Monday, 1 April 2013

Dairy of Woe - April 2013

How not to cook Roast Parsnips by Inchcock Chambers

Diary of Woe for April

Monday 1st April 

* Bad night all round really. I think my mind is forming an alliance with my deteriorating body. Poor old Stewart going. Some lads leaving the Cafe Spike. Medical, sleep and nightmare problems. Not seeing Margaret much. All helping to create a new depression in me.

Tuesday 2nd April

* Up at 0500hrs, WC, cuppa, medications taken, WC.

* Set up new medication dose pots.

* Put picture of accident I walked by yesterday on my way back from town.
Can't find anything about it in the news?

* Got laundry ready, tow bags... or even two bags. Powder, softener, mobile phone, camera, and nibbles for the lady at the launderette and money remembered. (I'm getting better... well maybe not)
Poddled down to the launderette, got a smile from the lady. (Ah memories!)
Big John Wayne came in as I was removing me togs from the driers. He kindly gave me a lift to Lidl where I got some potatoes, and then home with the bags of laundry. Bless him.

* Put away the togs, and started to do me potatoes in the oven, ready to by mashed with cheese and put back in the skins to brown em off.

* Margaret rang, she was at Stews, I shot over to  maul her gently and cuddle her.
she's having a right job trying to sort out who to contact for details about Stew.

*Walked her home, and cheesed me spuds, then updated this tosh.

* Concentration zilch - weariness colossal - depression rampant. 

Wednesday 3rd April

* Stinking nights kip - seems like millions of dreams but I cannot remember any of them. Aches and pains didn't seem so bad though this morning. No bad cramps last night as I recall.

* Still can't find the reading glasses. (Tsk and bother)

* WC, cuppa, laptop on, medications taken.

* Text from Margaret, will not see her today. (Boo, sob, groan, shame)

* Feeling a bit weak and fragile today, so tired all the time lately. Must try to get a good walk in tomorrow.

* Rang Jane to see if she was feeling any better.

Thursday 4th April

* Bad night once again. Knees bad, angina bothersome this morning.

* WC, cuppa, laptop on and tried to do some work on Leonard P Stretch graphics.

* Medications, much passing of wind, and feeling down today, no Margaret again, depressed.

* Got some fruit water from Lidl, fed the pigeons
* Bussed to Bulwell, and got some bargains in the freezer shop for Margaret and me. (That is when I see her again - Tsk!)

* The tiredness fell earlier than usual today, did nowt for hours but watch the goggle-box in between me nod-offs.

Friday 5th April

* 'Orrible dreams again, although as usual I cannot recall any details.

* 0530hrs, to the WC (blood), cuppa, medications, laptop started eventually, and it is cold... so cold this morning.

* Started some graphics for the Cafe Spike site.

* Walked down to get a TV paper, returned with bread, milk, fruit water, and a microwave burger... but no TV paper.

* Suddenly drained again, I nodded off into dream filled sleep - and think I slept on and off for 8 hours! Missing Margaret, Stew and any company methinks.

Saturday 6th April

* Up around 0500hrs, urgent visit to the WC (No blood), laptop on, cuppa, medications consumed.

* Started to do some Erskine Quint graphics on Coreldraw. Posted it to Facebook.

Did some smudges for Cafe Spike.

* Called Margaret but no answer, hope she's alright. I know she's busy.

* Had a walk to the shops to get TV paper, milk, kitchen towels, and black bags.

* Had veg casserole with some leftover peas added, 

* Feeling low still, bear with me for not adding anything amusing lately.

* Mucho nod-off's.

* Rang brother-in-law Pete - he's going into the QMC for a procedure on a lump on his neck on Monday - quick reaction to his visit for diagnosis last Tuesday.
Said I'd meet him there at 0730hrs on Monday. He thinks it should be done by around 1140hrs. Hope it all goes well for him.

* The arthritis/cramps in fingers are making it hard work typing today. (Tsk!)

Sunday 7th April

* Having not got off to sleep for ages last night, not until this morning really, I awoke ages later than usual, and just in the time frame to take me morning medications. (Phew!)

* WC a few times (Blood on each visit, but only a smattering), laptop on and second cuppa within a hour of rising.

