Friday, 15 January 2016

Inchcock Today. Thur 14 Jan 16: Slow day


Thursday 14th January 2016

I woke up at 0555 hrs, springing into life with such a jolt I nearly fell out of the chair! I assume I must have been in the middle of a dream of some sort, but can recall none of it at all! Tsk!
Little Inchy and Anne Gina were both giving me some hassle from the off.
No under-tongue medication left to treat Anne; so I took an extra painkiller with my medications and cuppa.
To the WC and investigated why Little Inchy was so painful. He was bleeding a bit, but didn't look swollen, matted or inflamed as he often does? A mystery here.
The back passage was free of blood, that's got to be good.
Had a wash and brush-up.
The Asda delivery arrived.
P1020865I think next time I order from Asda, I'll just ask them what I want!
Substitutes and Unavailable Items took up most of the first A4 page that came with the few things I'd actually ordered.
Huh! Tsk! and Humph!
I put the unwanted goods away in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.
I sent an email to Steve of Age UK telling him that I'd now got the key for the house and made a copy so he can collect them whenever he likes. I sent a text message of the same content yesterday to him. I just hope he can come today to collect them, and get the work started that's needed in the old house and get things moving with the sale of it!
Then I can show him the letter I've had from the Bank, and try to get him to make some sense of what it is all about? Information Sheet; Basic information about the protection of your eligible deposits?
So as I had to be in for Steve UK to arrive, and BJ's visitation I Pottered about for hours on the laptop, not getting much done.
Settled in my armchair, and started to read my book.

The phone tinkled and Steve was coming up to see me.

It's getting late now and no BJ.

I rang him and got no answer.

I hope he's doing alright. I'll pop in and see him in the morning if he doesn't arrive tonight.

Got the nosh prepared.

Chopped tomatoes, hot dog sausages and smoked
streaky bacon. Marvellous tasty meal!

Rated it at 9.6/10.

Steve Age UK arrived in a rush.

He collected the keys ad had a quick look at the letter from the bank, told me not to worry about it. Then he shot off into the night.

So tired again now.

Settled in me chair took the medications, drifted off and then woke several times.

It went like that for hours. Then, then the angina started playing up and couldn't get off to sleep until it was time for me to get up again!



  1. I am not fond of blogspot. Your blog was funny as usual, but blogspot has no like button. I don't have time to comment every time I read a blog. I just hit like. Why did you change?

    1. Hi Tessa,
      WordPress used to allow me to work in the old style layout, which I found so much easier to get about in than their new layout. Now it will not let me access it. The lack of a Like button is annoying, I didn't realise when I first went back to Blogger.
      I'll just do my diary on blogger, and all the other stuff, odes etc on Wordpress I think.
      Sorry to cause bother.
      TTFN pet. X