Friday, 1 March 2013

Diary of Woe - March 2013

Friday 1st March 2013

* Not a good start to the month, but I've had worse, so no moans really.
Bad nights kip again, woke up coughing, chest pains, wheezing, legs swollen, and feeling a bit down. Tsk!

* When I opened the disintegrating curtains, I noticed signs of the usual local activity on the road and pavement outside, pile of sick, broken ale bottle, wiper pulled off of a parked car, and a fence damaged. All normal here in chirpy friendly social Carrington then this morning.

* I thought about my Canadian cyber pal teacher, and hoped he and his family were going to enjoy the summer months. No idea what made me think of him at that precise moment (0735hrs).

* WC (no blood), made cuppa, took medications, then turned off the oven from last night.

* Oh dear, the stomach is playing up now... or is it the angina, hard to tell sometimes.

* I'll do some graphics for the SSH gallery (I'm getting addicted, well Gaz and CJ have use some of them.

* Margaret knocked at the door, she could got get a hold of Stew. and telephone her. He's had the lock changed yesterday, and they were due to go into town today to go to the opticians. She thought he might have gone with his neighbour?
I said I'd get dressed and nip over to try and find something out.
Got changed and a quick rinse, and started to walk over to Stew's, as I went through the gate, I trod on a stone and realised I'd got me slippers on!

* Returned to the flea-pit and changed into me shoes.

* By the time I'd got over the road again, (Stew had overslept [sounds like heaven to me!])
Margie had arrived again, and Stew had given her a new door key. All sorted.

* Walked Margaret home, and got back to making some artwork for the Cafe Spike and SSH sites.
Spent the whole day doing them on and off. But remembered me medications each time.

* No burnt food or pans today. (Although it was close!)

* The angina seemed a little easier today.

Saturday 2nd March 2013

* Woke up to almost musical tones of my coughing. WC, medications, and started graphics for SSH site.

* Chest and stomach pains bothersome somewhat. The wind releases continue at their own rate and pungency.

* Email from Cyber-friend in Canada today, I must reply tomorrow when I feel a bit better, don't like sending out depressing news. 

* Got a little involved again in doing spare items for graphics and was late going over to see Margaret and Stew.
So late, that Margie had been and gone and I missed her. (Damnations!).

* Had a walk into town, it was surprisingly warm. Caught bus out to Morrisons to try and get some Pickled pork pies, bread, and cheapo Veg curry. I got the bread.

* Bus back to town, and called in at the Pound Shop to get some bird seed.
I thought it was Christmas or something, the amount of people around.

* Caught the bus back to Carrington, and as I alighted the knee gave way, and I went down on the other one... much to the amusement of the little gang of apprentice yobs who gave me a round of applause and cheers?
No injuries apart from me pride - not that I have much left of that nowadays anyway.

* Once back at the bomb-site, WC just in time, made a nosh and cuppa, and the weariness overcame me again, and I think I did nothing apart from watch a DVD, take me med's and fall into and out-off kip. Oh dear.

Sunday 3rd March 2013

* Up around 0540hrs - feeling a bit perkier than of late.
The sleep had been riddled with dreams as usual, but they seemed to be of a slightly less bothersome nature. (Not that I can remember any details from them).

* Up to the WC (No blood - good), laptop on, cuppa made, and medications taken.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, had dizzy spell on the way over.

They were getting ready to go shopping , so I went with them. Unfortunatley walking so slow to keep along with Stew, started the knees off.

* At Lidl more dizzy spells and confusion.
Walking back, I had the need of the WC urgently, so took the door keys from Stew, and went ahead with the shopping trolley and used his WC.

* They arrived, and I helped Margaret as best I could to put his nosh away.
The need for a heavy duty WC visit arose, and I went back to the hovel-pit.

* A weariness and fatigue came over me, and I did nothing but sit in the chair nodding occasionally. Bit preturbing this, so early in the day.

* No more dizzy spells though.

Monday 4th March 2013

* Woke up late still feeling tired. Drained a bit.

* Kettle on, WC, laptop started to do some work on Desert graphics for thje SSH lads who might just want to use one of them when they get going on Cafe Spike.

* After half an hour I found me spectacles behind the pile of medications - naturally, don't know why I didn't look there in the first place. Tsk!

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew. The council people were there, just finishing taking the details so they could fit an intruder/panic alarm in his flat for him.
Stew was not very responsive to me, as he was concerned with some work he had to have done to allow the system to be fitted. Margaret had it all in hand and was sorting it out for him.

*Walked Margaret home and had a natter and cuddle, and I went to go to the GP surgery to book an appointment. (Unfortunately I met and spoke to a chap I'd not seen for ages, and forgot about the GP). Huh!

* Diligently I created some smudges (graphics) as is my passion, then the bovy and mind again felt like they were disintegrating, and weariness overcame me once again, and depression took  hold a little.

* Sleep was slow to come again.

Tuesday 5th March 2013

* Bit better night thank heavens - WC and no blood - Didn't stub me toe on anything this morning (up to now) - remembered me medications, and BT broadband started first time... amazing but worrying... things going right? Sends a shudder through me veins when things go right for me!

* WC, cuppa and medications taken. Finished off the Court graphic and posted it. Well pleased with it, I hope one of the lads can find a use for it.

