Sunday, 17 January 2016

Inchcock Today Sat 16 January 2016: The TV had some good proggies on it, shame cause I nodded off too soon again. Huh!


Saturday 16th January 2016

I stirred an hour after finally getting off to sleep; it was around 0400hrs. Anne Gina was rampant again. Tsk!

T'was good news in the bathroom, though. 'Little Inchy' had hardly bled at all, no blood from the rear end and Arthur Itis was not as bad as yesterday in the knees.

As I was doing my ablutions, some part of the dream I'd had came back to me, not a lot mind. The puzzle to me was, as I'd only had an hours kip, how did I find time to dream? Hehe!

Seems I was running about on the tops of building again, trying, I think to get into them? But each time I gained entry, I'd vacillate then try to gain entry by another door, chimney or removing roof tiles? Patti Beckert appeared at one time, and started to paint me on the roof?Very odd this one was.

Made a cuppa, took my medications, then cleaned up last night's mess I'd left from cooking me grub.Clearing away the stuff, I took a photo of the Branston Smokey BBQ sauce I'd bought yesterday and tried with my evening meal.It is exquisite and tangy.

I can recommend it to anyone who likes BBQ flavoured stuff. I got it from Sainsburys.

I set about finishing Thursday's blog and starting this one off.

The calls to the porcelain were frequent and a little irritating, but getting to the bathroom was easier each time, as the arthritis was less bothersome this morning.

I started doing some Facebooking.

Tried to sort the WordPress to allow me to use the old style editor again, no luck. Using Blogger for my Diaries, and Wordpress for all the other stuff at the moment.

Spent some time trying to find a way of adding a like button to Blogger, there is some advice on how to do it, but it is in HMTL and I'm not intelligent enough to grasp how to do it yet. Huh!

Did some more Facebooking and then some graphics for WordPress.

Not one of my best, though!
I created an ode about seeking my final epitaph.I thought it was okay as humour and satire go, but not one of my best.

The stomach started churning.

Despite my physical inactivity and no walks or exercise.And Arthur Itis was being kind to me today.Anne Gina, on the other hand, was determined to give me bother; And doing a good job of it. Tsk!

Decided to get my nosh prepared a little earlier than I normally would.I made a little too much again. Seasoned baked beans, Anya potatoes, Irish Potato Farls, bacon, chestnuts, sour bread and a mini potato pie. A bit of fruit to follow.

Rated this one 9.2/10, the little meat and potato pie let it down. Hey-ho.

I scrapped an awful lot of uneaten fodder into the bin and cleaned up the kitchen.

With the darkness coming on it made a decent photo from the kitchen window.

I then tried to amend the colour on the attrition box on Blogger, and made such a mess of it and couldn't get it back to how I wanted it! Humph!

I lost about three hours before I got the 'Like' button back on, but couldn't change some of the colours of the text'.
I might have made a mistake in coming back to Blogger - as the edit function was not working visually all day.

Well, peed off with it now.

Got settled to watch the google-box and naturally nodded of nicely.

Woke up every half hour or so again.

Getting fed-up with this as well now.

TTFN all.

Saturday, 16 January 2016

Gerald's Dairy: Inchcock Today Fri 15 Jan 16: Messy day!

Gerald's Like button

Inchcock Gerald has now managed to get a Like button at the bottom of his posts on Blogger.

It only took him two and a half hours and many failed attempts. He is thick yer know Hehe!

Tickled pink now!

TTFN all.


Friday, 15 January 2016

Inchcock Today. Thur 14 Jan 16: Slow day


Thursday 14th January 2016

I woke up at 0555 hrs, springing into life with such a jolt I nearly fell out of the chair! I assume I must have been in the middle of a dream of some sort, but can recall none of it at all! Tsk!
Little Inchy and Anne Gina were both giving me some hassle from the off.
No under-tongue medication left to treat Anne; so I took an extra painkiller with my medications and cuppa.
To the WC and investigated why Little Inchy was so painful. He was bleeding a bit, but didn't look swollen, matted or inflamed as he often does? A mystery here.
The back passage was free of blood, that's got to be good.
Had a wash and brush-up.
The Asda delivery arrived.
P1020865I think next time I order from Asda, I'll just ask them what I want!
Substitutes and Unavailable Items took up most of the first A4 page that came with the few things I'd actually ordered.
Huh! Tsk! and Humph!
I put the unwanted goods away in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.
I sent an email to Steve of Age UK telling him that I'd now got the key for the house and made a copy so he can collect them whenever he likes. I sent a text message of the same content yesterday to him. I just hope he can come today to collect them, and get the work started that's needed in the old house and get things moving with the sale of it!
Then I can show him the letter I've had from the Bank, and try to get him to make some sense of what it is all about? Information Sheet; Basic information about the protection of your eligible deposits?
So as I had to be in for Steve UK to arrive, and BJ's visitation I Pottered about for hours on the laptop, not getting much done.
Settled in my armchair, and started to read my book.

The phone tinkled and Steve was coming up to see me.

It's getting late now and no BJ.

I rang him and got no answer.

I hope he's doing alright. I'll pop in and see him in the morning if he doesn't arrive tonight.

Got the nosh prepared.

Chopped tomatoes, hot dog sausages and smoked
streaky bacon. Marvellous tasty meal!

Rated it at 9.6/10.

Steve Age UK arrived in a rush.

He collected the keys ad had a quick look at the letter from the bank, told me not to worry about it. Then he shot off into the night.

So tired again now.

Settled in me chair took the medications, drifted off and then woke several times.

It went like that for hours. Then, then the angina started playing up and couldn't get off to sleep until it was time for me to get up again!


Friday, 1 August 2014

Gerald's Diary for August 2014

Friday 1st August 2014

What a flaming night, I wus awake more than asleep... until it came time to gerrup, then I fell asleep! Cor blimey.

The cramps were ‘orrible, the nightmares every time I nodded off fer a few minutes, the angina, the piles... but hey-ho, I’m still ‘ere. (Well, I think I am... what is reality after all? – summat different to every person innit like?... is it?)

Took the bins out fer me and me neighbour – noticing how she had artistically decorated hers with maggots inside and out. I thought the bin men... sorry, I should have said Council Waste Management and Disposal Technician, would refuse to empty it – but no, he did? Nothing to do with her being a suntanned, nubile young thing that looks like a model and know it you think?

Set to work on me blogging and emails.

Gorra wash shave and brush-up, and had a walk into town. Then had a hobble around town.

Took some photo's: One of a van driving down the pavement with his hazard lights on, pedestrians a running!

Caught the bus home, and read a letter that I got from Age Concern- very nice detail about their 'Age Concern Funeral Plan' that I took out with em.
28 day money back guarantee! - Lot o' good that'll do me when I've croaked... unless they bury me alive and I get out of the grave and claim me money back! Hehehe!

When I got back to the house, it poured with rain, I observed a gang of six yobs in the opposite gateway across from me house. Four bigguns, and two little uns. The rain stopped after a few minutes, but so did they. Kicking footballs and threatening passing drivers for nearly an hour.

After they had gone, I updated this tosh, with the photo on the left, not a good one, but it proves they were there.

Made up some black bags of unwanted stuff for Sister Jane and Brother-in-law Pete, who will kindly sort it out for me. Phoned Pete, told him what was happening, and that the bags were ready at his convenience.

Oh ‘eck... I’ve missed me evening medications with all this hassle. Never mind, only an hour late, should be okay.
TTFN all.

Saturday 2nd August 2014

Another lousy night of nightmares and fear.
Awoke 0430hrs; with trepidation and cramps givin’ me some bother.
O530, down the stairs (carefully) and put kettle on. I took out waste-bags to the bins. Nice morning, drizzling, I hope it stays that way to help ward off any yobs from giving me hassle.
Made cuppa and porridge pot, started laptop to check blogs and emails and took me medications.
Posted Part 20:Inchies Woes, and a letter to LOMM.
Damned rain has stopped.
Feeling low, sorry, depression has returned.

