped medication pots I realised I had not actually taken this mornings dose. the tab's were still in the pot, although I'd taken the liquid med's and used the 'pain gel' supplied though.
I put this down to being a little excited at going out to meet Jane and Pete.
Suffering for it now.
Took halfway med's.

* So worked on some graphics for the SSH.

* Felt a bit peckish, so put some oven chips on for a snack... yes, the photo reveals all... again!
Managed to overboil me veg all over the stove as well, but did save the saucepan.
And six of the chips were still edible - well I sat edible, I ate em - a bit singed, hard and crispy in the extreme, but soaked in vinegar they were okay... well passable... I mean chronically hard and tasted of... I'm not sure.

* It's probably just a matter of time before I cremate myself along with me nosh one day soon... still it might save on funeral bills, he he!

* Made sure I took evening medications though.

Wednesday 20th February 2013

* Up just before 0600hrs - kettle and laptop on, to the WC (fair bit of blood I'm afraid [missed tablets?]).

* BT internet connection first time, but very very slow!

 Took morning medications.

* Abluted then went over to see Margaret and Stew. Had a nice chinwag, but Margaret in a bit if a rush to get to work to cover the extra matinees the Theatre Royal have put on to meet the demand from the fans for the 'Dirty Dancing' show now on.
She works so hard, and yet remains as attractive as ever.

* Walked her home, and sadly left her there, and returned to the hovel, where I did nothing really apart from make up extra, and tweak graphics on the laptop for use in making the SSH smudges.

*Evening medications taken, and I felt rather peckish - so carefully monitored myself as I put some potatoes in the oven, and veg in the the saucepan,
Determined not to burn anything this time, I remained in the kitchen while the food cooked, and then placed it on the plate on the tray - and returned to the other room (I only have one room and the kitchen), and put the TV on to watch a DVD 'Cracker' episode. sat with the tray on my knee and started to ingest the feast I'd prepared...
Realised I'd left me tea in the kitchen, I stood up to retrieve me brew...
As I placed the tray on the stool, I misjudged the distance a bit...
And watched as the plate slid off the tray, depositing the food in every available crevice on the floor...
My knees would not let me get up in time to prevent this catastrophe...
I swearing and frustration was proliferate and acute, and continued throughout my painful bending to clean up the mess.
Still, at least the plate didn't break eh?

Thursday 21st February 2013

* Up at around 0530hrs, laptop started, kettle on, and the WC visitation carried out (Blood again).

* Opened the BT browser and while I waited for it to open Chrome I brewed up, took me morning medications, drank the tea, passed wind a few times, and spotted a potato on the floor I'd missed last night, and visited the WC again.
By then BT had allowed the browser to open.
Peteypops - one of the smudges done today

* Got into enjoying doing some graphic smudges for the SSH.

* Ablutions, change of togs, WC, and then nipped over to see MArgaret and Stew - but no on e was in.
I assumed they had nipped down to Lidl to get some nosh in.

* I had to go on the front to get me medications from chemist, so called in Lidl first, but could not find them there.

* To chemist, who told me it was my yearly check up on things. So went into his office and we discussed the medications. (Was it really a year ago when I last did this? Time is ebbing away!)
I collected a bag of med's, and walked back to Stew's - where I found out they had been in the opposite direction in Sherwood.
Whilst nattering (as I tend to do nowadays), the medications were mentioned, and I went to get a Simvastin box out of the carrier bag to check if it should be taken AM or PM - there were none in the carrier!

* Back to the chemist - who after a while, brought me another bag of med's with the Simvastin, Warfarin and Rampiril tabs, that they had forgotten to give me. Bless em!

* Back to Stew's house, more chinwagging, then I walked Margaret home.

* Then on walk to Asda, to get some of the reduced Belgian chocolates for Margie.
The walk there usually takes just a little over half an hour. I decided to take a different route that I had not taken for months.
I arrived at Asda 1hr 10min's later.
They had blocked off some roads, and I had the enjoyment of back tracking several times and nearly getting lost en-route.

* They had sold out of the choc's, but I still spent too much on other stuff. And I had the pleasure of presenting myself as a target for the family shopping trolley being pushed by a mad ten-year old psychopathic child. The collision taking place near the Wines and Spirits section, and me on me hemorrhoids affected zone!

* I returned (hobbling in a slightly different fashion now) by the regular route, feeding the pigeons on the Forest.

* Managing to forget completely that I had bought a loaf from Asda, I called into Lidl and bought another one (Sad innit?).

* Back at the hovel, and a sudden tiredness overcame me, but the angina was stopping me nodding off for long.

Friday 22nd February 2013

* Up after an eventually decent but dream scattered night at 0450hrs. WC visit tended to, laptop started (with BT broadband connection first time!), chest pains not so good, piles bad, but other ailment behaving themselves - so a decent start to the day really. 

* Medicated and ablutionalised I went over to see Margaret and Stew for a chinwag. Fetched Stew some stuff from the Co-op, then walked Margie home.

* Spent all day on the laptop doing extra's and graphics to use later on SSH, and the chest pains got worse as the day went on. (Bother!)

Saturday 23rd February 2013

* Self-Pity Mode Engaged: What a horrible, horrible night. Sleep came for only a few minutes at a time, WC visits increased to seemingly every half hour, new pains in left side of chest joined the angina pains, coughing, headache, and the odd dizzy spell and stabbing hernia pains joined in too! Shivering a tad at times. Self-Pity Mode Disengaged.

* WC visit up the well worn carpet on the stairs (No blood), laptop started, cuppa made, medications taken including extra painkillers, updated this crap, WC visited, and on the way down I passed wind with such unexpected force and pain, I nearly lost me balance and tumbled down the stairs.