* Went over to Stews, then fetched TV mags for Margie him and myself from the shop.
Gag a natter when I got back, and Margaret said that Stew could not get any of his [owdered milk from Lidl. they had stopped selling it. Told them I'd go to Asda and try to get some and drop it off for him in the morning.

* Set off on a walk to Asda, after much hobbling (ankles and knees not too good) searching for own label or Marvel milk powder, I found a member of staff and asked where they were situated. She told me they no longer sell them. (same as Lidl???)

* Hobbled on another half mile to the Aldi store, to be told the same story???

* Painfully limped to B&M store - where they had only 3 tubs left, so I bought them for Stew. Wonder what's going on over the shortage?
Got some bits for myself.

* Then had to walk all the way back to Carrington, regretting offering to help in the first place now.
Got back to the hovel, well wearied and aching somewhat.
WC, then made a brew, and watched Heartbeat.

* Did some graphic work, but dizzy spells prevented concentration for very long.

Wednesday 6th March 2013

* Bad night I'm afraid for kip and pains.
And got up to misty cold morning, and very cold bathroom... Brrr!

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew after three WC visits, taking me medication, and finishing a graphic. Took Stew his powdered milk (he did noit pay me - Swine!), had a gossip and walked Margie home, then set off tp the GP top book an appointment, but by the time I'd got to the end of the road I'd forgot! Walked into town in the nippy air, and managed to get Stew some more milk from Tesco in the Victoria centre, and a box of chocs for Margaret.
She's mad about me yer know.. she didn't hit me or tell me off at all today!
Went on to the 99p shop and dome dome nibbles for the medical and laundry gals.

* Once back at the crumbling home, once again I felt drained, so did very little, but I did manage to do some work on graphics for the Cafe Spike.

Thursday 7th March 2013

* What a morning! Flippin' 'eck and by gum it was...
WC visits rampant
Med's taken late
Decided as I felt okay, to take out some bags of rubbish to the bins, the first bag burst as I was taking out the door, and I was trying to keep quiet in case the neighbours were still akip - that was when I realised the cat had got in the house, I knew as soon as I trod on her tail as I went in to get the brush and pan - which with the bending, started off the sternum and angina pains. Tsk!
Still it didn't cause her too much bother, as she engaged in her 'I need food' camapign ommediatly  after her howl must have woke anyone up within 100 yards!
The laptop... well, no BT connection so went through the usual rigmarole of resetting, rebooting, checking leads etc, and got connected an hour or so later - only for the computer to freeze... battery put, power off, restart in safe mode (no idea what I was doing at this point), but eventually it came back on - without internet connection - after going through it all again, I realised I'd loosened the connection plug thingy when I took out the battery.  (Oh dear oh dear, whatta da plonker!).
The cat settled in the chair, and I moved onto the stool.

*Some three hours after my initial attempt to get on the web - I was there!

* Abluted, and won the fight with the cat to get her out (no injuries to either party this time - although it was close at times).

* Went over to take Stew his extra milk powder, and Margaret her choccies and nibbles - but no one was in! (Tsk!)

* Had a walk around the block and fed the birds, then returned half hour later to Stew's - no one in again.

* Took a poddle down to the shops to see if they were in Lidl or about. They were not, but I was tempted to buy more unneeded food again.

* Walked back and tried Stew's again - no luck.

* On the way back to the hovel I noticed some graffiti written on the back of a van in the dirt.
It read "Valeted by Stevie Wonder"
I thought that was a bit witty to say the least... eh?

* Continuing my day of extreme woes - I started the laptop, put some parnips in the oven, and warmed up me veg stew on a low light, then spent a while encouraging the BT internet link to start. After which - "Oh dear" I thought, "Me nosh!" I limped into the kitchen expecting burnt offerings again - then turned the cooker on!

* Did no end of graphics today, but I'm feeling rotten at the moment - so if anything happens untoward to me like, don't fret about it, blame Cameron fpr me will yer. (Hehehe)

* Drained, made a cuppa, and sat down to feel sorry for myself...

Friday 8th March 2013

* Not a good night, when it was time to get up my body decided to cease its resistance to sleep. (Tsk")

* Laid me morning medications out to check if I was taking the right dosages against the paperwork - seems I am doing right.

* WC (no blood), cuppa, and took morning med's. Wind from the rear seems a bit violent this morning, however wind from the stomach seems easier? I'm confused.

* The letters on me laptop computer are fading fast, as you can see in the photo of me morning medications - in which I missed off the Aludrox bottle. Just wouldn't be me if I got something right first time. (Eh eh eh)

* Dizzy spells still with me a little more frequent than of late - I must go to GP and make appointment later today.

* Did some smudges for the SSH gallery.

* Went over to see Stew and Margaret, had a good chinwag which I enjoyed. Popped down the shops to get stuff for Margaret, saves her a bit of walking and time, and made me feel to be of a little use for once.

* Walked Margaret home, then fed the birds on the way back to the dump.

* Then as I turned the corner into my road, I saw a sign for 'Breakfast Tray's' at £3 outside the local and only English takeaway food shop in the area.
Although naughty, I purchased a tray - beans, tomatoes, bacon, sausage and an egg! By gum it were good.

* After evening med's the usual feeling of disintegration took a hold and I did nothing but listen to the radio and tv in between nodding off.