Sunday 3rd August 2014

Springing awake every ten minutes throughout the night, horrid dreams again. I can’t recall fine details, but somehow know I was trying get somewhere, but everything kept stopping me, and someone who was with me, don’t know who. Bits from my past working life seemed involved somewhere... weird, and damned repetitive too. Tsk!
Got up around 0555hrs and used the WC, no blood today from either end. But feeling low, down, depressed... I hate feeling like this. And so drained with it?
Got down and made a cuppa, took medications, passed so wind ferociously I almost lifted meself off the floor, and the pain that accompanied it, informed me I’d started me rear-end piles bleeding. Cleaned meself up, put cream on, took an extra codeine painkiller.
I put it down to my having Beef Goulash for supper. I’ve not had any for ages, now I remember why. Tut!
My American cyber-friend Patti, commented on one of my blogs, that cheered me up a bit, a wonderful brave gal Patti.
Did some more work on me webs pages.

Wanted to get out and stretch me knees a bit, but yob gangs frequently passing by outside put me off.
I'm getting  fed up with this being scared all the time.

Monday 4th August 2014

Up after another nasty nightmare filled night at about 0430hrs.

Morrison's delivery expected this morning twixt 0700 and 0800hrs.

BT internet playing up again. Made cuppa, took medications.

Searched for the DVD I'd ordered three weeks ago from HMV, and collected last Friday. ‘The Big Job’. Sid James, Dick Emery, Jim Dale, a good old comedy. Tried to watch it last night, but HMV had left the security thingy on it, so I wanted to put in bag now, so I could return it and get em to remove it. But couldn’t find it – Tsk!

BT internet connection crap, now gone all together (0525hrs) Got laundry things ready for after delivery of nosh.

BT back on-line 0550 hrs. Nice of em innit?
BT back OFF-LINE 0556 hrs. Reset box again... Gits!
BT back on-line 0600 hrs.
BT back OFF-LINE 0601 hrs.
BT back on-line 0604 hrs.
I lost connection between 0550hrs and 0620 hrs about eight/nine times! Grrrr, had to keep resetting or rebooting. Gave up.
Anyone else on BT, How's your connection today?

Morrison’s delivered at 0734 hrs. Put the stuff away. (Well, some of it).

0800 hrs, ablutions and got launderette togs ready, so much to take I could hardly carry em.

On the way to the launderette, an amoeba belted passed me on a push-bike un frit me half to death, almost hit me. I called out, and soon learnt he was an experienced driver by the finger sign he gave me as he disappeared into the distance, bless him!

At the launderette, I had a good laugh with the gal there, and we tried to do a crossword. Cheered me up that did.

Back to the hovel, put togs away (Well, dropped the bags upstairs), and did another search for the DVD – and wallah; I found it. Where you might ask... er... in the bath actually, don’t ask why it was there, I don’t know.

Took an apple and pack of seaweed to eat on me walk into town. Must remember to take the DVD back to be opened.

Called on me way, to tell... oh I forget her name now, the laundry gal that I’d found the DVD. She did laugh...

Hobbling into town, halfway up the hill on Mansfield Road near the 
cemetery, blow me if someone else didn’t belt passed me on a bike on the pavement, nearly knocking me over. I’m getting fed up with these near misses from bikers.

Went into Tesco and got me Krakowska meat. Then limped into the slab square, took a photo of the disgusting children’s fountain and paddling pool. Dumped at the end of it, were beer cans and bottles, cigarette ends, sweet wrappers, crisp packets etc.

Proceeded, (I could have written carried on to, or Then, but I like typing Proceeded) along to the bank to extract some money and get me balance (Oh dear me).

Then took a walk to Aldi, and got some of their excellent Lemon cheesecakes and Porridge pots (what Lidl have stopped selling).

To HMV and got me DVD lock thingy taken off.

Feet and knees on bad shape now, so wandered to the bus stop, and caught one back to Beirut... I mean Carrington. As I got off the bus, a bloody motorcyclist this time, nearly hit me, as he drove on the pavement to the chip shop! I bravely took his photo from behind him.

I tottered back to the dump, and made a nice cup of Punjana tea bags. They are very good and strong, and they’re on offer at the moment at Morrison’s too, 49p off.

Started the laptop, and the BT connection was okay, perhaps they think I’m still in town?

1500 hrs BT connection down... Tsk! Back up 1509 hrs.

Started to do graphics for Letters to LOMM 8

Gang of about eight youths swaggering up the centre of the street. Hope they keep moving.

Getting on with graphics.

Yobs lurking outside again, going to go upstairs out of the way.

I’ll post this and try to remember to carry on the next from this time.

Must remember to take me medications up with me.

Tuesday 5th August 2014

From 1830hrs Monday 4th August 2014:
I was just about to ring Brother in law Pete, and he rang me. Hope to meet him tomorrow after the medical treatment. Must ask him to take some photo’s.

Had a nosh of microwave chips, Krakowski and seaweed, and a bag of Quavers, followed by two orange lollies. (How’s that for two fingers to the ‘Eat Properly brigade?)

I watched the DVD of Dick Emery’s film; “Oh you are awful!” So politically incorrect, but hilarious!

The nights limited amount of sleep was again nightmare ridden, but again, I can remember nothing of them, other than they were scary and worrying. 

Each time I got up to relief myself (At least ten times!) I’d remember a bit of them and tell myself to remember so as to report here on me blog... but no.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to get to the hospital today, without my minimal bladder being tested, crossed fingers.

Up at 0500 hrs, laptop on to start this tosh, cuppa and took medications.

0600 hrs, failed to get on, getting a part view of the screen that’s all. Tried email and other sites, they seem okay. Seems they are having technical troubles of some sort? Hope it gets sorted for when I get back from the hospital, otherwise I might crack-up altogether if I can’t blog... oh dear!

Wednesday 6th August 2014

No sleep through the night as such, feeling tired and weak.
0500hrs: WC, started laptop, WC, made a cuppa and pot of porridge (added a spot of honey, ah the good life), WC.
Did graphics for this blog, WC, Made another cuppa, Asda delivery arrived 0630 hrs. WC.
Now I can’t get into me Emails? What next... oh, it’s come up now.
I posted blog posts and started writing and graphics for me next one.
Several visits to the WC.
Got meself sorted a bit, still not feeling very great, but managed to get meself around to the doctors to pick up me extra prescriptions. Didn’t actually get there though... I remembered it was Wednesday and not Thursday, the day I was to pick up the prescription.
Wearily back to the hovel.
Visit to the WC.
Saw a policeman on foot on the street when I got back – yes an actual policeman (Well, a CPO) on our street, never been known for ages.
Couldn’t muster up any energy today. Angina playing up too, I feel so tired.
But I’m eating, boy am I eating. Made some instant mash with onions, added cheese granules, some cooked ham, seaweed, peas, and bread. Followed by two suckers and an ice-cream.
Followed later as I lay there praying for sleep – by bags of Marmite crisps and walnuts.
Visit to the WC.
Drained, I lay there still waiting for sleep, as I listened to the radio, read me book, watched  a DVD... oh and several visits to the porcelain.
TTFN all...