* Opened door to look for Chloe and she skipped in and demanded to be fed, which she only nibbled at, before settling in comfortably in the only chair in the house. Back on the stool for me.
My neighbours Alan and Sam have officially taken over looking after her now we've lost poor old Stewart, so i don't see her as often nowadays (like Margaret). But it doesn't bother me... oh no... (Sob!)
Another thing I've just found out lately, the cats name is Zoe not Chloe. Ah well.

Monday 8th April

* No sleep at all - no idea why, but my mind refused to allow any. Spent the night on laptop. Around 0500hrs took med's, made cuppa, than changed into togs for going to the hospital with, remembering to take nibbles for Jan and Pete, crossword book, bus-pass etc.

* Started of on the walk to the QMC around 0555hrs. Still dark, but not too cold.
Uneventful waddle, until I arrived at the hospital an hour and twenty minutes later. I was going to the far end of the campus to meet Pete at the treatment centre, there were many 'works' taking place as they were building things to accommodate the coming new tram service. I had to take diversions around them using the harris-fencing pedestrian routes, and what would have been a ten minute max walk normally took nearly twice as long.

* Waited for Pete to arrive, and he booked himself in.
Minutes later he was taken to have his lump in his neck extracted by the staff.
Started the new crossword book, but kept nodding off. (Huh, now my body wants to sleep!) Had to get up and have a walk (hobble) around a few times.

* A couple of hous later and Pete was all done and dusted. No problems with the procedure. They told him they were not going to send to analysis and there was no worry for him. Great news that, and Pete seemed happy.

* We caught the bus to town, and I went with him to Aldi for some shopping he gad to get. I got a reduced price chocolate Easter bunny for Margaret.

* Caught bus back to the hovel, Margaret rang she had to find some of Stewart's paperwork for the social services, and I went over to see her there, remembering to take her choc bunny, nibbles and frozen meals wot I gad gotten for her during the past week.
Nice to see cuddle and talk to her after such a long time.

* Back to the bomb-site, and had battered fish, mushy peas and potatoes for nosh. Very nice.

* Then at  last... sleep! Must have nodded off for seven hours or so.
Didn't wake until around 0140hrs.

* Of course this meant I missed me evening medications, for which I feel confident I will suffer later.

Tuesday 9th April

* Having stirred back into life in the early hours of the day - the WC was visited with a certain amount of urgency and discomfort.

* Here I became aware that I'd left the water heater, and electric heater on for a day! (Huh!)
After me rinse, shave and sh__, I went back downstairs and made a cuppa, laptop on, and made a welcome cuppa to have while updating this hogwash - this was when I realised I'd left the oven on all night again. Still, it was warm in the kitchen.

* Went on the Cafe Spike Fan page to catch up on the forum (0230hrs).

* Nodded off.

* Evening med's taken with a cuppa at 1730hrs.

* Rang Margie no answer.

* Remembered around 1800hrs I was going to go to the laundrette this morning... huh!

* No calls from Margaret, no answer to mine. Bet she's busy with social services as well as working at Theatre Royal.

* Another night of no sleep - must see GP about this, doin' me no good at all.

Wednesday 10th April

* Managed to nod off around 0500hrs - up at 0710hrs, WC, laptop 0n, did some graphics and Facebooking. (Forgot medications though)

* Ablutions, and got ready for a walk/hobble. Decided to go to Bulwell and try to get some of the cheapo sausages and potato fingers.

The Walk/Hobble to Bulwell:
* Set off down to the front of Mansfield Road, ans used the cash machine to get £10. (Big spender eh?)

* Went across and fed pigeons, and started to walk up Hucknall Road north. Cut through onto Nottingham Road avoiding the newly laid dog crap on the corner.

* Over the hill and down towards the traffic lights on Hadyn Road junction. At this point I decided to start taking photographs along the route, to bring education, entertainment and a little colour to the multitude of readers of this blog. I hope they both like it.

The house 4th down on the right on Nottingham Road is the one where the guns and ammunition were found, along with drugs and 23 illegals in 2012.

 * I noticed a lack of traffic on the roads up to now on my journey.
I'm quick yer know... thick, wobbly and slightly insanitary, but quick at times!

* Down the road nearer to the traffic lights, with the old pub now an Asian food outlet, the abandoned church, the house with the car much damaged Derby stone wall, and the solicitors on the corners.

