Friday, 1 August 2014

Gerald's Diary for August 2014

Friday 1st August 2014

What a flaming night, I wus awake more than asleep... until it came time to gerrup, then I fell asleep! Cor blimey.

The cramps were ‘orrible, the nightmares every time I nodded off fer a few minutes, the angina, the piles... but hey-ho, I’m still ‘ere. (Well, I think I am... what is reality after all? – summat different to every person innit like?... is it?)

Took the bins out fer me and me neighbour – noticing how she had artistically decorated hers with maggots inside and out. I thought the bin men... sorry, I should have said Council Waste Management and Disposal Technician, would refuse to empty it – but no, he did? Nothing to do with her being a suntanned, nubile young thing that looks like a model and know it you think?

Set to work on me blogging and emails.

Gorra wash shave and brush-up, and had a walk into town. Then had a hobble around town.

Took some photo's: One of a van driving down the pavement with his hazard lights on, pedestrians a running!

Caught the bus home, and read a letter that I got from Age Concern- very nice detail about their 'Age Concern Funeral Plan' that I took out with em.
28 day money back guarantee! - Lot o' good that'll do me when I've croaked... unless they bury me alive and I get out of the grave and claim me money back! Hehehe!

When I got back to the house, it poured with rain, I observed a gang of six yobs in the opposite gateway across from me house. Four bigguns, and two little uns. The rain stopped after a few minutes, but so did they. Kicking footballs and threatening passing drivers for nearly an hour.

After they had gone, I updated this tosh, with the photo on the left, not a good one, but it proves they were there.

Made up some black bags of unwanted stuff for Sister Jane and Brother-in-law Pete, who will kindly sort it out for me. Phoned Pete, told him what was happening, and that the bags were ready at his convenience.

Oh ‘eck... I’ve missed me evening medications with all this hassle. Never mind, only an hour late, should be okay.
TTFN all.

Saturday 2nd August 2014

Another lousy night of nightmares and fear.
Awoke 0430hrs; with trepidation and cramps givin’ me some bother.
O530, down the stairs (carefully) and put kettle on. I took out waste-bags to the bins. Nice morning, drizzling, I hope it stays that way to help ward off any yobs from giving me hassle.
Made cuppa and porridge pot, started laptop to check blogs and emails and took me medications.
Posted Part 20:Inchies Woes, and a letter to LOMM.
Damned rain has stopped.
Feeling low, sorry, depression has returned.

Sunday 3rd August 2014

Springing awake every ten minutes throughout the night, horrid dreams again. I can’t recall fine details, but somehow know I was trying get somewhere, but everything kept stopping me, and someone who was with me, don’t know who. Bits from my past working life seemed involved somewhere... weird, and damned repetitive too. Tsk!
Got up around 0555hrs and used the WC, no blood today from either end. But feeling low, down, depressed... I hate feeling like this. And so drained with it?
Got down and made a cuppa, took medications, passed so wind ferociously I almost lifted meself off the floor, and the pain that accompanied it, informed me I’d started me rear-end piles bleeding. Cleaned meself up, put cream on, took an extra codeine painkiller.
I put it down to my having Beef Goulash for supper. I’ve not had any for ages, now I remember why. Tut!
My American cyber-friend Patti, commented on one of my blogs, that cheered me up a bit, a wonderful brave gal Patti.
Did some more work on me webs pages.

Wanted to get out and stretch me knees a bit, but yob gangs frequently passing by outside put me off.
I'm getting  fed up with this being scared all the time.

Monday 4th August 2014

Up after another nasty nightmare filled night at about 0430hrs.

Morrison's delivery expected this morning twixt 0700 and 0800hrs.

BT internet playing up again. Made cuppa, took medications.

Searched for the DVD I'd ordered three weeks ago from HMV, and collected last Friday. ‘The Big Job’. Sid James, Dick Emery, Jim Dale, a good old comedy. Tried to watch it last night, but HMV had left the security thingy on it, so I wanted to put in bag now, so I could return it and get em to remove it. But couldn’t find it – Tsk!