Thursday 7th August 2014

Not much kip again, but at least I got some in last night.
First job my sixth visit of the night to the WC.
Laptop on, had a cuppa and porridge. Had a great time creating commenting on a few and reading blogs. BT internet only went down a few time this morning.
About 1230hrs did me ablutions, WC, got ready to go and pick up my extra prescription from the GP. WC’d before I left.
Got prescription from the surgery, and set off on a walk (limp) into town.
Walked passed the chemists forgetting to get me medications – I blame the fact that I was noshing a banana.
In town, I caught a bus out to Derby.
I fed the pigeons behind the bus station. Noticed how low the water was, this revealed a new shopping trolley in the Derwent.
Had a hobble around, noticed all the people seemed in a bad mood there.
Walked out and caught bus to Mansfield.
In Mansfield, I realised that the people of Derby, were in fact not in a bad mood. What a depressing place the market there was today. Folk already staggering sloshed out of the pubs, people arguing, oh dearie me.
I bought a crossword book from the arcade, and made my way back to the bus station. I could smell food cooking somewhere, so was forced to investigate in the shop. Boy did I have a job telling her I had bought the crossword book from somewhere else.
Caught the bus back to Carrington, it was busy with passengers by then, and I had the company of a foreign lady on the seat in front speaking non-stop on her mobile, and a deep voiced loud chap on his mobile in the seat behind. Proper headache by the time I got off the bus. Neither stopped talking for over an hour.
I got off the bus as I had cunningly planned, near the chemists. Went in and they dispensed me prescription for me within fifteen minutes as I started me crossword book off.
Good job there was some extra pain-killers, had to take a couple straight away for me headache. Tsk!
Struggled home, knees and feet bad now. Got in, put the kettle on, and then went back out to the chemists to pick up me crossword book.
Back to the hovel again. WC.
Had a Cornish pastie peas and microwave chips – naughty but nice, followed by an orange jelly. I just don’t care yer know!
Took laptop up to do this blog. WC.
Not one of me most exciting days, but at least I got out a bit, must phone Jane again later and try and cheer her up a tad.

TTFN till later...

Sunday 10th August 2014

I feel rather sad really, realising the many things I had come to expect to see and enjoy on my daily hobble into Nottingham and by bus-ride back home again.

The things I miss most:

* The skills I’ve acquired over the years in avoiding the dog poo and broken bottles on the way to the main road.
* Checking for the gangs of yobs, and taking a different route.
* The skilful way I avoid the stones thrown at me, and ignore having my parentage questioned by the little mites in the playground as I pass the Junior school.
Walk 04* I’ll often stand outside Starbucks, Caffe Nero or Costa Coffee, and sniff in the aroma, watching the people inside who can afford £2.99 for a cup of the horrible stuff.
* The pleasure of guessing to myself, where the next road blocked off while the police investigate the murder, stabbing, or fire-bombing that took place the previous night will be situated.
* Using my vast experience and skills in spotting and avoiding the beggars, Big Issue sellers, Muslim converters and pickpockets as I approach the city centre.
* Observing the playful way in which the shoplifters are occasionally removed from the stores into the police vehicles.
* Popping into the 99p store to be short-changed, sneered at and overcharged, I have to appreciate their consistency.
* Moving along to the Pound shop and getting out without physical injury is very rewarding – reminds me of jumble sales in the 1960’s.
* The St Peter’s Church area. Where one can find Jehovah’s witnesses, Muslims’ and of odd Christian spouting their beliefs.
* The clever way in which I take the routes less likely to be shat on by the pigeons, not always successfully I admit… all this experience is invaluable.
* To stand and watch Himmler, the parking attendant, with his chest out, and weighed down with all his pouches, machines, and tackle around his midriff, strutting up and down Mansfield Road, as he totally ignores cars parked on the pavement, and in the disabled bay. I often wondered if his ticket machine actually works, I’ve never seen him use it yet this year (or last year come to that!)
Walk 003* The lunchtime drunks falling out of the pubs can be entertaining too.
* I often wonder if I am the only person to see the drug dealing going on in the city library and McDonald’s.
* Avoiding the gangs of lager swilling pot smoking scary looking gentlemen who gather outside of the three benefit offices in the city centre is an essential part of surviving a walk through town. But I have to take care not to trip over any of empty strong lager cans.
Walk02* Passing the many Pay-Day loan outlets is a bit depressing though. Not often I see any customers in them, but they always seem to be someone smoking, with a pram with toddler and beer cans in it, and a few kids with them. The kids are usually trying their best to destroy the furniture in the office.
* The gentle whiff of rotting decay rising from the canal, as the ducks try to navigate around the shopping trolleys, condoms, empty cider bottles, and bicycles to get to the bread I’ve thrown in for them is always worth a look.
* The constant melodious sound of intruder alarms, car, and emergency vehicle sirens and klaxon’s, mingle with voices and curses of people being arrested, the children swearing, and the many different languages being spoken, all blend together to create a distinctively Nottingham sound that should be appreciated.
* A quick check on the many Charity shops – but they cannot help me!
* I might pop into the Arboretum to feed the ducks, get mugged, on my way to a meeting with my financial advisor (Social Security Benefits Office).
* An essential part of my strolls through the City Centre is to count the many and ever increasing number of retail premises closed down, for sale, lease, or rent. I do a report each month for the Outer Peruvian Pregnant Kangaroo Appreciation Society’s newsletter, although they have never printed one yet.
* The pleasant group of youths who congregate in the slab square near the fountains are worth a watch while I rest me weary feet and legs and eat me seaweed. I think the one with four ear-rings, a nose ring, smudged tattoos on his neck and green dyed hair is the best of them at seeing how far they can spit into the paddling pool area.
Walk 05* Having been hit four times by Mobility Scooters (Or the people supposedly driving them) I am on tenterhooks when in the city centre. So I have to try and keep an eye out for them while trying to keep me balance walking, and watching for potential muggers. (I’ve been mugged twice as well).
Oh I do miss my daily walk into Nottingham!

Monday, 30 June 2014

Diary of Woes - July 2014

You can see he's excited about his new Poundshop hat
He's left the label on it! The twit!

Tuesday 1st July 2014

Awoke, and could remember bits of the last of the many dreams I had.
The Meadows, driving around with someone in the car, looking for somewhere, but didn't know where it was. Wilford Road area in the dream. Really frustrating.

Started laptop, made cuppa and got me grape-nut flakes ready. Took medications with em.

Feeling very tired? Had a dizzy coming down the stairs - might be due to the fact that I missed me evening medications? Angina not too bad, reflux valve sticking again, feet bad, chest okay, Arthur Itis knees fair, fingers fine. But feeling so low.

Started to make up today's ode: Many other poor sods out there will apppreciate that I am working using BT internet - thus having to put with outages all the time, Grrrr!

I just can't give my life any accreditation,
My mind will not allow me any relaxation,
How I've lived it, is an abomination,
Can't expect any commiseration,
Don't deserve it, just derogation,
Something is beyond my expectation,
Jane and Pete, give me much help and elation,
They help me cope with life's deprivation,
And live with the ever present frustration!

Thanks to Jane and Pete.

Up to do me ablutions. Bit of blood. Cut meself shaving, took a while to stop it bleeding. Stubbed me toe (again, hehe!)

Ablutions finished - bit of fun getting me socks on... talk about grunt and swear. (Hehe!)
Now me bloomin' knees have started... (Tsk)

Early mornin' yobboes on the street? Huh! Waiting for the arrival of Morrisons nosh now. So updated this page, and read BBC news site.

Set off on me walk to the QMC for me INR tests - got as far as the end of the road, realised I got me reading glasses on. Returned to the decaying cubbyhole and changed em. (Huh!)

Noticed naughty parker outside the school.

Saw youth throw down a drinks pack and stamp on it as he walked to school.
I asked him if he intended to pick it up and place it in the rubbish bin ten yards away.
He just mentions a pair of my bodily parts, and carried on.
Big Asian lad, so I left it there.
Shame really, but there you are. If I'd persisted I dread to think what might have happened.

Pressed on, limping a bit now with the knees and feet.

Arrived at the hospital, took 1 hr 35 mins, might have been a record that I think.
Took me ticket, and was in being done 5 minutes later!
Had a natter and joke wiv the nurses as they were not busy - a rarity that.

Caught bus into Bulwell from outside the QMC. Read the Metro en route. Very sunny and warm this morning. Arrived around 1018hrs.
Had a wander around the shops, nothing cheap or appealling other than some curried baked beans from B&M.
Wandered around the river bank a bit.

Caught bus back to Carrington. Wearily.

Made a cuppa, and went of the internet for a while.

Felt suddenly very weak and more tired. Hibernated upstairs. Tried reading, watching DVD, but kept falling asleep for a few minutes all the time. Coughing and sneezing.

Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Horrible night. Sniffles coughing kept me awake for most of it.