* The sign on the left indicating there is a CCTV camera at the junction tickled me, when I noticed the pole the camera was on had been collided with, and the camera hung down sadly at the floor beneath.

* No green man at these lights, so it took me a while to get over the road to continue my foot journey to the salubrious Bulwell.

* Just over the lights, next to the car garage with a taxi along with the taxi licence plates on a Ford Mondeo for sale, the bus stop on the way down the hill to the next set of lights on the ring road.

* The row of closed down businesses and retail outlets was very depressing.

* This Newsagents come beer-off licence was actually open, although you might be forgiven for thinking it was abandoned like so many others, but it was trading alright.

* Across the road on the right, is the newish big Sainsburys... with very few cars in their car park.
Still little traffic about, I couldn't even hear any police sirens or klaxons, and I was wearing me hearing aids - newly decoked with new batteries too.

* The next bus stop had had its electronic signage swiped.
Apparently by the same squad of crooks that were nicking the led cables from the railway sidings, according to the local press.

* My feet were beginning to sting a bit now.

* Over the road with death defying courage, and on the short bit of road that led to Vernon Road. The one with the cob shop, car showroom, and block of flats with dozens of For Rent signs along the front of them.
The tramlines can be seen at the end of the road near the traffic island, with a footbridge that takes about six minutes to walk over - it's not used much, as it had high sides of metal, and is a muggers paradise.

* On the photo below left, you can see what I mean about the length of the walks up to the pedestrian victims bridge and down again being so long.

* The black car just managed to avoid hitting a pedestrian on the crossing.
On the right is the Council Works depot, formerly 'Sketchley Dry Cleaners'.

* Still little traffic about.

* It grew warmer as the day developed, and i removed me hat and scarf to me bag.

 * On the right, is the old Vernon Arms, now deserted last year after the second murder there in two years.

It used to be a proper Whitbreads Ale house, and served probably the best pint in Nottingham at one time. I certainly paid many a visit years ago, darts, domino, and RAOB meetings all went down with a certain delectable appreciation in those days... mind yu it was long time ago, and the ale was about 3/6d a pint.

* So sad to see it nowadays, as with many other throughout the land. Sob!

* Now this photograph wot I took, was apparently when I sneezed as I about to  put the camera back into me pocket... I think?
Anyway, it might be of interest to anyone who works for the Council Works Department?

* As I walked/hobbled on, around the bend along Vernon Road where it becomes Highbury Road, more abandoned, closed down businesses and retail outlets came into view, and still the traffic was very light.  With missing my medications this morning, I began to wonder if it was a Sunday, or was I going mad?

* Bins tipped over the pavement and rubbish spilt out near the speeding sign... after glancing at the contents, I want to know who can afford champagne, tinned frogs legs, roast duck, Andrex and are alcoholics?

* Incidentally, the car creating the shadow was not speeding.

 * More closed down shops along this stretch of the road, but one seemed to be doing well, I actually saw two customers coming out, and one going in as I passed.

What is it that is attracting them?
What are they peddling?

* Still little traffic about, not even many people.

* As I walked into the Highbury Road part, the same story with closed retailers, and the Club on the left looked decidedly the worse for wear.

* As I passed what is unkindly known as 'The Nut House', the Highbury Mental Hospital on my left, I noticed much rebuilding going on.
The sign said that an £11m redevelopment was underway.
But I could not see any Nottingham companies working there.

* Onward I limped, the feet had been joined by the angina to cause me some discomfiture.

* Still little traffic around.

* I had to titter a bit at the sign on the pavement for the car wash. It read Hand Car Wash - but when i looked closer as I passed, I could see where they had rubbed/washed of some writing/graffiti from above the Car bit - the outline of NOB could still be seen. Disgusting!

* Many hundreds of new houses were being built further down the road.
A new recreation park was being erected next to the main road, with many new and innovative looking rides for the little trainee rioters to play on.
They had dispersed gigantic boulders around the edges of the park - convenient for them to break up and use as missiles at the passing traffic, pensioners, opposing gangs, and police vehicles.
How kind of them I thought.
* Over and down the bridge into the Market Place - almost bereft of traffic and people again... what's going on, has something happened know one has told me about?