BT internet connection crap, now gone all together (0525hrs) Got laundry things ready for after delivery of nosh.

BT back on-line 0550 hrs. Nice of em innit?
BT back OFF-LINE 0556 hrs. Reset box again... Gits!
BT back on-line 0600 hrs.
BT back OFF-LINE 0601 hrs.
BT back on-line 0604 hrs.
I lost connection between 0550hrs and 0620 hrs about eight/nine times! Grrrr, had to keep resetting or rebooting. Gave up.
Anyone else on BT, How's your connection today?

Morrison’s delivered at 0734 hrs. Put the stuff away. (Well, some of it).

0800 hrs, ablutions and got launderette togs ready, so much to take I could hardly carry em.

On the way to the launderette, an amoeba belted passed me on a push-bike un frit me half to death, almost hit me. I called out, and soon learnt he was an experienced driver by the finger sign he gave me as he disappeared into the distance, bless him!

At the launderette, I had a good laugh with the gal there, and we tried to do a crossword. Cheered me up that did.

Back to the hovel, put togs away (Well, dropped the bags upstairs), and did another search for the DVD – and wallah; I found it. Where you might ask... er... in the bath actually, don’t ask why it was there, I don’t know.

Took an apple and pack of seaweed to eat on me walk into town. Must remember to take the DVD back to be opened.

Called on me way, to tell... oh I forget her name now, the laundry gal that I’d found the DVD. She did laugh...

Hobbling into town, halfway up the hill on Mansfield Road near the 
cemetery, blow me if someone else didn’t belt passed me on a bike on the pavement, nearly knocking me over. I’m getting fed up with these near misses from bikers.

Went into Tesco and got me Krakowska meat. Then limped into the slab square, took a photo of the disgusting children’s fountain and paddling pool. Dumped at the end of it, were beer cans and bottles, cigarette ends, sweet wrappers, crisp packets etc.

Proceeded, (I could have written carried on to, or Then, but I like typing Proceeded) along to the bank to extract some money and get me balance (Oh dear me).

Then took a walk to Aldi, and got some of their excellent Lemon cheesecakes and Porridge pots (what Lidl have stopped selling).

To HMV and got me DVD lock thingy taken off.

Feet and knees on bad shape now, so wandered to the bus stop, and caught one back to Beirut... I mean Carrington. As I got off the bus, a bloody motorcyclist this time, nearly hit me, as he drove on the pavement to the chip shop! I bravely took his photo from behind him.

I tottered back to the dump, and made a nice cup of Punjana tea bags. They are very good and strong, and they’re on offer at the moment at Morrison’s too, 49p off.

Started the laptop, and the BT connection was okay, perhaps they think I’m still in town?

1500 hrs BT connection down... Tsk! Back up 1509 hrs.

Started to do graphics for Letters to LOMM 8

Gang of about eight youths swaggering up the centre of the street. Hope they keep moving.

Getting on with graphics.

Yobs lurking outside again, going to go upstairs out of the way.

I’ll post this and try to remember to carry on the next from this time.

Must remember to take me medications up with me.

Tuesday 5th August 2014

From 1830hrs Monday 4th August 2014:
I was just about to ring Brother in law Pete, and he rang me. Hope to meet him tomorrow after the medical treatment. Must ask him to take some photo’s.

Had a nosh of microwave chips, Krakowski and seaweed, and a bag of Quavers, followed by two orange lollies. (How’s that for two fingers to the ‘Eat Properly brigade?)

I watched the DVD of Dick Emery’s film; “Oh you are awful!” So politically incorrect, but hilarious!

The nights limited amount of sleep was again nightmare ridden, but again, I can remember nothing of them, other than they were scary and worrying. 

Each time I got up to relief myself (At least ten times!) I’d remember a bit of them and tell myself to remember so as to report here on me blog... but no.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to get to the hospital today, without my minimal bladder being tested, crossed fingers.