Saturday 9th March 2013

* Decent night for sleep, think I managed 4 hours on and off. Up at 0500hrs, laptop started, WC visitatiion (no blood), medications consumed and this tosh updated.

* Managed to finish a few graphics for the SSH/Cafe Spike lads and posted 'em.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew - but nobody in.
Had a walk around the area to see if they were out shopping anywhere, but did not see them. Called into Lidl to get two bananas, tin of potatoes, bottle of bleach and some oven chips. You see, being on yer own has its benefits dunnit. Not so much shopping to lug home for a start.

* Called briother-in-law Pete while I was out, but could not understand what he was saying on the mobile oroperly.

* Called at Stew's on way back to the health-hazard, but still no one in. (Tsk!)

* Pastie, tin pot's, garden peas, parsnips and beetroot for nosh today - by gum I live well!

* Did a bit more work on graphics.

Sunday 10th March 2013

* Decent night again, but woke up with dizzy spells, that soon cleared.

* WC a few times, cuppa took medications, and got onto Cafe Spike's graphics, managed to post a few.
* Abluted, and came down to get ready to go over to see Margaret and Stew - after a search for the left hearing aid was eventually successful. I found it nestled in me woolly hat? (I don't know either)
* Popped over to see Margie and Stew, had a nice chinwag for a while, then walked Margaret home, sadly leaving her yet again, I had a walk around the block in the bitterly cold wind and snow trying it's best to fall.

* Do tired, did nothing after doing some graphics.

Monday 11th March 2013

* The night of a thousand does's. (So it seemed anyway) I think I had a dream every time I dropped off for a few minutes, but can I remember 'em? No.

* No WC visits during the night at all. but once they started on my getting up, they became a regular pattern within my rather pitiful daily life once again.

* The dizzies were with me again this morning. Made cuppa, started laptop, WC  again, took medications, passed much wind from the throat and rear-end, feeling so cold I took a peep out of the door, to see a little snow had fallen.

* Google informed me it was currently -4ºc. I just don't know how the fold in places like Canada manage, I think they are on -13ºc in Winnepeg.

* My Angel Margaret called, to tell me that she had been to Stewarts, although he had failed to go to the social centre, was not opening the door, so might be still in bed, she would let me know later, she was going and would ring me when she found anything out.
During which 'Cloe' Stew's cat bolted in the door. In weather like this I just can't turn the thing out can I?

* I went to the bathroom for a tinkle and got myself decently abluted.

* Then went over to see Stew. No answer to the knocking, tried the door and it was open (unlocked).

* Called out, and went through to find him sleeping so peacefully in bed, checked he was breathing, and left him in peace, he looled so angelic despite the reaping snoring. Called Margaret to let her know, and she came round in a few minutes, and Stew arose into the world.

* We had a chinwag that must have lasted 2⅝ minutes or so.

* Went to the chemist for him, then returned he had gone back to bed, then I walked Margie home, taking the above photo on the cold-windy corner near the church.

* Popped into the Tesco-charge-you-much-more little shop on Huckhall Road and got some milk and special offer lemon tarts.

* Got back in the hovel and lost the fight to get the chair with the cat. So, back on the stool for me.

 * Blimey, the snow's coming now,  fine stuff belting along in the high winds... hang on I'll take a photo...

" Gorrit!
Stew's place in the background across from my flea-pit door wot I took the photo from like innit! His mobility scooter and ammunition shed is clearly in view.

* No chance now of putting the cat out in this weather... I just haven't the heart to... and she's giving me black threatening looks as well. as she snuggles into me chair...

* Had a wonderful nosh today (eaten on me knee off a tray due to the fact that I haven't got room for a table cause of all the rubbish I've gathered over the years, and the felines occupation of the only easy chair). Pastie, roast potatoes and parsnips, and curried beans. I would have had some cooked beetroot with it but forgot I'd got some. AND... nothing burnt! Yahooo!

* Back to me graphics/Smudges for the Cafe Spike lads. Must remember to sort out me stuff for the two hospital visits in the morning. (Hope they do not keep me in this time).

Tuesday 12th March 2013

* After another broken-sleep night, during which I had the pleasure of supplying my rather cuddly stomach as a pillow for Chloe the cat, when I tried to stand up - the pain in the ball of my left foot was excruciating to say the least, every time I tried to put it on the floor.
Already hobbling from the arthritis in the knees (the hands were a lot better this morning).  I adopted a new limping routine that is rather painful, having to walk with olacing the toes down only on the left foot.
Thought it might ease after a bit (not knowing what had caused it in the first place), it hasn't eased yet after an hour or so of getting up.
Struggled up to the WC, and struggled back down again, made a cuppa, got medications ready, started the laptop and filled in the Warfarin sheet.
No chance of taking my marathon walk to the QMC today - I'll have to wait until the bus pass becomes accepted after 0930hrs, and get two buses there. And there is a thin layer of snow on the ground, and -3 temperature... Tsk!
I'd already got two appointments this morning, Warfarin level test and Dermatology - now it looks like I'll have to go see someone about me new left foot agony.
I suppose it might be the blood flow problems? They should show up on the Warfarin tests perhaps? I don't know.