* Is it new bank holiday? Have the aliens invaded?

* Down into the centre and the Market Place

* There were about 8 stalls a food van, and about 12 people in the market - so sad.

* Still not much traffic about?

* Went to see If I could get the cheap nosh I wanted, but they had sold out. So no cheapo sausages and potato fingers for me today.

* The batteries in me camera died.

* Caught bus back to the hovel of horrors.

* Called Margaret, but no reply.

* Got in, and put oven on ready for me potatoes and parsnips, and opened a can of beans.
Margie rang, she would ring back when she was at Stews old place, which she did, and I scurried along to see her and take her nibbles and lavender soap and candle for her.
By gum she get more attractive and desirable everytime I see her.
She's going to try and get a day off so we can go visit the Nottingham caves.

* Walked her home, and on the way a friendly but physical pit-bull type young bitch jumped up at me with its tail waging, and all excited, nearly had me over.
Margie thought she knew the chap looking after the dog. She went to the house, during which time the dog went over and to some lads, and knocked a couple of them over, no biting, just fun for her I think.
The man eventually got the dog in the house I'm glad to say.

* Parted company with Margaret, with a cuddle and little sadness, and returned to the bomb site I call home.

Thursday 11th April

* Up late around 0715hrs, but at least I got some sleep in.

* WC, cuppa, medications taken, and put some stuff on Cafe Spike for consideration to be published.

* Put some potatoes in the oven to make some cheesies for Pete to take back for Jane and him.

* Pete came before they were ready, He took the CIS paperwork for him and Jane to sort for me bless them. We had a natter and he used the laptop.

* When the potatoes were done, a scooped them out and mixed them with cheese sauce, Himalayan pink rock salt, and a bit of butter. Forgot the black pepper. Wrapped two up in foil and gave them to Pete to take home and try,

* Margie rang, she is working two shifts today, and will call me again tomorrow.

* Walked down with Pete to the bus stop, then started to walk on to B&M on Lenton Boulevard to see if they have any of my favourite beans in stock. but only got a few hundred yards further on and could not remember if I'd turned the oven off, so abandoned the shopping trip and returned back to the flea-pit. I'd not left the oven on.

Friday 11th April

* Although still difficult to get to sleep, I got some decent bits of broken kip in last night eventually. Up at 0615hrs. Knees not so bad a usual, the cough easier, angina lingering but not too bad, the wind rampant still, and a stiff neck.

*WC (bit of blood), cuppa, and med's taken.

* Did some Facebooking and Cafe Spice stuff.

* Had a good ablutions session, and set off on a walk to B&M and Aldi to get cheap nosh.

* Got as far as the end of the road, and realised I'd not got me hearing aids in (Tsk), went back for them, and set off again on me trek (Not a trek really, it is only about a mile each way.)

* Arrived, at Aldi, me back and feet giving me some gyp, but the angina not bad at all. got some cheapo burger cobs. Walked over to B&M and managed to get some cheapo beans, the almost to the standard of Lidl sneers from the staff, and tinned sausages.

* Fed the pigeons on me way back on the Forest.

* Got back in, and had potatoes, beans and sausages for nosh.

* Sudden fatigue came earlier in the day than usual.

Sunday 14th April

* Another night of little sleep I'm afraid. Managed to nod-off around 0430hrs until 0800hrs. WC (little blood), cuppa and took medications late of course,  but at least I remembered them.

Monday 15th April

* Better night, felt okay and even a bit chirpy this morning. Got up around 0530hrs, with Elvis' 1962 recording of 'They remind me too much of you' - and it's haunted me ever since!

* WC (No blood), laptop on, ablutions, cuppa, and medications taken.

* Spent a good while doing graphics and reading Cafe Spice site.

* Margaret called, she was coming round to Stewart's old place in a while, and I could meet her there - and I did with eager anticipation.
Still no date for the funeral.
She told me to take Chloe/Zoe's basket, dishes, tray, food, and litter to my dump so I could pass it on to Alan and Sam next door. I did this, then walked Margaret home.

* Walked to town and caught the bis out to Morrison's at West Bridgford, to get some frozen parsnips.
I got Polish bread (Nice), Cheapo own label veg curry (Excellent), lemon jelly, Morrison's own label cheese and pickle pork pies (Absolute rubbish), Two cans of reduce price damaged Heinz Baked Beans in tomato and cheese, and a diddy Lemon Cheesecake (Yummy).
Decided bot to get anything else because of the weight of carrying.

