Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Diary of Woe - September 2012

Saturday 1st September 2012

* With no sleep the night before last, I put on a Heartbeat DVD to watch, about 1830hrs last night - and woke up this morning at 0530hrs - distorted, aching, and with the broken headhones dangling around my neck and stomach. Oh dear...

* Got on with the diaries, medications taken, and a few cups of tea.

* Did diaries for the Spoof about 0130hrs I think. The visits to the WC reduced a bit, but I'm going to cut me water tablets to half of one today.

* Went over to see Stew and Margaret. Took some baked potatoes and vegetables for Margaret, bickies for Stew. Stew wanted some DVD's if I could get them - Patriot Games, Blue Steel, and Cape Fear.

* So I had a walk to town and back. Managed to get two of the DVD's for Stew. Got some cheap mineral water and tomatoes on the way back, because I can't find the tomatoes I bought yesterday from Asda?

* Took photo's of Stewart sat outside, and Margaret having a cuppa inside.

* Got home and did the diaries, getting a bottle of water out of fridge, I dropped it and it burst open, I hope the iron it covered will dry out later.

Sunday 2nd September 2012:

* Good nights kip - got up to go to the WC around 0500hrs - and turned off the oven and removed the potatoes that had spent around 11 hours being roasted.

* Went over to see Stewart and Margaret, both doing well.

* Had a walk to Asda to get some of their soily-cheap-potatoes... but they only had one bag left on sale, so I got it.

* Got back to the hovel and put some tatties on the boil, and threw away the burnt roasted ones from earlier.

* On the laptop and Spoof. 

Monday 3rd September 2012:

* Gawd heavens... new pains in groin today.

* Went over to see the lovely Margaret. She seemed a little less tired today. Walked her home, and I invested in some Health lottery tickets... I am a fool, as if I stood a chance... huh!

* No walks today, spent ages on laptop, burnt another saucepan, and dropped and stood on a tomato.

* By gum life's exciting!

Tuesday 4th September 2012:

* Up around 0430hrs, groin still painful but me other ailments seemed okay, so can't complain.

* Did diaries early, cause I didn't know how long I'll be at the hospital this morning. Having weekly INR blood level tests, and got to have a scan of some sort, before they can arrange for the camera and laser to go down to have a look at me stomach.

* Took me medications, but realised too late that I'd took a water-tablet - that could be painful if i need to go while en route on me walk to hospital.

* Put some potatoes in the oven in readiness to take em with me on me walk to the QMC later. Did not, I say not... burn them.

* Set off on walk to the QMC... as far as Lidl store, (about third of a mile) where I realised I'd left me Haematology log at home, so returned to get it.

* Set off again, after about 45minutes I needed to go at both ends - and boy did I suffer in the final 40 minutes to get to the hospital; I shot to the gents, only to find they had been changed to Female Only Use... A very painful search and I found some gents and disabled toilets, entered the gents but the cubicle was occupied! Went out to the disabled toilet and that was occupied.Now the bladder was causing me severe pain. I went back to the gents, still occupied. Back to the disabled and it was free... hurrah! The pain of actually passing was bad, but slowly it eased to reasonable after I'd washed me hands and gone to the Warfarin INR Blood test clinic.

* Got seen to quickly, and they phoned the Clinic on 'D' to tell them I was on my way up.

* There I was taken straight into an x-ray type place and had the pictures of my innards taken.

* Then to the WC again, before starting my walk home. About three quarters of the way, I needed to go again. (Memo to self - Do not forget not to take water-tablets when you know you will be going out again!)

* Went into Asda... there toilets were 'Out of Order' and locked up. Oh dear...

* Struggled on, called in Stewart's and used his WC - agony again. The thing is I can only blame myself!

* Fetched Margaret's nosh and Stew's nibbles from home.

* Not felt so unwell as I do now for a while. Went home, made a cuppa, put up tired aching feet, of course that started off the groin, then had a dizzy spell. Took extra Codeine.

* Tried to do a bit of Spoofing, but concentration not good.