* Having no Margaret to visit today, gives me a bit more time, and having to wait to use the buses, I did a bit of work of the Cafe Spike smudges.

* Set off on walk to town to catch the bus to the hospital.
Walking on the foot was bad to start with, but actually eased the further I went? By the time I arrived in town, although still painful, the foot was within my pain threshold?

* Arrived at the QMC, and went to the Dermatology dept desk - the appointment had been put back to July? They said they had written to me with the details. I gave them my email address again, and they said they'd pass them ion to me.

* Walked to the other side of the complex, and went to the Heamatology for Warfrarin tests. The ticket machine was out of action, so this slowed them down a bit, not that it mattered to me of course.
When called in, a brick-outhouse but nurse snarled "Name and date of birth" - but it sounded more like "Nun antworten Sie jetzt auf meinen fragen, nennen Sie und Geburtsdatum untermensch!"
After she'd rushed through taking the blood, before I'd got me coat back on, she's ushered the next patient into the chair with a sneer that was as near fatal as any I've ever seen.
I handed her the bag of nibbles that I usually take for the girls.
She reluctantly turned her upper lip into an imitation smile, and said "Oh thank you very much..."

* I escaped (relieved) into the forecourt and caught the bus back to town, wondering if my mate Gaz was looking for any enforcers in the Sussex area, she's have been perfect I'm sure.

* In town I popped into Tesco to see if they had any of their own label lemon air spray... they didn't.

* I caught the wrong bus back to the hovel, so had a bit of a walk home from the bus stop - a good test to see how me foot was doing, it had stiffened up a bit during the bus ride which I had to squash me legs into a small space, due to it being the only one available on the bus.
Huh! Now the knees are starting to play up... Tsk!

* Knock at the door around 1900hrs. By the time I'd stirred from me nodding off and heard it, and encouraged me knees and foot to let me get up to answer it, they had left a leaflet and gone.
It was from the Safer Neighbourhood Police Community Officer, informing me of another burglary that had taken place across the road on Monday twixt 1245 - 0200hrs. Asking if I had seen anything suspicious at the time.

Wednesday 13th March 2013

* Decentish sleep last night. WC, cuppa and medications. Then sat for a bit considering my contributions, or lack of, to the Cafe Spike site. I seem able to do the smudges okay, but am concerned about my lack of concentration in creative writing nowadays. I think (rightly) that they are looking for a more professional input for this site. I know I was at my limit a while ago, and my lack of education does ruin some of my efforts.
I know that other lads could produce better more professional smudges than I do, but they need time to concentrate on their writing, where I cannot  match any of their efforts, so maybe they will let me continue with the smudges. The fun horoscope are not really what is needed for the new site I think.
But I love the contact with others, and will miss it sadly if I cannot contribute something.
I do not have the confidence nowadays.

* No snow this morning, but folk passing the window have muffled themselves up, so it might still be cold/windy out there. According to me Google, it's going to be -5c tonight.

* Margaret called, she was going to see Stew in hospital, and take him some gear, and find out the situation with him. He's taken a fall in the bathroom yesterday and has been in overnight.
I said I'd have me dinner and them come over and we could go together.

* I put some potato waffles under the grill, and made some cobs - then thought I'd try and get the cat out ready to go to Margaret.
That proved to be a longer job than anticipated. See Photo. TsK!

* Went over the road, and we went to see Stew in the QMC hospital.
You'll notice in the photo wot I took, Stew, despite his diet sheets and advice, had a wormed a stock of biscuits and choc bars from the staff!

* We had a chinwag, and it transpired they wanted to keep him in overnight to check his condition in the morning. If they are releasing him (I bet he takes any uneaten chocolate home with him), they would ring Margaret and inform her, she would let me know, and I could go along and help carrying back his gear.

* Got back to Carrington, and I walked Margaret home, poor thing has a shift at the Theatre Royal tonight, what a beautiful trooper she is.

* No sign of Stew's cat, so I assume she had attacked some other home of hers on the street.

* Did some work on the laptop, but not for long, as tiredness overcame me again..

Thursday 14th March 2013

* Slept a bit better lasr night, I suppose all the running about yesterday helped.

* WC, cuppa, laptiop on, and medications taken.

* Cloe the cat was admitted into the house, after I'd had a word with her about her taking up the only chair in the place, and not wanting to give it up.
Fed her, went to the WC and came down to find her akip in the chair.

* Finished of some graphics for the SSH and Comrades gallery and posted them. Hopefully when the Cafe Spike gets going the lads might use some of them with their stories. The 'beta' site is looking good Cafe Spike site
The lads who are creating it have done a fine job, and I appreciate their efforts and time spent on it for us all.

* Waiting to hear from Margaret after she phones hospital to see if Stewart needs collecting today.

* Realised that the cat food was getting low, on the last one. And with Stew in the hospital. Chloe would need feeding.
So I went to Bulwell to try and get some of the nosh I know she likes. (Fussy bitch!).

* Got some fodder for Chloe from Bulwell, and some potatoes and curried beans for myself.

* After getting back to the bomb-site and Chloe and me having a nosh, she exited the premises not to be seen again all day and night.
Rang Margaret to see if she had any news about Stew.
Then I felt the weariness come upon me, and did nothing but sit awaiting sleep to overtake me.