* Walked down to the canal to feed the waterfowl - got attacked by a swan. Retreated.

* Caught the bus to town, then to Carrington. Nipped back out to the local Lidl and got bleach, tonic water and a jar of beetroot. I still haven't managed to get the lid off the beetroot yet.

* Set up the next weeks medications in the individual pots ready for use.

* Had the lousy pork pie I bought - and realised I'd forgotten to get the parsnips from Morrison's! Tsk!

* Chloe came in and after eating her nosh, she took over the chair again. So, the stool for me.

* Heard Alan and Sam next door going out, and told them about the things I had for them - Sam said she'd knock on the door when they got back from... viewing another house!
Sad bad news that for me. Recently I've lost so many friends and relatives from different reasons...

* They returned, and I passed them the cat tackle. Chloe abandoned me to go to her new home.

* Took evening medications.

* I got things ready for the hospital tests tomorrow.

Tuesday 16th April

* Another horrible night, sleep reluctant to overtake me. Bother!

* Up... well I never got down really - around 0640hrs. WC (No blood), got ready for trip to hospital, cuppa, medications taken, and I was off at 0800hrs.

* Did the walk arriving at the front of the QMC at 0918hrs - a record time I think?

* Called in to have blood test within fifteen minutes. Got new nurse doing training. Handed her the bag of nibbles for the girls, and went to catch the bus to town.

* Felt the blood running down on the back of my hand in the journey. The cotton wool and plaster had come loose.

* Arriving in the city centre, I got the urge to go and buy some ready made sandwiches, so had a potter around the shops to get some. (Must be feeling depressed to do that!)

* After nearly being knocked down a few times by the crowds, I caught the bus back to Carrington.

* Called in the sandwich shop and got some en route from the bus stop to the hovel-pit.

* Had a look at the vein, and cleaned up the dried blood. Alright now.

* Put potato in oven, going to scrape out and mix flesh with a bit of salt and cheese powder, then back in the oven to brown the top off. Going to have it with me sandwiches later.

* Drained, I did nothing but mope about for the rest of the day.

Wednesday 17th April

* Decent nights kip for once, very welcome. Although dream filled as usual. Kettle on, WC (Blood), then medications taken, and this tosh updated.

* Remembered dreaming I'd got a job back with Scan Security, and was reading a mixed shifts work rota.

* Went to the shops on the front to get milk and my prescriptions (By gum it were windy too) - glad that I checked what day they would be ready when I called in the chemists last week. They informed me they would be prepared for collection on the 15th April, so I gave them a coup;e of days grace as theydo not seem to be the most reliable of outfits lately. The previous month they had only given me half of the medication and I had to go back.
Well fancy that - They were not ready - They said to go back Friday after 1600hrs to collect them. Knowing I have told them repeatedly that at that hour I am pretty useless with fatigue. So I'll go back Saturday morning and see what else they've cocked up. Tsk!

* New chap on the checkout at Lidl - no sneers or contemptuous looks. He'll get the hang of in time.

Friday 19th April

* Half decent night. Up around 0530hrs. WC (No blood), medications etc. then ablutions.

* Brother in Law Pete arrived, and helped by taking out the rubbish for me. He then explained what was needed with CIS complications, and said he would go with me to meet them. Jolly good egg Pete is.

* Margaret called, she was stressed with having to meet with the social services people who were going to sort out Stewart's things, and hand the keys over to them. They looked very smug, superior people.

* We all had a natter, and I really enjoyed that.

* Walked with Pete to his bus stop, and then caught bus to Bulwell. Got some frozen seasoned belly-pork strips, curried beans, bleach and nibbles for Margaret.

* Caught bus back to the flea-pit, and boy did I enjoy me meal. Belly pork, baked beans and parsnips with some wholemeal bread. Mmmm! Boy did I suffer later though, Huh!

* Pete brought some Law & Order UK episodes he;s recorded for me, and I watched one while having me nosh - but the sound is very tinny, shame.

Saturday 20th April

* Bad night, did not get off until around 0400hrs. Got up around 0700hrs, usual WC (No blood again... good), cuppa, medications, some graphic work etc.