Wednesday 5th September 2012:

* Feeling a lot better this morning.

* Got some communications this morning on the web, that cheered me up no end.

* Went over to see Steward, he was in fine fettle.

* I had a walk into town to try and get two films on DVD he wanted. Tried three stores, all said there no longer produced.

* Concentration still a bit hard.

* Took a photo of 'Alcatraz' school gates, as it's known locally on the way home from town, luckily for me the inmates were locked in.

Thursday 6th September 2012:

* Stomach and wind bad this morning, all other ailments seem okay. Hurray!

* Went over to see Stew, then went on a walk into Bulwell, a long walk but it dies me.. oh dear bad misspell that one... I meant 'does me' no harm apart from painful feet that is. Think it helps the ticker, and the arthritis doing a good walk four times a week or so.

* Got some cheap diddy tins of reconstituted ham, Goulash, and kitchen towels at 6 for £1.99. Little bargain hunter that I am.

* Had some baked beans and tinned sausages with plenty of Lidl's cheap special fall to pieces when you touch it wholemeal bread, me last apple, and two nice strong cuppas. (I bet the Queen would like to dine like wot I do!)

Friday 7th September 2012:

* Managed to nod off earlier last night, so was up at 0430hrs doing the diaries on the Spoof.

* Made a graphic I was well pleased with advertising the updated diaries, and put it on me facebook page. (Above) Took ages to get it right, but I enjoyed doing it. My Spoof Diaries page

Saturday 8th September 2012:

* I read this on the 'Sabotage Times' on the web - brilliant!
As the Olympic stadium announcer introduced His Right Honourable George Osborne MP (Bringer of Dearth and Despair, to give him his full title) on Monday night for the Paralympic T38 400m race medal presentation, the chancellor’s nervous smile gradually morphed into awkward laughter.

As the vast majority of the capacity 80,000 crowd – roughly the population of Wakefield – took part in an ad-hoc opinion poll, roundly booing his appearance, there was little else for him to do short of flipping the bird and slowly circling around.

Unsurprisingly, minimal public sympathy has since emerged for the man spearheading the government’s unprecedented attack on the UK’s disabled population through its ruthless, hasty changes to disability benefits.

As a couples’ counsellor will always tell you, it’s important to let someone know how you feel.

Sunday 9th September 2012:

* Up early (0400hrs) to do Spoof diaries.

* Chest pains not good again this morning. Concentration all over the place.

* Put some tatties on the boil, to make meal with sausages and peas for Margaret. Will take it over later to Stew's place.

* Couldn't find one of me hearing aids, it surely has to be near the one laying on the table where I left it?

* Checked my lottery ticket numbers - got one of them, checked me Health lottery ticket - got none of 'em. All normal there then.

My neighbour

* Went over to see Stew and Margaret, had a chinwag and a laugh or two. Seems there was a car fire opposite my abode, judging by the state of the burnt rubber etc on the pavement and road.

* Came back and did the diaries ready for the morning so I can go to launderette.

* Police called about the car-fire asking if I saw anything. Seems there was two more cars torched not far away at around a similar time. If nothing else it brought some real police officers onto the street... that might discourage the local yobs from hanging around a bit... or maybe not.

* Found my hearing aid, it had fell into me shoe!

Monday 10th September 2012:

* Up early (0400hrs) to do diaries in time to go to the launderette.

* Amazing find - outside the launderette, there has been a public telephone box for many years, but as with so many, the use of the mobile phone has lessened the need for these old phone boxes. They have replaced it with an cash machine (ATM) the same size and shape of the old telephone box. I was chatting with the locals, and Margaret is going to start a book on how long it takes for the machine to be robbed, and what type of vehicle will be stolen and used to crash into it. Watch this space...

Tuesday 11th September 2012:

At hospital, only one of five ambulances were NHS
The beautiful sky this morning, where the torched car was. 

* Up at 0415hrs, posted the Spoof diaries, visited the WC, medications taken, WC visited, snacks for QMC staff, paperwork and potatoes to nibble put in bag, WC visited, then noticed it was raining a bit... but it stopped.