Friday 15th March 2013

* Up around 0500hrs after a messy night for sleep. WC, cuppa, laptop on, med's taken, WC, and some new blotches appearing on my hands.

* -4c, Brrr!, knees not too bad at all, hands/fingers fair, angina 'orrible, wind-ball acceptable, and no dizzies up to now.

* Managed some Cafe Spike smudges.

* Was getting ready abluting in the bathroom to go over to see my Angel Margaret, and my mobile went - I'd taken it up with me in case Margie rang about Stewart. 
"Hello Angel" I says - then realised it was me brother-in-law Pete, who I'd forgotten was calling to help me out with some insurance paperwork and phone calls - felt such a fool calling him Angel and forgetting his arrival.
Told him I had just abluted and was about to get me togs on ASAP and would be down shortly.
Have you ever watched a 65 year old plump dodgy ticker, angina, arthritis and wind ball sufferer try to get into his long-johns in a hurry?
And the noises that emanate from such a struggle... "Arghh, Ohh, Ow, Bo**ocks, Argh, Huh, **ackers, Shit, Ooooh, (panting) Agagag, uh... got yer yer little ******** "
Followed by the struggle to get into the other leg of long johns.....
Not a pretty sight - painful yes!

* Pete sorted me out and I felt more confident about the proceedings. Bless him.

* Popped over to maul cuddle and pine over Margaret. She informed me that Stewart was being kept in the hospital until they could identify what it was that was making him have his tumbles. I was to wait for her call in the morning, and we could go and see/collect him.

* Went to Bulwell on the buses and got some more cat food for Stew's Chloe, Potatoe fingers for Margaret, nibbles for Stewart, and curried beans for myself.

* Chloe was waiting for me, and she dined well, and took over the only chair in the house as she settled down.

* I joined her in the chair later, she makes an excellent hot-water bottle on me stomach and chest. She adopted a new sleeping position with her arse almost up me nose...?

* No chance of any sleep, I turned on the TV, and Chloe moved position so she could watch the screen. As I changed the channel from 'Cops' to watch 'Law and Order UK' she showed her displeasure with her claws in my groin - I turned the TV back to 'Cops', and she stopped digging them into me?

* No burnt edible substances today!

Saturday 16th March 2013

* 0200hrs, Chloe awoke - I never got to sleep - and demanded she be let out, my pleasure, she shot off into the early morning darkness, and I eventually managed to get some kip.

* Up and at em around 0730hrs, WC, cuppa, Medications, WC, laptop on, emails tended to, WC... it's going to be a WC day I can tell.

* Got involved doing some Cafe Spike stuff on Coreldraw and has to nip rather sharpishly up to get myself abluted.

*Went over to see Margaret, someone to talk to and cuddle can do more for you than medicine you know.
Stew is being kept in, and she is going to see him, and I'll go with her tomorrow is he is still in.

* Walked Margie home, and then to Lidl to get some bits, and offer myself for be scowled at by the staff... well you have to help where you can don't you?

* Marvelous nosh when I got back to the flea-pit. Pasty, potatoes and curried beans! And I'd like to add, unburnt! Mind you I did drop another plate, Tsk!

Sunday 17th March 2013

Jane and Pete with my favourite two of their cats
* WC, med's, did dome smudges and newsboard stuff, got ready to go to my sister's for advice on me confusing pension letter I'd received.

* Walked into town, during which the dizzies made an appearance again. Huh! The knees were not too bad, the hands fair, angina ever present as usual, and the foot much much easier this morning.
But I was puffing a bit more than usual when I got to the bus-stop to catch bus to Sisters.

* Jane and Peter were very helpful and had drafted a letter for me to sign and sent to the CIS. 
Margaret called while I was there, and Pete had to help again as my hearing was not up to it for  some reason. Stew has been taken to intensive care with kidney problems, and no visitors today, but Margie will ring in the morning then get in touch to inform me. Poor Stewart, hope all will go well. I'll try to visit if they let me tomorrow.
A cuppa and a chat followed which I enjoyed  very much, then they sorted the times of the buses going back to town (one an hour) and I said my thanks and farewells and walked to the bus stop - just as the rain started. Tsk!
* Pangs of hunger overtook me on hte bus to town, and I began thinking of me pasty, chips, gravy and baked bean meal in advance.

* Walked through town and got the second bus back to the dump. Being St Patrick's day, we were delayed for about 3/4 hour while the parade marched down Mansfield Road to the slab square.

* Got in eventually, but no Chloe (Stew's cat) around, I imagine she had taken over another house to keep dry and warm.

* The usual fatigue set in around 1600hrs.

Monday 18th March 2013

* 'Orrible nights sleep, the chest pains kept on waking me every time I tried to nod off - took some extra codeine tablets. And the dizzies appeared a few times despite the fact that I was sat back in the chair.

* Up later than usual, WC, cuppa medications, and refilled me medication pots with morning and evening dosages, WC, ablutions, and another cuppa, laptop on to do this crap.

* I hope I can visit Stew later, I'll ring Angel Margaret to find out later.

* No visitors allowed today. Oh dear.

Tuesday 19th March 2013

* Gawd the bloody angina this morning, not good at all.

* WC, laptop on, cuppa, medications (realising I'd missed my night ones last night... Twit! I'll suffer later for that), and SSH forum.