Made a cuppa, and did me porridge with some honey in it. WC visits, no blood.
Feeling so very tired and weak.
Sorted some medication pots for the week.

Set off on a walk to the City - didn't forget to take anything either... mind you when I hobbled into town I realised i should hav ebeen taking me dirty togs to the launderette - huh!
Took a photo of two kids in slab square, really enjoying themselves!

I thought the water was a bit deep for them, but mother nearby was on Facebook, so I assumed she was keeping an eye on them between texting or whatever she was doing on the web..
Had a look in the DVD shop - but resisted buying any!
Went to the Chinese shop, and bought some seaweed, then limped to Broad Marsh Centre and the 99p shop - got some nibbles for Jane and the nurses.
Gave a quid to a big issue seller.
Went to Tesco, and got some of their seaweed, a bit cheaper than the Chinese shop, but far less choice.
Walked to the bus stop to go back to the bomb-site, narrowly avoiding a turd on a bike knocking me over!

Got back, out kettle on, started laptop and updated this crap.
Wrote a poem and sent it via email to Sister Jane.

Hello hello there Sister Jane,
It's your brother yet once again,
The one that's a bit of a pain,
To test your knowledge and brain,
Once more a day of trying to stay sane,
Wonder if the doctor will give me novocaine?
Having beef in black beans, not chow-mien,

Got some seaweed this morning from the city,
Still expensive and that's a pity,
Water chestnuts - keep in the fridge can you tell me?

Kept from weakening and heating me Beef in Black Bean sauce ready meal yet.
Feet and knees bad. Going to try and do some paper sorting of the rubbish I've accrued - it's got to be done!

Thursday 3rd July 2014

Woke up depressed. nowt changed from yesterday when I was not so bad at all?

No ablutions yet.

Had a cuppa and porridge with a tiny spot of lemon honey... nice!
Put laptop on and tried to post some stuff, but could not get the hang of it - tut!
Potted about on various news sites etc. Did email to Jane.

Thought I'd  get off the computer, and try to force meself to make up some bags for sorting - then realised me arms were itching again, took a look, and found large rash up from the wrist to just above the elbow. Mmmm I thought, don't like the look of that. It might be something to do with the sniffles I've got? Decided to go to the NHS call-in centre.

So up to me ablutions and change ready for the walk to the city centre - blood again from the rear, I'll mention that to em as well, if I remember. Huh!

Off the the call-in centre. Walked to town.

Logged in at the NHS Call-in Centre, and waited to be called. Did some of me crossword book, got a few too.

Called into another waiting area. Continued with crossword book.

Called in to see nurse. Told me make appointment with my GP.

Called into Primark (nothing but quality for me yer know!)
Got some cheapo undies and socks so I could make it to the launderette without running out of clean clothes.

Caught the bus back to the hovel/pit.
Called into GP to make appointment - and got in today! At 1540hrs!

No yobs around. Got in and put laptop on and made a welcome cuppa.
Coughing a bit. still feeling tired and weakish though.

Had several cuppas (thirst put down to me havin' a cold), went on web.

Got meself washed, and set off for the surgery appointment.

Arrived at GP - logged in, did crossword in book (well, I got two answers), then was called in to see the GP, a locum chappie-man.
He looked at the arm, and gave me prescription for some cream, and the medications I was short of: 30g Codiene, Bisorolol beta-blockers.
Walked to chemist to get the prescription filled, then on to shop for some bread.

Back at the funny farm I 'd got me salad ready earlier, and consumed it with relish. But could not eat it all, the cold and tiredness saw to that I think.

Tried to get some kip. Watched DVD. Rang Jane, no reply (busy gal), rang Pete (busy decorating at home), had a chat, he's doing alright. Finished of me book. So tired, but when I got off kept waking it seemed every five minutes? Huh!

Friday 4th July 2014

Gave up trying to sleep, gorrup and made a cuppa.
Put bins out ready.

A Gerry Classic Moment!
Whilst stirring me just made second cuppa tea - a gigantic mammoth thunderous sneeze emitted from it seemed me whole body....My right hearing aid dislodged itself and landed in me mug of tea without touching the sides!
Cor Blimey I said! (well not exactly)
I just hope it works when it dries out.

Still feeling shagged out and weary - but determined to have a walk into town, and catch bus to Jane and Pete's with some nibbbles wot I got em.

A Gerry Classic Moment Two!
I'd found some old spectacles to take for Jane for her charity place, and had washed em the other day - suddenly remembering them, I thought I'd better put em in the bag now, before I forget - but I'd forgot where I put em!

Found the spectacles, put em in the bag. 

Off to see Jane and Pete, walked to town, then caught bus to West Bridgford. Cheered up a bit now.

Jane and Pete were working in their garden when I arrived.
Had a chinwag and cuppa.

A Gerry Classic Moment Three!
Caught bus back to town, then a bus to Bulwell, but fell asleep and woke up in Chesterfield. You've got to laugh.

Back at the dump. Made salad. Watched a DVD, Death Wish2. Phoned Jane to see how they were after their gardening exertions. Told Jane about me falling asleep on the bus, thought she'd see the funny side too.

1900: Depression returned for no reason.

Saturday 5th July 2014

Gorrup feelin' so low, feeling isolated and angry at missen for some reason, scared of summat and everything, sniffling, Arthur Itis on the prowl and a headache of rather large proportions. I don't like feeling like this at all. I'll see how things develop.

Problems with the WC activities. Oh dear!

Laptop on, cuppa and porridge pot made, medications taken.
checked emails, Perused BBC news site. Without much enthusiasm. Raining, that might keep the yobs down a bit, if it continues into the day.

Slow day, but took ages to get rid of the paperwork - shredder packed up again!

Sunday 6th July 2014

Up and to loo... Phoo! No blood, but knees a bit worse this morning, angina fine, sniffled and breathing in sharply continues, due I suppose the cold wot I got.

Did some black bags up, then phoned Pete to see how they are gettin' on.

0600: Had me cuppa and grape nut flakes, and got on the laptop.
Pete phoned, Jane and him are ging out nearby to the dump, and will call in to pick up the black bags - jolly decent. He told me he's found coins on the floor again this mprning on his way back from the shops in West Bridgford.

Did some more bags up... well one!

0915: Made a graphic of a chap picking a coin up from the pavement, and put Pete's head on it. I'll send this to him via email for a laugh.

Well, you've gorra 'ave a laugh ain't yer?

Jane and Pete arrived.
Had a chat, and they picked up the many black bags to sort out for me, and Jane gave me a Bisto Shepard's pie she got from Farmfood's. Very tasty, I had one a bit ago, and have just ordered one from Morrison's home delivery, for Tuesday on offer at 99p.
Damned decent of em to keep helping me out I can tell yers.

Started doing a bit of sorting in one of the cuboards in the kitchen, didn't half crack me head on the cupbpoard door - Huh!

Then I started to create me new blog on Wordpress - but it ain't as good as this Google one, yer can't change yer fonts or the colour without you have to buy an upgrade to allow yer to do it. New 2nd blog -

Took me ages to sort out how to do it. (The blog set-up).
Well I must get me nosh now, and do me ablutions. TTFN all, unitl the morning. (I hope)

Monday 7th July 2014

I awoke this morning and immediately realised I had more variety in life than most folk.
I find a different person awakes each morning - sometimes (not many though) a chirpy little podgy bloke greet me when I awake - or perhaps a depressed lethargic suicidal failure of a pathetically inept decrepit bloke emerges.

Blood from me lower regions. Scary, took ages to stop it flowing - what a mess! Must tell em at the QMC tomorrow. Still flowing on and off, cancelled launderette. Later bent down to sort some paperwork and it was flowing again! 'Tsk!'

No doing anything remotely approaching physical until I'm sure it's stopped.

Tuesday 8th July 2014

Woke up, feeling well knackered Got to sleep again around 040hrs.

Woke up again, gave up trying to get to sleep, and arose about 0500hrs.