Sunday 24th February 2013

* Up around 0430hrs - refreshed! Slept much better, not claiming is was marvellous, but so much better. Yahoo!

* WC, medications, ablutions, and spent hours doing graphics - unfortunately I felt a little peckish and thought I'd put some oven chips and parsnips to cook to satisfy the urge.
Spent so long and involved in doing the graphics, I forgot about them... again! Phew!

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew. Margie not feeling very well.
I went on the front and got her a bottle of plonk and a cake to cheer her up.
Walked her home I hate leaving her.

* Got back to the dump and made a cuppa, and got back to doing me graphics (between trips to the WC!), for the SSH come 'Cafe Spike'. Take a look at it on Facebook if you like.

* Midday med's remembered!

* The nodding off sessions started again this afternoon, but they were interrupted with visits to the WC, and I took me med's.

* A bit drained for some reason.

Monday 25th February 2013

* Managed a few hours welcome kip. Up at 0400hrs - WC (mucho blood), kettle on, laptop on.

* Must remember to get me things ready for launderette later, and take me AM med's.

* Spent a few hours on progressing with a graphic I'm doing for Gaztop and the Cafe Spike lads to use. Taking ages, but I'm enjoying creating it. Must thank Skoob for all his efforts in getting the new site up and running for us all.

* Got laundry ready, and visited the launderette, and the nice lady who doesn't scowl at me.
Saw Stewart on the way out, getting his lift to the social centre and had a quick natter with him and the driver.

* Got back to the hovel-pit, and updated Gaz's smudge a bit more.

* Then went over see Margaret, and boy did she look desirable or what? Cor!
Had a chinwag, ogle, and wet dream while talking to her... again!
Nipped to the shops to get her some 'Gas' from the co-op.
Returned and we shared stories from our past.

 * Back to the flea-pit, WC (No blood this time), laptop on to do this update and the graphic work, made cuppa, and after only 20 minutes I found me reading glasses.

* Finally finished the GazShop graphic and posted it to the Cafe Spike site, and the SSH gallery.

* I was overtaken by fatigue, despite soing very little physical activity... must mention this to the quack on my nest visit.

* Took evening medications, and made a cuppa... by Gawd I live an exciting life...

Tuesday 26th February 2013

* Woke at 0400hrs, but unlike me, I remembered I'd got me marathon walk to the QMC for me Warfarin level tests - and drifted back to sleep.

* Re-awoke at 0640hrs - to the WC (much blood), stubbing me big toe again en route, made a cuppa, laptop on to check for any urgent emails. (As if, Tsk!)

* I considered claiming a record for 'Early morning Toe Stubbing whilst half asleep in Nottingham'.
Wonder if the Guinness Book of Records has such a category?

* WC (little blood), Cuppa, med's, ablutions, and off on the walk to the QMC.

* Made it in good time, about 1hr 20mins.
Got ticket and was called in 20 seconds later to be 'done'.

Having only just arrived from me walk - the vein took ages to stop bleeding afterwards, as I sat there in me Heil Hilter salute position waiting.

* Caught the bus to town, then bus to Carrington and called in at Stew's as I passed, but no answer.

* Got in and made a super nosh of potatoes, parsips, cooked beetroot, tomatoes, and peas. Followed by some honeynut flakes.

* Then the weariness suddenly came again, and I nodded and dozed on and off, feeling unwell really for a few hours.

Wednesday 27th February 2013

One of today's smudges inspired by CJ on the SSH site
* What an 'orrible night - wicked dream filled escapades filled painful periods from the sternum and chest, and breathing a bit bothersome.
Having said that, when I got up at 0530hrs to go to the WC (blood) in the cold. came down and made a cuppa to have with me medications - the confusion cleared a little, started the laptop, and I felt okay?

* Still felt tired despite just getting up though.
Took med's.

* Did plenty of graphics and added them to SSH site, Facebook galleries, and hard 

* Breathless a bit despite doing nothing physical, this stayed with me all day, and then the coughing started... oh dear!

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew a little later than usual due to involvement in graphic making.
Margie looked wonderful again, and Stew was on form verbally with some cutting insults.
Had a walk to get Stew some sugar and TV papers, and stawberries for Margaret.

* Back at Stew's I found that Margie had gone home before I returned, so gave the fruit to Stew. Still a bit breathless and blowing hard.

* Got on with more graphics in readiness for the lads to use (if needed) when the Cafe Spike site is up and running. The other ex-spoofers all seem to be taking over some aspect of the planning and layout. Skoob is working his docks off.
Makes me feel a bit inadequate not doing anything other than smudges, but they and I, cannot rely on my being available, capable, or well enough to perform any dated or time related tasks, shame really. Makes me feel a bit pathetic in my so called contributions.

* Had some potato waffles and a pasty for supper - well I say that, what I should have said to be correct, was I burnt some waffles, then ate a pasty for supper. Tsk! 

* Proper tiredness overcame me, but sleep did not want to come until late in the morning, but I did get some kip.

Thursday 28th February 2013

* Up at 0600hrs (Coughing and breathing heavily?) WC (No blood), feeling  a bit low again, made cuppa, took med's and updated this crap Diary of Woe.

* Did some more smudged and posted them.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, took 'em some nibbles, asked if they wanted anything fetching.

* Walked into town and caught the right bus to Mansfield.
Arrived and walked to shops, got a few bargains from B&M.

* Angina bothersome today.

* Managed to have me nosh without burning anything today.

* Did a bit of work on graphics.

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