* Set off on walk to QMC, passing the new ATM machine that's replaced the telephone box, I noted the local scum-yobs had already done a graffiti job on it.

* On the walk down Gregory Boulevard [i](about I.5 mile in length)[/i] I counted 11 drivers using mobile phones... just thought I'd mention it.

* Just made it to the loo in time at the QMC - nothing like as bad as last week thankfully.

* Got bus back into town, and went to the 99p shop to get some nibbles for Margaret and Stewart. I think the place is closing down soon, the shelves looked awfully bare, and the display stacks had disappeared! Not really surprised, disappointed, but not surprised.

* Got bus back to Carrington, called in top see Margaret and Stew, but they were out.

* Took a couple of photographs this morning, the newspapers really ought to employ me you know?

* Took the water tablets, then did some Spoofing in between visits to the WC.

Wednesday 12th September 2012:

* No Senior Moments to report today, unless of course, one has occurred that had taken affect at a later time, that my limited observational and memory cells had missed, by which time I would have become aware of it s happening in which case it may be recorded elsewhere in this log, if I remember it. [i](I think)[i]

Thursday 13th September 2012:

* Bad wind still emanating painfully from all escape routes this morning.

* Went over to see Stewart, but he's gone out in his Harley-Davidson mobility scooter. Caught him returning, helped him get it back into garage.

* No walks today, spent all day on the laptop. Made some graphics, facebooked, then did Diaries for the morning.

* Only problem was the knees not liking the lack of exercise and stiffening a little painfully - must get out tomorrow for a hobble somewhere. 

* Managed to burn saucepan again - must get another now.

* Got some communications today through email and facebook, I love it when that happens.

Friday 14th September 2012:

* Up at 0400hrs, bit nippy this morning.

* Posted Spoof Diaries and graphic on facebook.

* Decided after seeing Margaret and Stew, I'd walk into town and get bus to Beeston to get some cheapo nosh, and look for a cheap saucepan as I only have one serviceable left, and a kettle with a whistle.

* Walked to town, and caught bus to Beeston. Arrived in Beeston find that since my last visit some years ago, a Tesco Extra had opened opposite where the since closed down fire station was, the car park had been demolished, and the bus station had no times as it was obviously in the middle of the building of the tram lines for the new service.

* In the shopping mall, there was a bank, four charity shops, a B&M, and 14 closed down retail units left, oh, and an Argos. Talk about sad.

* I visited the B&M, and got some Goulash, Alliums, pickled Cucumber, and some biscuits for Margaret. Then hunted around and found a whistling kettle at £4.99, so purchased one.

* Then stood outside in the so called bus station, and with no times on display, I spent a while hobbling from one stop to another as the Nottingham buses got in, only to miss the first four - managed to get one eventually, that tool a route through the Nottingham University grounds - that was a first for me.

* Got in town, and I went in Pound shop to get some Wagon Wheels at 8 for a quid. Margaret and I like these, especially at this price.

*Got bus to Carrington, and walked through to the hovel.

* As I opened the door, the familiar smell of burning greeted me - I'd left the pan on with three potatoes in it. Then realised I forgot to get a saucepan - my current available saucepan is one small one, that I rescued last week, but the lumps of lining missing worry me a bit.

* I rinsed out the new kettle, and put it on the ring to try it out. Eventually the whistle sort of warbled gently a bit as the water boiled - I took out my hearing aids, and could not hear it at all - another plan gone haywire. Hey-ho!

* On laptop to do diaries ready for morning.

Saturday 15th September 2012:

* Oh what an 'orrible night... angina, wind, bladder... oh what an 'orrible night...

* Put me new kettle on, but couldn't hear its whistle without me hearing aids in... and then only just. Made a cuppa, took me medications, and got on laptop.

* Posted Spoof Celebrity Diaries for the day, then went on an unplanned marathon visit to the WC - I read me trolleybus books for a bit - winced with the pain frequently - sang Nat King Cole's 'Unforgettable', Rick Nelsons 'It's up to you', and Billy Fury's 'In thought's of you' - Whistled a while - counted the cracks in the ceiling (42), and within about an hour... success! Pain with it, but a successful evecuation was achieved nonetheless.