Laptop on, cuppa and porridge, not feeling to bad at the moment, just tired and weak

WC functions carried out without pain or blood.

Finished the graphic on the left, and sent it to Clivey-boy to use on his website SOZ.
Good innit?

Morrisons delivery arrived - 3 substitutions, but they were okay.

Set out, to catch bus into City, then bus to QMC.
When I arrived at the hospital, it all went smoothly and amazingly quickly. Took ticket for the INR test, and was in, done and out in ten minutes!
Went up to haematology for injection into me ticker... all done in ten minutes!
Went to the Renal, and was seen immediately, because the two appointments before me had not arrived! Out of there in half an hour.
Went to have me stitches checked, and was all done and out in an hour!

Was walking back to town along Derby Road.

Called into opticians to see about a pair of reading specs - £50 all in! Great, ordered them.
Bought a packet of seaweed from the Chinese shop on Friar Lane.
Called in the Pound Shop to see if they had any belts in. I'm losing weight so fast, I'm worried about sneezing in case me trousers fall down. Hehehe! They'd not got any though. But I did get a book about Hitler to read.

Caught bus back to the dump. Cuppa, gripe=nut flakes and laptop on to update this tosh.

Wednesday 9th July 2014

Sad I know...
Woke up with a start - feeling knackered, but could not get back to sleep.
Remembered one of me dreams - I was driving an old lorry in a quarry, with someone in the passenger seat, i was driving the cab as if it was a stock car, and we were laughing? Can't recall owt else though.  
Arthur Itis not bad, reflux valve not bad, cut on back of head not bleeding, haemorrhoids not bleeding but painful, arms easier now GP cream put on, ears still full of wax and bits, angina not too bad at all, lower region stitches seeping a tiny bit, sneezing and snuffling a bit. ulcer no bother, and no dizzies yet either. We'll see how it goes.

Down stairs, laptop on, cuppa made, medications taken.
Replied to emails from Jane and Pete.

Ablutions and got laundry ready.

Struggled down to the launderette, and did two loads of washing.

Back to the flea-pit, and to the WC, then went on Coreldraw, Wordpress and emails etc.

Reflux valve and angina started with a vengeance. (Tsk) Feeling a bit done in for some reason. Read book, watched some Goodnight Sweetheart DVDs.

Thursday 10th July 2014

Up and on the loo - just a bit of blood. Area of stitches a bit sore.

Cup of tea made, medications consumed, laptop started, updated this crap. Then checked emails, and did a bit of editing of Woes in Word.

Took rest of the laundry to wash, finally caught up with with it! Hurrah!

Back at the dump, of to renal. All okay.

GP for further instructions on caring for me stitches. Don't do anything that involves stretching or lifting heavy weights.

Back, on laptop, emails and blogging.

Friday 11th July 2014

Feeling a bit livelier than of recent.
No blood on either of me first two WC visits.


Started laptop, took bin out for collection by the nice gentlemen from Nottingham's finest management and disposal technical and gatherers of recyclable material, who help combat climate change, and bring such joy to the nations citizens with their banter and nice manners.

Made cuppa an had me breakfast. Tea very nice and strong, medication trough as normal. Rubbed in the two cream and lotions to me nether regions.

Must remember to fetch me monthly medications later today, and get in a good long walk to please Mr Arthur Itis in me knees.
Did some work on me Wordpress blog, Woes parts five and six.

After doing me ablutions, I set off to fetch me prescriptions, and have a walk about in the city. Got as far as the end of the road, then returned to put me hearing aids in. Huh, again!

Collected medications (made me bag heavy they did), then hobbled into town for a good walk about.
Wandered around Tesco, then to the Bank fer some cash. Then to the Chinese shop fer some plain seaweed, but they had none. So walked back to Tesco and got some seaweed sheets there. Called in HMV and got a pair of hearing thingies for £4.99 on offer.
During me wander around town, I was approached by Jehovah Witnesses outside Vic Centre, God Army folk bottom of St Peters Street, and an very persistent Islam, all who were interested in my joining their faith.
Incidentally, I kept seeing a chap, about 6'4" dressed in a dress, walking around with a hand written sign on the end of a long cane with Jesus on it?

I popped in The Works cheap book shop, to see if they had any crossword books in to suit me (Not too challenging and without any clues about who starred in which film or made a certain record - hate them 'cause I don't know much about either) had a muse around the shop, and noticed a book 'The Quintinshill Conspiracy'.
The crash, which involved five trains, killed a probable 226 and injured 246 and remains the worst rail crash in the United Kingdom in terms of loss of life. Those killed were mainly Territorial soldiers from the 1/7th (Leith) Battalion, the Royal Scots heading for Gallipoli.
It tells the story of the horrific crash on 22 May 1915 involving five trains at Quintinshill signalling box and the passing spurs at that point.  The vast majority of lives lost were on the troop train carrying half of the 7th Battalion on their way to Liverpool for embarking for overseas service in the Dardanelles.  230 people died in that crash or shortly after and 246 were seriously injured, of the dead 214 were Royal Scots.  The main thrust of the book however, is an examination and detailed deconstruction of the cover-up put in place by the Railway company, with the connivance of the Government in which two railwaymen, the Signal Box operators, were strung out to dry and sent to prison.  They were certainly not the only ones who should have shouldered blame and indeed, should they have been blamed in the first instance.  The authors go to great detail to give the circumstances of the accident and reasons behind it.
I'm looking forward to reading this, my kind of book methinks.
I checked online later, to get a review and prices elsewhere for this book:

On ebay it was £17.00? Waterstones at £20.00 and Pen and Sword Books at £25.00!
At The Works... £4.99

Walked down Maid Marion way, Canal Street then back up the hill into town again - by then I was struggling with the knees and feet, decided to catch the bus home... but the massive queues put me off, and I walked it back instead, taking the opposite side of Mansfield Road that I took in the walk into town, nice and steady though, no rush, and window shopped along the way.

Noticed a shop had some cooked Silesian sausage in their fridge, popped in to get some, and saw they were selling polish bread too, so I got one.

Back at the hovel, no jobs about at the moment, good.
Made me salad ready for later, and wrapped it in foil so it keeps freshish.
Gawd me feet and knees hurt.
Missed a call from Pete, called him back, he's been cracking on with the decorating, one more coat should do it he thinks.

Updated this rubbish, then checked on me Wordpress blog.

Saturday 12th July 2014

Woke up, sensing I'd had many horrible dreams, but cannot remember any details of them. Dropped off to sleep again (Rare that).

Awoke and arose, WC without blood, hands and knees not too bad after yesterdays walking.

Kettle on, and took rubbish out to bin - that had other peoples rubbish in it again.
Couple of well drunk lads staggering home (I think) from a good night out down the centre of the street, neither had shoes on, both were in hoodies?

Updated this load of uninteresting boring mundane crap.
Worked of Wordpress blog content.  Me Wordpress Blog

Third cuppa, no porridge cause I ate late and well last night.

Sunday 13th July 2014

What an 'orrible night... dare not let myself drift off to sleep again, for fear of going back to the intimidating nightmare I was having. I recall bits of it, I was working for various Co-op retail shops (that I actually had done in the past) and I could not get the till to balance, and everyone as fiddling me and laughing? That's the only detail I can remember. Brrr, it wus not nice.
So I got up, WC with blood and pain. Knees okay, angina okay, hands a bit naughty, reflux valve dodgy, sniffling, sneezing a bit and depressed.

Laptop on, made cuppa, WC again, no blood (Phew!).
Updated this load of horlicks.

Took bag out to bin - the street looked like a cattery, they were all over the place, but again, not seeming to mix with each other?

Started to sort some black bags out. I'd be lost without Jane and Pete.

Wordpress, emails, news site, read book, and felt so low.

Stayed awake to listen to the World Cup final on Radio5. Kept falling asleep for short periods, but was pleased with the result with Germany winning.

Monday 14th July 2014

Kept waking up repeatedly during the night between dreams, eventually giving up and getting up at 0430hrs.