* Mad some of me 'Special secret recipe' baked potatoes to take on me trip to see Sister Jane and hubby Pete, so they could have a nosh at half-time when they go to the forest match later.

* Remembered to collect my medications on the way out to Jane's. (Dare not leave it to collect them on the way back, as I would likely have forgotten them - Tsk!)

* As I got on the bus, it jerked me a bit and I almost fell on the woman on the next seat - I said "Am sorry midduck" and she gave me a look of utter contempt and hatred. (Not up to the Lidl staffs standard of course, but above average venom generated sneer worthy class two I'd say.)

* City centre had plenty of shoplifters... I mean shoppers and Failing big time Big Issue sellers.

Monday 22nd April

* Up around 0640hrs, managed a bit of kip though.

* WC... for an hour or so, or so it seemed. Struggled and then lost a bit of blood again.

* Laptop on, did some graphics, feeling a bit down again today.

Tuesday 23rd April

* No sleep at all again last night, but didn't feel too bad when I got the things ready for the laundry. Big John Wayne rang asking if I wanted a lift to the launderette, and I thanked him as I had two very full bags to take.

* Cuppa, meds and did some Cafe Spike graphics and Face-booking.

* At launderette, Big J W said he was going shopping and offered to take me to get some for myself. Damned decent chap that. He took his washing home, then ran me home with my laundry. And off to Morrisons - I got some curried beans on offer, and roast parsnips! We then went to Asda - where I got some cheapo frozen fish.

* He dropped me off at home, where I made a nosh, fish beans, parsnips and beetroot, with a bit of bread = them nodded of and on for a few hours.

* Faded.

Wednesday 24th April

* Up around 0700hrs - hasty visit to the WC (Bit of blood), cuppa, laptop on.

* Sent Margaret a message to see how she was doing.

* Spent a good while doing some graphics if Frankie, and posted them.

* Had a walk to the butchers to get meself a pastie and two big potatoes. Poddled around the block, feeding pigeons en route.

* Got back, and made cheesey potatoes, pastie, parnsips and beans for me nosh. (I bet the Queen would be really jealous if she knew how well I lived).

* More leaflets and mail came through the door again, nice to know that there are so many caring people trying to help my loneliness and depression. My thanks to:

Papa John's Pizza: Please note I do not like Pizza, and do not drop any more leaflets through my door.

Sun Life: It's bad enough watching greedy Sir Michael Parkinson on TV without having his smug face coming through my front door.
Please note I do not like Pizza, and do not drop any more leaflets through my door.

Pizza Italia:  Please note I do not like Pizza, and do not drop any more leaflets through my door.

Riverside Properties: How you could fail to see the state of my two-yp two-down hovel of a house, the holed roof, and the rotting windows I don't know!

Please sod off.

British Gas: I am aware of how much behind I am with my payments, thank you.

BT: Thank you for my 'orrible internet connection and increase in the cost of the same.

Hilaries Blinds: Please note I am the short bald overweight elderly gentleman who nearly died of shock when I visited you in 2001 and was informed of the cost. Twits!

Mumbai Spice: Pukka indian Food: I have now received 38 of your leaflet/menus. For a reasonable cost I am willing to return them to your take-away... along with a pipe bomb!

JR Lettings: Who do you think would rent a dump like the one you have put your leaflet through? Do you import illegal immigrants and find them somewhere to live? Only someone really sad and desperate would live like I have to.

Mind: Thank you for the thin plastic bag, and gift aid donation form for me to fill to help raise funds to help people with mental difficulties.

Swinton Car Insurance: I am the chappie who came to you three years ago to tell you I had been made redundant, then had a heart operation and could no longer afford to drive, and had been informed to retirn my licence to the DVLA, and cancelled my vehicle insurance. My address is on your computer. Please do not post any more crap through my door, thank you.

Godfather Pizzas: Please note I do not like Pizza, and do not drop any more leaflets through my door.

Milano Pizzas: How in Gods name do you pizza wallahs make any money? Please note I do not like Pizza, and do not drop any more leaflets through my door.

Virgin Media: I cancelled my contract with you when I was made redundant - and informed you of my financial status or lack of. Since I have become increasingly impecunious, and have had at least 100 of your advertising bumf through my dilapitated door - please stop it!