* Came down and took an extra painkiller. Then filled pots up with doses of medications for the next few days. Must remember later to go and collect me two months supply from the pharmacist.

* Went over to see Stewart, he was okay - then I walked down to get prescriptions. Bought them back with me called in to see Margaret and Stew, then realised I'd not been given any Pepctac so returned to chemist - waited 30 minutes - to be told none booked. No I'll have to see GP receptionist Monday and ask for prescription.

* Got back to find I'd left the new kettle on a low light, but could not hear the whistle - another clanger.

* Started Spoof diaries for tomorrow, and updated Political and Nottingham mag's.

* Making a cuppa, I flipped the top off of the boiling kettle, and the whistle attachment shot off, instinctively I grabbed at it as it fell into my last remaining saucepan of peas, and I knocked of off the stove. I then had a mess to clean up, and dented last remaining saucepan.

Sunday 16th September 2012:

* Angina bothersome last night. Got up and on the laptop early again (0330hrs). Did diaries and updated the other bits.

* By 0730hrs, I'd had eleven visits to the WC, three for heavy duty evacuations. Going to the GP surgery on Monday, and get another appointment.

* I started to read me book a bit, but concentration was not good, so put on a Goodnight Sweetheart DVD to watch... but the headphones packed up again. Back to the book (Stalingrad).

Monday 17th September 2012:

* Another not so good night - Up at 0400hrs doing the diaries in between passing wind, belching, and nipping to the WC.

* Remembered to go over to the~GP surgery, and requested two medications I was getting short of. But forgot to book appointment with GP.

* Had a walk into Sherwood to get some bread and cooked meat that I thought I'd treat myself to, and get another saucepan from Wilko.

* A chap tapped me on the shoulder at the check-out, I turned to face him, he smiled a knowing smile and said:

"Ayyup, how yer goin' mate?"

Nothing came into my mind regarding who he might be - but I replied: 

"Fine thanks, how are you keeping, I've not seen you since... (I pretended to be thinking)[a ploy I've adopted since the memory started going), and he said:

"Sherwood club, we were in the angling club!"

Were we? I thought.

"How's Bill going nowadays?" he added.

Before I could ask which Bill, again he added:

"It's you who saved me life with that loan, and you showed me how to fish Ironmonger Pond..."

"Do you still live in the flat on Bingham Road?" (I left there in 1983)

"No" I says, "I'm in Carrington now."

"Are you still knockin' that big hairy German lass off?"

At last a memory or two came back to me...
He looked at his watch, and said he had to rush now, take care! and off he went.
Leaving me pondering who he was.
And pining for Griselda, the German lass!
* Went over to see Margaret at Stewart's, took her a meal. Poor girl is still tired, and tomorrow she has to attend a day training session. She is worried about it, because she'd  arranged with Stew to fetch his prescriptions and get them filled. And Stew is away in his social club day. Said as soon as I got back tomorrow from the hospital, I'd call in and explain things to Stew.

Tuesday 18th September 2012:

* Better kip last night. Up at 0330hrs and started on diaries at 0400hrs - all done my 0655hrs. The diaries take shorter bursts of concentration, and I find them easier to compile.

* Got things ready for hospital visit. (Only Warfarin INR level tests).

* Rain forecast for today and the next three days - so put brolly in my bag, for the log hobble/walk to the hospital.

* Also remembered to skip taking the water tablet this morning, as the 90 minute walk to the QMC usually entails the cut-down bladder filling and much pain and discomfort.

Wednesday 19th September 2012:

* Not a good night, new pains in chest.

* Up and on the laptop by 0300hrs. WC visits painful and unsuccessful!

* 10 minute visits for a leak, then at 0610hrs success from the other end!

* Medications taken... oh must remember I'm walking Stew over to the GP later, we've both got to collect prescriptions, and while Stew has his examination, I can take them and have them filled at chemist.