WC, bit of blood, laptop on, cuppa and porridge made, medications taken, black bags to bin, then searched for World Cup reports.

Shopping delivered - out em away, then made a black bag up.
Must get out for a walk today - and remember to take and use me camera!

Edited me lasrt Wordpress blog. Woes eight and nine, made up and put a new logo on top of the pages.  Cuppa.
Woes blog eight and others.

Abluted,  set off on me walk, with camera and pod peas to nibble!

Knees easier, feet not so. Got in town, straight to Viv bus station, and got on a long routed bus to Mansfield.
Bought a pot of dried onions for Jane.

Back at Mansfield bus station, caught bus to Derby.

In Derby. Had a good walk around, fed the birds. Oh me feet now! But me knees are not bad at all.

Caught bus back to Nottingham.

Back in Nottingham, Friar Lane. Popped in the Chinese shop to see if they had any plain Seaweed in, but no.
Forgot about the camera until now. Tsk! I asked the girls in the Chinese shop if I could take their photo, but they ran away saying No no no photo?
I'll have to ask the gals in haematology tomorrow if I can take a few shots of them, if their not busy that is. I'll try to get an email address from one oe em, and I can send em to her?

Had a wander around Nottingham. Tried to take a photo of where they are building the Nottingham Riviera in the slab square - oh dear, batteries dead!

Back in the flea-pit.
Put laptop on to update this rubbish, put batterries on charge, made a cuppa, then made sandwiches for later, to have with seaweed and a pickled sausage roll. By gum I live well!
Checked emails and answered some, and on Wordpress for a while.
Head-down early (not that I expect much actual sleep), but I want to go early in the morning to the QMC, so I might stand a chance of getting their photo/s to post.
So will have to walk it and get a bit of extra exercise.

Tuesday 15th July 2014

Woke up, dare not go back to my dream filled sleep - read book a bit.

Got up, did ablutions (no blood), went down and started laptop, made cuppa.
Went on web, sites, emails etc. Did graphic for lads (SOZ) Baz and Clivey that they might find useful.


Set off for the hospital. Remembered to take camera with recharged batteries, nibbles for the Haematology nurses and mobile phone. (Oh I am getting better yer know... well?)

A hour and quarter later, as I was walking up Triumph Road, where they are building extra college buildings, I noticed this stack of pallets of breeze blocks.
Then the notice on them 'Handle With Care'? Just had to take a photo of them. Handle with care? Are they liable to break then? Things ain't wot they used to be!

Arrived at the hospital, and was soon seen to be the ladies in haematology dep't, who took me blood for the INR tests.

Brother-in-law Pete called round. Nearly finished his decorating at his mansion.
He took some black bags away for sorting for me again, bless his cotton socks.

Got on with trying to finish ap ost to me Wordpress blog site.
It took ages, but I love doing them, even though this one is not as good as I'd hoped it would be.
Latest blog wot I dun

Got it finished at last, and posted off.
Feeling a bit peckish now.
So might get missen some fodder... oh no... forgot I've got to go to the food bank. And I need some bread... blow I'll go to the foodank tomorrow, and go noe to get me bread. Decisions decisions... Tsk!
Must phone Jane on the way.

All finished, and out of the QMC, across the road to catch a bus to City Centre. (Gawd bless the free bus passes for the elderley folk... hehehe)

Pete rang while I was on the bus - he's calling to pick up the black bags again.
I was going to go straight to the Food Bank to make a donation, but  can go later or in the morning.

Back in the bomb shelter. Updated this page. Checked emails.

Wednesday 16th July 2014

Up and about - lousy bit sleep again. Tsk!

Laptop on, cuppa and biscuit.
Spent a few hours frustrated time on blogging.
Make a black bag of stuff to sort out, and took rubbish to the bin.

Was about to go tothe launderette, when the postman arrived - got letter to tell me me glasses were ready fer picking up on Friar Lane... well, not on Friar Lane itself of course, but at Boots Opticians yer see.

Set off on me walk to town. Called in local Dentist to see if they were taking NHS patients - not so. Huh!
Hobbled into town, very busy it were.
Went to NHS drop-in centre to see if they knew of any dentists taking new NHS patients in. They said Sherwood Dental 668 Mansfield Road were taking em - so I'll call in tomorrow and see em abarht it.
Then called in Chinese shop, and got some plain seaweed.
Has a walk around for a bit.

Caught bus back to the hovel.
Young yobs parading and taunting on the road.

Updated and posted on me Wordpress blog. Answered emails.
Feet hurting, be everything else okay.

Decided to go up and read me book, hten watch one of Pete's DVD wot he made fer me.

Latest blog What I Dun: A Nottingham Lad's True Tales of Woe - 9

Thursday 17th July 2014

Up and at em! Laptop on, cuppa and medications. Took black bags out. WC four visits in half an hour.
Feeling okay at the moment, depression eased, no blood, bother from the stitches, angina not bad, knees feet and hands very fair, piles okay, ear infection just a tad bothersome, skin rashes nice and calm, and the new glasses are great!
Having now extolled the virtues of my improvement in general heath this morning, I wouldn't be surprised if I croaked out - just when I thought things were okay. So if yer don't see no more blogs, you'll know why. Hehehe!

Many emails to check and answer, I love em. Had a go at preparing/editing me next blog to post on SOZ. 
Hello, the chest pains are starting again - Tsk!

Really got into the editing, and posted two... I say two Tales of Woe off this morning! Dead proud of missen! Unfortunately it took me until 1429 to get em done and off. Nearly forgot about going to the dentist. Tsk!

Had bath shave and a sh... never mind.
Checked on Google earth where 688 Mansfield Road was, it showed an old solicitors establishment. I assumed the dentist had taken it over?
Off on me walk to the dentist about 1455hrs. Nice day, but me feet hurt a bit. Knees not too bad.
Got to Sherwood, and the solicitors were still in the premises. Had to walk a few hundred yards further on to the dwellings to find one with a number on, 603, so I carried on walking (hobbling by now), and suddenly realised. this side of the road is odd numbers! Felt such a fool, so I crossed over and walked back into Sherwood, where I located the Sherwood dentists.
Sign on with them, and got appointment for first checks next Monday 21st 0915hrs. I'll put it on me phone reminder and Google diary - what's the chances of me forgetting?

Got back to the dump, put kettle on and started the laptop - guess what? BT Internet down AGAIN!
I think connecting with Gaz, Clivey, Skoob and Lynda again has cheered me up no end.
Pottered about a bit, getting me salad ready for later, and BT returned about 1655hrs. I just hope that BT and me old laptop keep going... me too actually.

Took evening med's. bit of blood at me ablutions. Going to have a look on LMMM and Incy blogs, reply if any require it, then get meself down and have some nosh and hopefully kip!

Friday 18th July 2014

What an odd night, full of dreams as usual, but I've got the feeling that every time I sprung awake and got off to kip again, I went back to the same dream... I think anyway, but cannot recall what it was about at all. I know it was not nice, that's all. LAid there for ages trying to recall it.

Down, laptop started (BT working!), made a cuppa, took medications, then back up to the WC, no blood no bother... hurrah!
Took the bins out for collection. Made up goody-bag for the nurses next week.
Started redoing and creating new pages fer me blogs, and got into it.
Despite the problems with the old laptop freezing and me losing stuff I was in the middle of, and BT connection, I really enjoyed doing it. Some nice comments left on site about the Woes. Nice that.

Still on onternet.
Had a walk down to the shops to get some bread and bits.
Suddenly feeling very weary, upstairs early, watched a LA and Order DVD that Pete did for me, read a bit of me book about Hitler.

Saturday 19th July 2014

Awoke. I've said this before I think, but some mornings I feel like a different person has woke up. This morning is one of those.
Full of guilt, shame and remorse for everything,
Then I found blood in the urine, angina, back, knees, reflux valve playing up.
Most affected, depressed.

Sunday 20th July 2014

Up and cuppa and porridge.
Laptop on, did posts on me blogs. Some nice messages left, nice that.
Not feeling very bright. Must remember the dentist in the morning!