* Not good at all today, angina, dizzies and bladder problems letting me know they are they. Tsk!

* I hope they will let me visit Stew today, I'll pop over to see Margaret later and get an update on his situation.

* Went over to see the pulchritude emanating Margaret.

She was doing Stew's washing, she rang the hospital to see how Stew was going on.
They informed her that he had been sedated - so anyone going to see him, he would not be aware of, and the drugs would take a couple of days at least to wear off. but his BP was normal.
So no point in visiting him today she said.
She had found a form that had been filled in and should have been returned to the Benefits office - I said I would take a walk into town and hand it in.
Chloe the cat was still confused with no Stewart being there.

*I'd had some more mail from the CIS, and rang Pete to tell him, he was in Morrisons shopping, so I begged him to get two tins of Morrisons value vegetable curry for me, and I'd pick em up next time I called at his mansion.

* A cuddle with Margie, and off I went on me walk to town. Weather good, knees good too!

* Arrived at the library/benefits office and explained at the counter why I had visited them. The very patient lady (with my bad hearing) gave me a ticket and sent me into another large office to sit and await the number being called.

A couple of dizzies while I was there, but they cleared up quickly.
As luck had it, it took only ten minutes waiting, and I was being tended to. (And boy do I need tending to! Hehe)
The lady gave me a copy of the visit details, and I went for a walk around the city centre. Got some cash from the ATM, and visited the pound shop for bird seed, kitchen towels and some nibbles for the medical staff and Margaret.

* Nearly caught the 89 bus back to the flea-pit, but it pulled out just as I drew level with the door...

Moved on to get another bus home, and Chloe the cat was waiting for me, as i opened door, she shot in and meowed in the vicinity of where she usually get fed. She guzzled down the pack of kit-kat, and took over the occupancy of the only chair in the house, giving me her well developed 'You just try and move me pal!' look.
So I sat on the stool at the window to do me computing.

* Thought the mobile was ringing, so got it out of me bag - but no missed calls or messages? Realised it was a car alarm on the street. Took a careful look outside, the poor buggers drivers door had been smashed. Started early tonight, no signs of the local yobbery around.

* Tip for a nice meal:

Tin of vegetable curry - with roasted parsnips, wholemeal bread followed by some Pound Shop 2 pkts for £1 Cadbury's cookies and a cuppa. That was the plan anyway.
Roast parsnip 'Al La Chambers style
Tip on doing the parsnips. Make sure the oven is fully heated to 220 degrees before placing the parsnips on a mesh tray for twenty minutes, then add them to the saucepan of vegetables, and keep warming for another twenty minutes on a very low heat. Beautiful!
That is if you do not forget about the parsnips in the oven.

* Got some wonderful help in sorting out the laptop from Gaztop. Hope this stops Coreldraw from freezing, will find out in the morning when I boot it up.

* Felt well drained again, and settled down with the permission of Stew's cat, with her nestled on me stomach. Actually fell asleep proper for a couple of hours with her body heat like a hot water bottle.

* Woke, and fed Chloe and made myself a cuppa.

* No more sleep for me, but watched DVD.

* Chloe, demanded some more nosh. That was when I realised as the pungent familiar aroma of burning fodder infiltrated me nostrils, that I'd forgotten about the flaming (literally) parsnips in the oven! (Tsk, blow, bother and sod me again!)

* Fed the cat, and then she indicated her wish to be released from the premises... no doubt to meet her paramour.

* Tried to get some kip again, but no.

Wednesday 20th March 2013

* Got a couple of dream filled hours kip at last. Up around 0530hrs, WC, laptop started, WC, cuppa made, aroma of burnt parsnips still lingering strongly, WC, and medications taken.

* Glad to report that the laptop started quicker than usual this morning, after Gaz had led me though the processes of cleaning it up.

Opened Coreldraw, and the Microsoft Explorer did not need reloading.
looking good thanks to Gaz's help and guidance.

* Ailments seem easier this morning, other than the wind ball excreting air from both ends seemingly continuously. Bloody good job I live on me own.

* Got the laundry ready, extra load today as I missed least week because of visiting Stew.

Two mega bags full, and off I waddled strugglingly to the launderette in the snow.
Fed the pigeons en-route.

* The snow stopped and turned into rain on my visit. The driers tool over £3 to get the things dry enough.

* Packed me bags and walked back to the crumbling roofed house.

* Met by Chloe, who dashed in and stood defiant near her bowl demanding to be fed - so I fed her. 

* Now this bit true I say!
As I started to foolioshky attemot to carry both bags of washing upstairs, I said to the cat: "If you hear a rimbling noise it will be me falling down the stairs!"

On about the forth stair... yes... I fell backwards down the stairs and fell on the ironing board taking all the stuff on it on me visit to the floor.

I laid amongst the sauce bottles, vinegar bottle, spilled bird seed, hearing aid bag, rubbish bin and broken plates.
Me chest and back was painful, and I felt a bit dizzy.
Now as luck would have it, I had me mobile phone in me pocket - so called Angel Margaret, and she came around.
Proper job on trying to get myself up again, with Margaret's help.
No serious injuries though, just the sternum and lower back pains remain with me. (Huh - twit!)
Felt improved, and Margaret went home to continue her work, after I'd cuddled and thanked her profusely. Took some extra pain-killers.