Up at 0500 hrs, laptop on to start this tosh, cuppa and took medications.

0600 hrs, failed to get on, getting a part view of the screen that’s all. Tried email and other sites, they seem okay. Seems they are having technical troubles of some sort? Hope it gets sorted for when I get back from the hospital, otherwise I might crack-up altogether if I can’t blog... oh dear!

Wednesday 6th August 2014

No sleep through the night as such, feeling tired and weak.
0500hrs: WC, started laptop, WC, made a cuppa and pot of porridge (added a spot of honey, ah the good life), WC.
Did graphics for this blog, WC, Made another cuppa, Asda delivery arrived 0630 hrs. WC.
Now I can’t get into me Emails? What next... oh, it’s come up now.
I posted blog posts and started writing and graphics for me next one.
Several visits to the WC.
Got meself sorted a bit, still not feeling very great, but managed to get meself around to the doctors to pick up me extra prescriptions. Didn’t actually get there though... I remembered it was Wednesday and not Thursday, the day I was to pick up the prescription.
Wearily back to the hovel.
Visit to the WC.
Saw a policeman on foot on the street when I got back – yes an actual policeman (Well, a CPO) on our street, never been known for ages.
Couldn’t muster up any energy today. Angina playing up too, I feel so tired.
But I’m eating, boy am I eating. Made some instant mash with onions, added cheese granules, some cooked ham, seaweed, peas, and bread. Followed by two suckers and an ice-cream.
Followed later as I lay there praying for sleep – by bags of Marmite crisps and walnuts.
Visit to the WC.
Drained, I lay there still waiting for sleep, as I listened to the radio, read me book, watched  a DVD... oh and several visits to the porcelain.
TTFN all...

Thursday 7th August 2014

Not much kip again, but at least I got some in last night.
First job my sixth visit of the night to the WC.
Laptop on, had a cuppa and porridge. Had a great time creating commenting on a few and reading blogs. BT internet only went down a few time this morning.
About 1230hrs did me ablutions, WC, got ready to go and pick up my extra prescription from the GP. WC’d before I left.
Got prescription from the surgery, and set off on a walk (limp) into town.
Walked passed the chemists forgetting to get me medications – I blame the fact that I was noshing a banana.
In town, I caught a bus out to Derby.
I fed the pigeons behind the bus station. Noticed how low the water was, this revealed a new shopping trolley in the Derwent.
Had a hobble around, noticed all the people seemed in a bad mood there.
Walked out and caught bus to Mansfield.
In Mansfield, I realised that the people of Derby, were in fact not in a bad mood. What a depressing place the market there was today. Folk already staggering sloshed out of the pubs, people arguing, oh dearie me.
I bought a crossword book from the arcade, and made my way back to the bus station. I could smell food cooking somewhere, so was forced to investigate in the shop. Boy did I have a job telling her I had bought the crossword book from somewhere else.
Caught the bus back to Carrington, it was busy with passengers by then, and I had the company of a foreign lady on the seat in front speaking non-stop on her mobile, and a deep voiced loud chap on his mobile in the seat behind. Proper headache by the time I got off the bus. Neither stopped talking for over an hour.
I got off the bus as I had cunningly planned, near the chemists. Went in and they dispensed me prescription for me within fifteen minutes as I started me crossword book off.
Good job there was some extra pain-killers, had to take a couple straight away for me headache. Tsk!
Struggled home, knees and feet bad now. Got in, put the kettle on, and then went back out to the chemists to pick up me crossword book.
Back to the hovel again. WC.
Had a Cornish pastie peas and microwave chips – naughty but nice, followed by an orange jelly. I just don’t care yer know!
Took laptop up to do this blog. WC.
Not one of me most exciting days, but at least I got out a bit, must phone Jane again later and try and cheer her up a tad.

TTFN till later...