Dirt Busters: Thank you for offering to clean my 3 piece suite for only £65, with a 10% reduction for senior citizens. I do noy have a 3 piece suite, or even a settee. Please take note.  

Sky: Sod off!

Pizza ExpressPlease note I do not like Pizza, and do not drop any more leaflets through my door. Bloody pizzas!


Friday 26th April

* Decent nights kip. Up at 0545hrs. WC (No blood), laptop on, cuppa, WC (No blood), medications taken.

* Had a good walk/hobble into town, bit less windy today thanks heavens. Then caught the bus to Morrision's to get some Special Offer Curried Beans.

They had sold out... or so they told me? Swines!

* Got back into the city, and had a walk around a bit, plenty of people around, bit not many looking happy with life. Many hot food stalls and vans, but little trade. Sad.

* Caught bus back to Carrington, and called in to get two large potatoes from the local butchers - well they are cheaper than anywhere else there.

* Fatigue arrived as soon as I'd got home and had me nosh, again, flaked out.

Saturday 27th April

 * 'Orrible night - but got uo around 0700hrs and took me med's, WC (Bit of blood), cuppa, and did some graphics of me Brother-in-Law Pete.

 * I thought they were fairly funny, I hope Jan and Pete enjoy them. I enjoyed making them, as I seemed to have woke up tired through lack of sleep, but in fine spirits.

* I've took a photo of even more unsolicited mail through me rusty letter box again today.
Many thanks to the following senders, scrotes, gits, and plonkers that actually think I'm remotely interested in spending more money that I do not have at the moment, bless them all...
Sod me, as I right this another two have come through onto me infested floor...

Red Chilli of India Take away menu: Huh! more take away crap menus.

Virgin Media Mobile phone bumpf!

Decathlon Sports Store Just what I needed?

University of Nottingham Open Day for the Community leaflet. Wonder if they include the drunks, druggies, yobboes, muggers and shoplifters in their list?

Anti Nottingham Council Proposed additional licencing scheme for himes with multiple occupation leaflet There's only me and the mice in the house, even the cat's gone off now.

    Hilaries Blinds leaflet Again!

    Mr Awade Genuine Spiritual Healer Says he uses Occult Sciences and the Most Powerful Spells to help me with Love relationship problems, Fertility, impostency problems, Victims of Black Magic, Curses, and Victims of Evil Forces and Witchcraft.
Might give him a ring... maybe not though.

* Feeling depressed and drained suddenly.

* Drained physically in afternoon, faded into depression I think.

Sunday 28th April

* A do nothing day, when I moped and meandered through the time feeling sorry for myself and pathetically sad. Can't fight it when this happens, just have to wait until things remarkably improve spiritually (if that'sthe right word?) on their own.

Monday 29th April

* Up at 0600hrs, laptop on, cuppa, WC, medications taken, and did some Facebooking.

* Brother-in-law Pete coming over around 1400hrs, I just hope my usual fading into weariness doesn't start too early.

* Did many graphics for Facebook and Cafe Spike. by gum I was cooking with gas this morning. (In more ways than one... phew!)

* Pete came round and sorted what he could with me CIS and other worries, bless him muchly.

* Walked down and got some bread, had a nosh, then collapsed into weariness... many many nod-offs followed.

Tuesday 30th April

* Up at 0600hrs, WC (much blood), cuppa, laptop, WC, medications taken, and emails checked.

* Must get things ready for launderette today, by gum life's exciting innit?

* The gal at the launderette was all over me again... well she said 'Good morning'.
Big John Wayne arrived and we had a good gossip and laugh, I missed putting in me softener in the machine. John nipped me to Asda where we got some nosh and stuff, then dropped me off at home. Good man John, looking after the lesser endowed mentally suspect old git like me.

* The usual weariness overcame me and at last I nodded off - only to be awoken by Jehovah witnesses (different ones to who called yesterday), then a lady asking for support for the Heart Foundation.

* Opened a cheapo tin of Asda potatoes, and of the eight in the can, five were eatable. Added them to a tin of veg stew, did some parsnips and added them, very nice.

* Another month had flashed by. I remember old folk telling me how quick things go when you get passed 60 - by gum they were right too!