Sunday, 17 January 2016

Inchcock Today Sat 16 January 2016: The TV had some good proggies on it, shame cause I nodded off too soon again. Huh!


Saturday 16th January 2016

I stirred an hour after finally getting off to sleep; it was around 0400hrs. Anne Gina was rampant again. Tsk!

T'was good news in the bathroom, though. 'Little Inchy' had hardly bled at all, no blood from the rear end and Arthur Itis was not as bad as yesterday in the knees.

As I was doing my ablutions, some part of the dream I'd had came back to me, not a lot mind. The puzzle to me was, as I'd only had an hours kip, how did I find time to dream? Hehe!

Seems I was running about on the tops of building again, trying, I think to get into them? But each time I gained entry, I'd vacillate then try to gain entry by another door, chimney or removing roof tiles? Patti Beckert appeared at one time, and started to paint me on the roof?Very odd this one was.

Made a cuppa, took my medications, then cleaned up last night's mess I'd left from cooking me grub.Clearing away the stuff, I took a photo of the Branston Smokey BBQ sauce I'd bought yesterday and tried with my evening meal.It is exquisite and tangy.

I can recommend it to anyone who likes BBQ flavoured stuff. I got it from Sainsburys.

I set about finishing Thursday's blog and starting this one off.

The calls to the porcelain were frequent and a little irritating, but getting to the bathroom was easier each time, as the arthritis was less bothersome this morning.

I started doing some Facebooking.

Tried to sort the WordPress to allow me to use the old style editor again, no luck. Using Blogger for my Diaries, and Wordpress for all the other stuff at the moment.

Spent some time trying to find a way of adding a like button to Blogger, there is some advice on how to do it, but it is in HMTL and I'm not intelligent enough to grasp how to do it yet. Huh!

Did some more Facebooking and then some graphics for WordPress.

Not one of my best, though!
I created an ode about seeking my final epitaph.I thought it was okay as humour and satire go, but not one of my best.

The stomach started churning.

Despite my physical inactivity and no walks or exercise.And Arthur Itis was being kind to me today.Anne Gina, on the other hand, was determined to give me bother; And doing a good job of it. Tsk!

Decided to get my nosh prepared a little earlier than I normally would.I made a little too much again. Seasoned baked beans, Anya potatoes, Irish Potato Farls, bacon, chestnuts, sour bread and a mini potato pie. A bit of fruit to follow.

Rated this one 9.2/10, the little meat and potato pie let it down. Hey-ho.

I scrapped an awful lot of uneaten fodder into the bin and cleaned up the kitchen.

With the darkness coming on it made a decent photo from the kitchen window.

I then tried to amend the colour on the attrition box on Blogger, and made such a mess of it and couldn't get it back to how I wanted it! Humph!

I lost about three hours before I got the 'Like' button back on, but couldn't change some of the colours of the text'.
I might have made a mistake in coming back to Blogger - as the edit function was not working visually all day.

Well, peed off with it now.

Got settled to watch the google-box and naturally nodded of nicely.

Woke up every half hour or so again.

Getting fed-up with this as well now.

TTFN all.

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