* The electric kettle worked this morning once.

* Went to get lottery ticket. Then to Stew's, over to the GP, picked up both our prescriptions, got them filled at chemist, then took Stew's to his house.

* On laptop doing blog and facebook.

* Burnt the whistling kettle this evening - oh dear, the top and handle melted, acrid smoke... oh dear!

* Left doors open to clear smoke a bit - then settled to carry on with laptop, and Stew's cat which had sneaked in jumped up on me and laptop - didn't half make me jump too!

Thursday 20th September 2012:

* Decent nights kip for a  change.

* Went over to see Stew, then plodded off to Bulwell, got some tins of cheap Goulash, and bits.

* Got back to the hovel, did a bit on facebook, had some nosh, then sat to watch a DVD and collapsed nicely into unconsciousness...

Friday 21st September 2012:

* Blimey... I think I slept for over six hours, great! And apart from the angina, I seem to be feeling fairly fit this morning. Good stuff!

*Went over to see Stew and Margaret, took salad for Margie, had chat, then went into town to get new kettle from Argos that Margaret said was okay and cheapo.

* Walked into town, called at Argos on Upper Parliament Street, but the did not have the cheapo kettle in stock. Undaunted, I hobbled through town to the Argos in Broad Marsh, but didn't have the kettle in stock either.

*Saw the food market was on in town again, took a couple of photographs of stalls.

* When I got back in the hovel, I fell akip...

Saturday 22nd September 2012:

* Up at 0230hrs, made some roast potatoes and Beef curry to take over for Margaret later. Hopefully I will remember to try and get cheapo kettle from Argos at Beeston.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, but they'd gone out. Being Saturday, I thought they might be shopping, so went down to Lidl's and found them. Came back with them and we had a little natter.

* Missed water tablet until later, and walked into town (Nottingham).

* Popped in the Pound World shop in Victoria Centre, and got some nibbles, then saw the queue, and put them back.

* Home to the hovel, and had Goulash and potatoes with some bread, then took water tablet.

Sunday 23th September 2012:

* Amazingly wonderful this morning - No Angina pains! Hurrah!

* Only went out to see Margaret and Stew today.

* Real layabout day, did some graphics, watched a DVD, read some more of Ferkin (this was a genuine senior typing Ferkin, it should of course been 'Berlin - the Downfall. Concentration not good again.

Monday 24th September 2012:

* Good kip, and only got up to visit WC about four times! Didn't get up proper until gone 0700hrs!

* Did graphic on the left for Facebook - no idea why I did though. But I do enjoy learning as I use Coreldraw.

* Made some nosh for my beloved Margaret, will take it over with the laptop later to show her the photo-page of her on Facebook.

*Dead chuffed with the new cheapo-economy electric kettle - the main reason being it turns itself off and I cannot boil it into a tangled mess of metal and plastic like I did the hob kettle. I wish I'd took a photo of it now.

* The rain has been pouring all the time up to now (0845hrs), so I'll see what it's like after going over to ogle, adore, and fawn over Margaret later. But I really should have a walk today, missing yesterday's and all that idleness that came over me. But GP say's in my condition I must avoid colds that might turn into glu... glu? I mean Flu.

* The rain persisted down - so I resisted going on a walk - for which I am sure my knees will let me know they do not like inactivity tomorrow!

Tuesday 25th September 2012:

* No hospital Warfarin INR level tests today - the fool's left it a fortnight last time.

* Couldn't get to sleep last night, so when I managed it taking extra painkillers, I slept in late for me, didn't get up until 0700hrs.

* Cuppa, ablutions and got washing ready to launderette.

* Walked to launderette and put togs in two machines - then popped out and took a photograph of the new cash machine (that has not yet been attacked... graffiti'd yes, but not raided up to now). I noticed they have added an al fresco pay phone on the side of it.

* The Free Cash sign disappointed a few hopeful locals who thought the cash was actually free, not just free to withdraw.

* Went over the road to visit Margaret and Stew. Margaret was looking lovely again, and Stew was on good form.