Sunday 10th August 2014

I feel rather sad really, realising the many things I had come to expect to see and enjoy on my daily hobble into Nottingham and by bus-ride back home again.

The things I miss most:

* The skills I’ve acquired over the years in avoiding the dog poo and broken bottles on the way to the main road.
* Checking for the gangs of yobs, and taking a different route.
* The skilful way I avoid the stones thrown at me, and ignore having my parentage questioned by the little mites in the playground as I pass the Junior school.
Walk 04* I’ll often stand outside Starbucks, Caffe Nero or Costa Coffee, and sniff in the aroma, watching the people inside who can afford £2.99 for a cup of the horrible stuff.
* The pleasure of guessing to myself, where the next road blocked off while the police investigate the murder, stabbing, or fire-bombing that took place the previous night will be situated.
* Using my vast experience and skills in spotting and avoiding the beggars, Big Issue sellers, Muslim converters and pickpockets as I approach the city centre.
* Observing the playful way in which the shoplifters are occasionally removed from the stores into the police vehicles.
* Popping into the 99p store to be short-changed, sneered at and overcharged, I have to appreciate their consistency.
* Moving along to the Pound shop and getting out without physical injury is very rewarding – reminds me of jumble sales in the 1960’s.
* The St Peter’s Church area. Where one can find Jehovah’s witnesses, Muslims’ and of odd Christian spouting their beliefs.
* The clever way in which I take the routes less likely to be shat on by the pigeons, not always successfully I admit… all this experience is invaluable.
* To stand and watch Himmler, the parking attendant, with his chest out, and weighed down with all his pouches, machines, and tackle around his midriff, strutting up and down Mansfield Road, as he totally ignores cars parked on the pavement, and in the disabled bay. I often wondered if his ticket machine actually works, I’ve never seen him use it yet this year (or last year come to that!)
Walk 003* The lunchtime drunks falling out of the pubs can be entertaining too.
* I often wonder if I am the only person to see the drug dealing going on in the city library and McDonald’s.
* Avoiding the gangs of lager swilling pot smoking scary looking gentlemen who gather outside of the three benefit offices in the city centre is an essential part of surviving a walk through town. But I have to take care not to trip over any of empty strong lager cans.
Walk02* Passing the many Pay-Day loan outlets is a bit depressing though. Not often I see any customers in them, but they always seem to be someone smoking, with a pram with toddler and beer cans in it, and a few kids with them. The kids are usually trying their best to destroy the furniture in the office.
* The gentle whiff of rotting decay rising from the canal, as the ducks try to navigate around the shopping trolleys, condoms, empty cider bottles, and bicycles to get to the bread I’ve thrown in for them is always worth a look.
* The constant melodious sound of intruder alarms, car, and emergency vehicle sirens and klaxon’s, mingle with voices and curses of people being arrested, the children swearing, and the many different languages being spoken, all blend together to create a distinctively Nottingham sound that should be appreciated.
* A quick check on the many Charity shops – but they cannot help me!
* I might pop into the Arboretum to feed the ducks, get mugged, on my way to a meeting with my financial advisor (Social Security Benefits Office).
* An essential part of my strolls through the City Centre is to count the many and ever increasing number of retail premises closed down, for sale, lease, or rent. I do a report each month for the Outer Peruvian Pregnant Kangaroo Appreciation Society’s newsletter, although they have never printed one yet.
* The pleasant group of youths who congregate in the slab square near the fountains are worth a watch while I rest me weary feet and legs and eat me seaweed. I think the one with four ear-rings, a nose ring, smudged tattoos on his neck and green dyed hair is the best of them at seeing how far they can spit into the paddling pool area.
Walk 05* Having been hit four times by Mobility Scooters (Or the people supposedly driving them) I am on tenterhooks when in the city centre. So I have to try and keep an eye out for them while trying to keep me balance walking, and watching for potential muggers. (I’ve been mugged twice as well).
Oh I do miss my daily walk into Nottingham!

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