* Walked to the shops (well I say shop, it was Lidl), and got some bread, tomatoes and potatoes. The girl on the checkout must have been new, she didn't scowl or turn her nose up at me, gave me the right change, and said thank you!

* Walked back to the hovel, and put potatoes, parsnips in oven, and started to warm up the leftover stew from yesterday.

* Started laptop and it started quicker than usual thanks to the Gaz-given advice wot I followed last night.

Thursday 21st March 2013

* Up around 0600hrs after another bad night.

* Went over to see Margaret at Stew's, had a natter and fondle.

Pete rang and arranged for me to meet him Saturday at 1010hrs at the Vic centre clock.
I thought it was Friday today, so left Margie so as to get things ready that I had to take with me before I forgot. Tsk!

* Chest and back pains persistent today, breathing a bit extreme.

* Did a bit of shopping, and spent the rest of the day doing Cafe Spike smudges and SSH.

* Concentration not too bad.

Friday 22nd March 2013

* Managed s period of two hours kip on the trot. Broken ten minute periods filled the rest of the night. Up at 0500hrs. WC (much blood), laptop started, cuppa made, and medications taken.

* Finished some ideas for Inoffensive Ivan, and posted them.

* Ventured out to look for Stew's cat Chloe - and noticed that the snow had descended once again... nice that.

* Got a phone call from brother-in-law Pete, wanting to know where I was. He was in Vic Centre waiting for me to arrive for our meeting - Shit, bother and what a pratt I am!

I realised how the (my) misunderstanding had came about. 
Yesterday, not unusual for me, I'd got the days mixed up when he called and made the arrangements - I thought it was Friday and not Thursday. So when I wrote myself a note to remind me, I put Saturday as the day to meet him.

* I hurried and got ready, and caught the bus into town to meet him.

We called at the EE shop and I got a new mobile with his help, A Doro model that was good and loud with bigger letters.

* Had a natter with Pete, and he showed me a short cut through the centre to take to catch my bus back to the dump.

* The waterworks started when I got home, which were so bad, I abandoned the idea of trying to get up the stairs in time at all, and the bucket was adopted for use for the rest of the day.

* The drained/tired feeling overcame me earlier today.

Saturday 23rd March 2013

* Up at 0500hrs, snow outside. 
Heavy duty visit to the WC (No blood), laptop started, cuppa. medications taken.
However, another disappointing discovery was made when I got up to the bathroom - yesterday morning in the hurry to get our to meet Pete - I'd left the heater and water heaters on. Tsk!

* Could not get access to the SSH forum pages. Told to sign in, but the screenname was not accepted? I Emailed Gaztops for advice.

* Snow proper deep now.

* Margaret rang to etll me she was coming over - her voice said it all.

Stewart had passed away in the hospital - he was on oxygen, and they decided to cut it off. He had no chance of recovery they thought.
Poor Stew never awoke from the induced sleep and the treatment (Kidney failure) had no affect.
I pray for him, but thank heaven he is no longer suffering... Bless him.

Sunday 24th March 2013

* Up 0500hrs, WC, cuppa laptop on, and tried to get into SSH gallery, but not letting me. Sent message to ask Cliveypops and Gaztops for assistance/advice - now the laptop will not let me sign on messenger....?

* Took med's, then started to create some Ivan graphics, and Coreldraw froze again - Huh!

* Called Angel, and she was at Stew sorting things. Went over to see her, she's busy and has a split shift at the Theatre Royal. We tried to console each other. I popped down in the snow to get her some gas on her card. I like it when I can be of use, especially to Margaret.

* Did some work on graphics, and emailed Gaz for advice on my not getting photo galleries access on SSH.

* Gaz sorted it, and I now have access, but having to resign I've lost the acknowledgement of my 497 graphics already created and posted... shame.

* Tried some roast 'Lidl Deluxe roast potatoes in Duck grease....' crap! Don't bother trying them folks.

* Still can't find me reading glasses anywhere... Tsk, Huh and X(:+#¬!Grr

Monday 25th March 2013

* Up around 0445hrs. WC (blood), cuppa and medications, followed by a few minutes thinking of Stewart.

* Laptop on and do some ideas I'd had for Ivan on the Cafe Spike site. Created some smudge galleries and posted them.

* Not good today.

Tuesday 26th March 2013

* Up at 0500hrs - WC, laptop on, things ready for the hospital visit - unsure yet whether to risk a good walk there as usual, as the snow... well ice appears to be still bad. Had a peep outside to decide, and Chloe shot in demanding food and took over occupation of the chair, and finished off the last of her fodder, so must get asome more on my wanderings today.

* Did two more smudges for the Cafe Spike galleries.

* Up for me ablutions and donning of some warm clothes, hat, scarf, gloves, long johns etc, I've decided to risk the hour and a half walk to the QMC. mind you, it will no doubt take longer in the icy conditions, so I'd better get ready now. TTFN.

* Off on me walk to the appointment for the Warfarin level tests.
The pavements on my road were very icy and dangerous, and I thought about leaving it until later and getting the buses there. but as I turned the corner, the conditions were much better, so I limped and plodded on.
Fed some pigeons, and took the longer route along the main roads to avoid any icy patches underfoot.
Called in Lidl along the way, to get some bread, and be glared at. As I climbed the steps back up to the pavement, I had a dizzy spell and nearly tumbled. Within seconds all was well, and I pressed on.