* Decided to have a walk into Nottingham and catch bus to West Bridgford Morrison's, to get some potatoes, tomatoes, and cheap tinned curry.

* The high winds were horrible to walk in, but I got there and bought the cheap tinned curry. The tomatoes were too expensive, and the potatoes crap.

Wednesday 26th September 2012:

* Up around 0430hrs, a decent nights sleep. Nodded off early. Made a cuppa, and went on Facebook. Then made a graphic in Coreldraw, just for gun. I been fun.

* Visited the WC, got bits ready for Margaret, made another cuppa, visited the WC, checked the weather... no rain, but looking threatening.

* Just remembered a bit of a dream I had last night. I was in Stalingrad, in a cellar, starving, freezing, my rifle had frozen, and dead bodies all around me. Not the first time I've had that scenario in a dream. Couldn't tell if I was German, Romanian or Russian though, but I was about to snuff it.

Thursday 27th September 2012:

* Horrendous dreams last night, can only remember bits though - a fire, and falling. Felt pretty unsettled when I woke up proper about 0500hrs.

* To the WC, made a cuppa, put laptop on, to the WC - Laptop struggling to cope, all sorts of messages - this plug-in failed, heavy usage on Coreldraw, Google Chrome etc, not looking good!

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew. Had a chin-wag and a laugh or two, despite poor Margaret having had plumbing problems - in the house I mean. 

* Decided to have a walk to the Arboretum, and take a photo of where I was mugged last year to put on Facebook. Got as far as Gregory Boulevard and realised I'd got the jeans on, and had left me money and card in the other trousers - and I'f forgot to change the batteries on the camera.

* Had a walk back to the hovel, swapped the batteries putting the used ones on charge, picked up some coins, and the cash card, and off again - but decided to go to Asda and get some potatoes if they had any.

* Got a bag of tatties, and overspent on other stuff from Asda. Oh dear!

* As I left Asda, a police van pulled up, and five officers got our and started looking around, they were later joined by two other vans and a car - be interesting to see what that was all about.

* Got some cheese covered cobs from Lidl on the way back.

* Used the last of the ham in cobs, sliced tomatoes, and two cups of tea, followed by an out of date mandarin yoghort I found at back of the fridge (Only by one day).

* No angina pains either as I nodded off! Great!

Friday 28th September 2012:

* Decent nights kip at last.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, but Margie not there, and Stew going out with neighbour shopping. So I had a walk down to the shops and got bread, tin of herrings, and potatoes... by gum I live well!

* Looking like rain, so no walkies today for me - at least I can take me water tablets without worrying. But I'm sad about not seeing Margaret. 

Saturday 29th September 2012:

* Up at 0300hrs with much pain from the stomach and angina I'm afraid. Not good.

* Had a look at Facebook, and found a couple of gems had been created by Skoob and Francois Dubois on the Spoof. Fived, and Stumbled them.

* Created what I thought was a decent satirical graphic on Facebook (pic) denigrating our beloved animalistic politicians. Managed to get a couple of responses.

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew, but Margaret not there again this morning, she has problems as I said, with her plumbing. Miss seeing her, I hope she can get it sorted out soon.

* Had a walk out to the forest to see the Goose Fair site developing ready for the start of it all on the 31 Oct. Apart from Stewart, I have not spoken to a real person for two days... so I chatted with the pigeons on the Forest.

* Went into Asda, and did me weekend shopping, spent £2.48 on bleach, 2 bananas, and a tin of Smartprice mince. (Huh!)

* Had dizzy spell late afternoon (first one for ages), a bit vague of events afterwards.

Sunday 30th September 2012:

* Up about 0430, felt okay but depressed a little.

* Caught up on Facebook and then did this blog update.

* Couldn't get rid of the feeling gown and low feeling?

* Went over to see Margaret and Stew. Wind bad, thought about going to NHS centre, but went on walkabout and felt a little better later.

Took a couple of photo's of Goose Fair in the making, and walked back to the hovel. Only a short walk today.

* October may bring a bit of better luck I hope.