Did a black bag.
Did some weeding, yobs have been in the garden again, throwing me rocks around.

Laptop on again, titivated some pages. Started to feel a bit down again - I hate feeling like this. Things  looking black, not talked to anyone for two days now.
I'm not going out today, many yobs lurking and passing.

Got email from sister Jane, she and hubby Pete are very busy - AND they are having fish and chips to eat... huh! Hehehe!
Still got this damned illogical low... Grrr!

Did a lot of preparatory work for blog sites, got carried away with it.
Yobs lurky past the window all day on and off.

Monday 21st July 2014

Up and on the loo urgently!
"Oh what a beautiful Morning, oh what a beautiful d...♫" Never mind.
Back ache to add to the usual angina this morning. Horrible might of dreams again, I thnk about past failures and embarrassments?

Laptop on. update this toshfulness. Emails, blogs - must remember Dentist at 0915hrs!

Started to do graphics and amend me Political Ode - then posted to LOMM and Inchy sites. Emailed it to Jane, Pete, Trevor and Andy.

Did me ablutions and got ready for going to see the dentist. No blood.

Set off on walk to dentist. Arrived 0906hrs. Paid the bill £18.50 before having owt looked at on the instructions of the Obergruppenfurher on the reception, nice girl.

Called up the stairs to the treatment room.
It's a very busy dental surgery, several treatment rooms, notices on the wall telling you the dentist is looking after two rooms/patients at the same time, and not to worry, they won't forget you! Nice I thought!
She decided I needed a filling and a scale and polish. Told me to book in with the reception. So I did. Estimated cost £32.

Out onto Mansfield Road, and caught a bus to city centre.
Hobbled around for a bit, then caught bus back to Bosnia... I mean home. Updated this load of ruggish.

Sorted me medications into pots - takes ages but worth it in the long run.
Must remember Morrison's delivery twixt 0630 and 0730hrs in the morning, got it early so I can get ready for the INR tests afterwards. Hope they don't run out of Marmite crisps cause I have. Hehehe. I've set the alarm message on me phone and put it in google diary, so I should be okay.
Tonight I've got belly pork sarnies, microwave chips and seaweed on the menu, Followed by a jelly and i've some biscuits left. And I can eat it watching one of Pete's DVDs. Mmmm, I live well yer know.

Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Awoke, and lay there trying to remember the dreams I'd been having, but no luck.

Finally thought off the cramps and Arthur Itis and managed to get in a perpendicular position. (Bit of a arduous painful struggle this morning)
No 'movements' of any kind yet...

Laptop started. Cuppa tea and Grapenut flakes prepared. Medications taken.
Expecting my Morrison's delivery later this morning, then a trip to the hospital for me INR level checks, after which I hope to remember to go to the 99p shop to get some more containers to use as medications allotment distribution. (Sounds more posh than 'to put me tablets in' dunnit?)

This updated to here. Checked emails. Worked on blogs. Still awaiting some movement of any kind...
Morrisons's delivered. All okay, no substitutions.
Did ablutions, no blood.

Set off on walk to QMC. Nice morning.

Arrived at QMC. Went to Renal first. They still awaiting decision/results from Renal. Should know inside a week. Then to haematology for INR tests.

Got bus to town. Got some little containers for medications, and a pack of em for sister Jane - they look ideal for her to keep her loose cooking ingredients in.
Bus back to the pit.

Did blog stuff, and had to pack up when the laptop struggled, and then BT internet connection kept going.

Yobs walking around again, looking intimidating.
Retired up to eat nosh and read book.

Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Boy have I woke up depressed! More nasty dreams... as usual. WC.

WC, laptop on, cuppa, nowt to eat.

Yobs lurking - hid in bathroom.
Read some of my 'The Quintinshill Conspiracy' book.

Thursday 24th July 2014

Awoke. Bad dreams again, still feeling nervous and down.

WC, Down, laptop started, cuppa, WC, began creating next graphics and text for blog. Still feeling horribly down though.

Fell asleep for four hours! It wer' 'eaven.

 Struggling a bit now, angina and Arthur. must get a walk in. Did some blog preparation and posting.

Caught but to town, had a walk around a bit, then walked back to Carrington. Still feeling a bit weird. Bought some Silesian Sausage en route.

Got back home, with the chips I'd bought on me walk back - they were terrible, only about 50% edible. Ergh!
Within half an hour, I regretted the chips - oh dear!
Phoned Pete. He phoned back, 
Late taking night medications, a little disorientated. 

Realised I'd not took me evening med's. Took em quick, oh dear, pain to follow?

Friday 25th July 2014

Woke up, so tired still, actually nodded off again.

Woke again, gorrup, feeling groggy, nervous and so low again.

Angina, guts (chips?), knees and disorientated. Cuppa and laptop on. Depressed, can't go on like this, or can I?
Did emails and blogging throughout the morning. Many comments from decent sounding people on Wordpress blog. Put me Morrison's order in for Monday - 0630>0730 slot, must remember Dentist 0930 Monday as well.
Still feeling horrible in meself... why? Gawd knows.

Had a walk into town, and caught bus to Mansfield in an effort to cheer myself up somehow.
Had a good look for a store that sold onions in brine or oil, so I could get some for sister Jane, but no luck. Managed to get bicsuits from B&M that Jane and Pete like.

Caught bus home - dropped of in Carrington.
Kids around, did emails then withdrew to the bathroom. Rang Pete. Still down though.

Saturday 26th July 2014

Awake at 0230, mused pondered, read book... got up at 0500hrs. Feeling rather pathetic.
Feeling lonely and sorry fer missen... bad innit?
Latrines, no blood, laptop started (she's taking more and more time nowadays), cupp and porridge.

Sunday 27th July 2014

Up, cuppa, porridge, med's and blogging away.
Bit of blood when passing.

No yobboes about, so took a walk to town via the Arboretum.
Took camera. Very few folk about despite the good weather.

Got back to the flea-pit, and made a cuppa, checked emails. One from Jane, very welcome.
Tried to phone her twice, but got some recorded message that I could not hear at all. Called Pete and got through straight away. He's finished his decorating, and is no back on the road with his electric bike. Taking trips all over the place, good for him.

Yobboes lurking, so I retired upstairs, read book (Hitler the Commander) for a bit, then watched some 'Pie in the Sky' dvd. IT was then, the new cramps started in the feet... oh dear.

Monday 28th July 2014

Awake at 0345, nodded off, wake again at 0410, nodded off, awake again at 0425, and in agony with foot cramps. 0515 really struggled to get down to make a cuppa and take me med's. Thought I might have to cancel me dentist's appointment and seek help with the agony in me right foot.
Did some blogging preparations.
Eventually the foot eased to a mild pain, so no bother there. Phew!
My reminder on phone told me about Morrison's order coming later 0630 to 0730.
Had a good scrub up. WC, no blood. 

Then got missen ready fer me trip t’ dentist.
Only just moved to this one, I went last week for a check-up, and they booked me in fer a bit of work today. Couple o’ fillin’s and a spit un polish at ten o’clock this morning.
I set off, givin’ missen plenty o’ time like to hobble there.
At the end of the road, I stopped and limped back to the house cause I realised I’d still got me slippers on, un changed into me weather worn shoes.
Set off again, nice morning, up Mansfield Road, crossed over the other side when I noticed the police trying to drag a chap out of the flats, and the chap seemed determined not to be dragged out into the police van.
About 15 minutes later, I arrived at the Dentist at 0945hrs.
By the time I’d queued to book in, it were abarht 1010hrs. They insisted I pay fer me treatment then, before I’d ‘ad it like. Do I look dishonest, or like a pauper... maybe.
I sat and read a few chapters of me book ‘Hitler; The Commander’ wot I got frum the Pound Shop, before I wus told to go upstairs to room 2.
The rooms, had been fashioned out the old bedrooms in what was originally the living quarters of a shop owner.
I went in, and found myself alone, so I got out me book again. A few minutes later the nurse came in and went out again, then the dentist came in, told me to sit on the split plastic covered chair thingy and she’s be back in a bit. She a Polish gal, name of Cwik – no I’m not joking.
She inquired if I required a needle of pain killer before she started, I replied in the affirmative.
She left the room again. The nurse returned, picked something up out of a drawer, and left again.
They both returned after a short while, during which time I began to appreciate the pretty patterns the spiders had spun on the ceiling.
They set to work, and before long I’d got a set of top front teeth that I hope I can eat with without struggling.
I set off on me walk home, cheered with the prospect of being able to consume me fodder without pain.