* I arrived at the haematology dep't, having taken only 1hr 58m to get there, and that was taking the longer route, including the stop-off at Lidl to get myself sneered at and me bread.
I pressed the machine to get my ticket, and that number was called in before the ticket had come out of the  machine, (Talk about judging it right eh?)

* A new nurse in training took my blood, and I gave them their bag of nibbles in thanks.

* To the bus stop and caught the bus that pulled off seconds later.

* In town I walked through to Aldi, and purchased a meat pie, cheese twists, and a lemon cheesecake. The lemon wafers I went for in the first place, I could not find.

* Bus back to the slaphappy-hovel of a home.

* Fatigue overcame me... badly. I did nothing for the rest of the day other than make a meal, nod-offs, wind passing from both ends, and take me medications. Sad innit?

Wednesday 27th March 2013

* Up at 0400hrs to the WC (Blood), then head down again. Arose once more at 0600hrs WC (No blood), water heater on, laptop on on, cuppa, and medications.

* Updated this tosh. Then did dome new graphics for Cafe Spike.

* In bathroom doing my ablutions when Margaret rang. (I'm trying to get the habit of keeping my mobile with me at all times, after the fall down the stairs when I had it in my picket proved the worth of doing so. Although I can't hear it when it rings, it is there forme to summon help at least)  I finished of me carbolicalisation and went over to see her.
She's still waiting for the Social worker to get in touch with details about Stew's funeral and intructions about the house and everything. The lady rang Margie while I was there, and they attanged to meet at 1100hrs in the morning.
Then Pete rang me, and asked me to meet him at 1130hrs in the morning, and asked me to join the queue for free tickets for the Playhouse and keep a place for him in the queue.
Margaret will ring me in the morning when she is ready and we'll bus to town together.

* Walked Margie home, and caught the bus to Bulwell and got some nosh and a pair of much needed shoes, that don't leak I hope.

* Beans, parsnips, pie and potatoes for nosh when I got back, medications taken, then the usual fatigue overcame me and little was done. 

Thursday 28th March 2013

* Up around 0415hrs, WC (No blood), Cuppa, laptop on, medications taken.

* Only spots of ice left at the moment, no snowing as yet. but it's -2c.

* Apart from the angina and back pains, I seem to be in decent order up to now. I've even located my hearing aids, glasses (not the reading ones, they seem to have gone into the ether), mobile phone, treats for Jane and Pete, and camera ready for my trip out with Margaret!

* Margie phoned to cancel trip as the social worker had changed her timing. Didn't bother me at all, but I could not find the cat to kick.

* Depressed, I set off on  steady walk into town to meet with Pete. Fed dickies en route. New shoes painful but very warm. Got half way there when I realised I'd got me 'At-home-Tea-cosy-hat' on.
I was getting funny looks earlier on the way, but that is nothing unusual for me.

* Nipped in Primark and got a cheapo 'Rommel' styled hat. Then joined the queue for the free tickets and waited for Pete's arrival.

*Went with Pete to Jessops, then Aldi, had a nice natter, as one tends to do when approaching the arrival of the grim reaper.

* Pete took photo of me posing with an inane look and me new 'Rommel styled' hat on, in Victoria Centre. (Gosh... the wind ball looks well bloated today). Must make appointment with the GP to ask about the wind balloon and it's affects, tons of big new spots on me shoulders, the back pain, and me dizzy spells. Had one in Vic Centre today - Tsk!

* Caught bus back to the hovel, and tended to the demands for food from Chloe the cat. Who then took occupation of the chair again, so I'm back on the stool.

* Got text from Margie - that cheered me up no end.

Friday 29th March 2013

* Up around 0530hrs after another bad night for kip, but still I;ve had worse so no complaints eh.

* Quick failed search for me reading glasses (hard work like this yer know), Laptop started to do some smudges on, kettle on, and up to the WC (Blood).

* Margaret called she was at Stew's old place. Went over to see her. Fetched her some gas on her card from the Co-op. She came to the hovel and picked out some DVDs to take and watch. Little cuddle, and then she was off home.

* Started to try and create some Comrade posters from scratch for the Cafe Spike.

* Amazingly the sudden fatigue didn't fall on me until around 2100hrs tonight.
I managed to take part in the Cafe Spike Fan Page Forum for a while, I was enjoying the written banter when the nod-offs started.

Saturday 30th March 2013

* Up at 0435hrs, kettle on, WC (much blood), laptop started, cuppa, medications taken, and a little time spent thinking of my old mate Stewart.
* Mucho graphics done for Cafe Spike site.

* Margaret rang, hope top see her tomorrow. Rang sister Jane as she was not feeling well.

* Down to shops, fed pigeons on the way.

* Usual drained feeling earlier than usual today.

Sunday 31st March 2013

* 'Orrible nights kip again. Feeling of comfortableness in the mind, and various physical pains badgered me.

* Up at 0615hrs, WC (No blood), laptop on, cuppa, medications and painful wind. (Tsk!)

* Margaret not coming around today - family visiting her, and she needs to get some R & R in before going back to work.

* 'Orrible day.

*  Depressed ending to the month.

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