Got to the end of me road... then returned to the dentist for me book, medicines and seaweed I’d left in the carrier bag....


Never mind eh? I'm gerrin' used to being a bigger plonker than I have been in the passed now.

Me newly doctored front teggies...

Tuesday 29th July 2014

Today started off fair – then went pear-shaped and frustrating, then gained a bit of satisfaction.
Me pains were far less than yesterday’s were. No blood from me ablutions (apart from a bit when I cut missen shavin’ – Tsk!)
I spent ages and ages creating graphics for me Political post – then the computer crashed! Retstarted the the internet went down. Shit, bother and… never mind, I lost it all. Grrr! Bloody BT!
Inchy's School Leaving testimonial 
I went out to the hospital, calling in the council offices on the way to beg if they could find me sheltered accommodation somewhere nearby to live in, and the nice chap made me an appointment to see another bloke this afternoon. Nice.
Then to the hospital, and got tended to quickly, booked in again for next week.
Then back to town, and caught the bus to ‘Bread and Lard island’ West Bridgford, to see me Sister Jane and brother-in-law Pete. He’s very nearly finished all his decorating now.
I had a dizzy walking from the bus and veered into some trees, opening me wounds on me mush. Double Tsk!

Enjoyed me cuppa and natter, then Pete came in with a locked box they had been
keeping for me and opened it – guess what, me school leaving testimony from the head
master, and me last year report was in it! He took a photo of em, and emailed to me at home. Interesting… or not seeing the low grades wot I got… apart from English where I came top… I say top… first! Yahoo!
Caught bus back home, called in Tesco and Chinese shop tp try and get some cheese seaweed, but none available. Treble Tsk!
Got back to the flea-pit, and worked on some posts for a bit, scared the laptop would fail me again.
Jane rang later to see how I was, and that was appreciated.
Ah well, as my Dad used to say: “It’s an ill wind that fails to find too many cooks on a Wednesday afternoon!”

Wednesday 30th July 2014

Up at 0500. Horrible night. Cramps not so bad though.
Laptop started - made cuppa, took bag to bin, washed pots... still the laptop has not loaded fully. 
I decided, as I haven’t been insulted or sneered at for a while, I’d call in where these antisocial facets would be guaranteed – the local Lidl.
I  was in decent form to start with, checked I’d got me shoes and not slippers on, me spectacles on, me hearing aids in, me hat on, me dressings on me ‘Inch’ were secure, I’d got some money wimmie, I locked the door behind me, and checked to see if any local yobs were about before I left the flea-pit.
03 02I hobbled down to the shop, having to take a longer route because the police had blocked off a road due to an RTC (Road Traffic Collision), just behind the New Inn where that bloke got stabbed last Wednesday.
03 03I got onto Mansfield Road, and entered the shop. No baskets again, had to fetch one from the till area, as did other customers.
But I was in a fair mood, so said nothing, and carried on with shopping for me bits.
At the greengrocer stand, I looked at the tomatoes on offer. There was on lot of decent looking tomatoes, but there was no country of origin on them.
I ought to remind you wonderful, enigmatic, attractive readers that; I worked on the food retail business for years, and I thought they might have they disposed with the ruling that the country of origin must clearly be stated on all products nowadays?
There was this young shop assistant, nearly moving to, but I caught up with him while he stopped to chat up a bimbo while she was shopping, and asked him; (Nicely like!) “Excuse me, can you tell me where the tomatoes next to the end come from, as I thought it was a legal requirement to put the country of origin on all produce?” The reply; “Huh?” - I said never mind and carried on.
When I got to the fridges at the back of the store, I observed I was being observed by the security guard.
03 04I couldn't find the Krakowska meat that I like, and after only ten minutes searching for one, I found a member of staff to ask if they had any in stock. Before I’d got to mentioning the product I was after, she’s said; “If there is none there, we havva gotta any!” and was off like, just like Clivey Boy when he is with 500 yards of a boozer and his nose picks the scent of the ale, fast!
I got to the checkout, joined the queue and the till lady said; “Owston klaird funk poonds ten?” I thought she was going to give me a Hitler salute, but no. So after checking with the reading on the cash register, I gave her a fiver to pay the four pound ten bill. And got ten 1p pieces in the change!
I exited the premises, again telling myself not to go there again (Lidl), and the security guard followed me out. So I turned and walked towards him, and he went back in the shop?!?!
Now I was not in a good mood.
Limped home, opening the door, I saw laying there on the carpet, a letter from the City Homes people.
My heart leapt with joy... Have they got a home for me to go to... No! - It just told me I had been downgraded in the waiting list to classification Five, the bottom one.
Now usually, I would have sworn and cursed a bit at this, but as I lifted the nosh tray off the bin to throw the letter in, I dropped the tray with all the stuff on it...
So I cursed and swore a bit at that instead!
03 05 OsbI’ve just read that George Osborne shops at Lidl? In this photo off the web, he isn’t shopping; he’s filling up the cob basket... and without his disposable gloves on too!
Suppose he’s got shares in Lidl?
Now I’ve really pissed missen off!
Life eh?

Thursday 31st July 2014

Up at 0515hrs, feeling good, apart from weariness, and the odd twinge from me piles... amazing! Oh and little blood from me.. er..well... somewhere else.
passion and happiness - Or, if you want the real truth, depression, accidents, frustration, discomfiture, vexation, pain, chagrin, nervousness, fear, loneliness, faux pas and decay. But I wont mention them.
Me hole...
Gorrup and entangled wiv me blog posting graphics and creations.
When I went out to take some stuff to the bins, I noticed the Virgin Media hole in the pavement was gerrin bigger... oh dear!
The cunning step that moves?
Then after feedin’ the birds, on my return to the hovel, I managed to trip ‘Up’ the step to the door. I now have a very pretty scrape down me right shin, and a bruised chin. Oh, that rhymed. Tsk!
Put some cream on me wounds, and while doing so, the tube burst!
Still, it didn’t bleed much, which means me Warfarin level might be a bit low... or is that high? Never mind.
While bending to clean up the antiseptic cream wot I squirted on the floor, Arthur Itis made an appearance in me knees. (Huh, and it had been so good up until then today)
Knees too painful fer meto pick up the seeds wot I split when ups-a-daisying up the door-step wot I swear moved on its own.
Received an email from me mate in America, Andy, with a funny in it that I thought deserved graphicalisating ( I know, no such word, but I like it) a bit:
04 01
I wonder who the modelled for the original artist/photographer?
Went off to town to see if HMV had got DVD I ordered in yet. "The Big Job" Made around 1959 I think, can't find a date on the box. Comedy with Sid James, Sylvia Syms, Dick Emery, Jim Dale and other old comedy actors. Looking forward to watching it later on next week. after a long walk around Victoria Centre looking for the store that had relocated, I found someone official and asked him where it had moved to, naturally had moved to the only part I'd not walked through looking, at the far end of here I stopped and asked the bloke.
Feet humming a bit now, despite this I had a walk around town with the intention of taking some photo's for putting on here. I remembered to take the camera, but early this morning when I was taking some off of it to put on here, I left the flippin' thing on and it went flat... oh what a superior nit-wit I am.
 Termination of compilation of the days activities at 1610hrs. Will commence tomorrows Inchy Today from that time, providing I remember to, the BT connection does not fail again, and the old laptop doesn't die a sad death of course.
Made a cuppa and finished this off. TTFN all...

That's all for this month folks...