Saturday, 2 June 2012

Diary of Woe - June 2012

Friday 1st June:

Up early, to the loo, arthritis in knees and hands a bit easier this morning, angina still bothersome, growth on gums worse.
Took medications, to the loo, made cuppa, on the laptop
Made a salad with baked potatoes, pork pies, lettuce, tomatoes, spring onions, radishes, mushrooms, cucumber, etc for Margaret and Stewart, took them over later. Both in good spirits.
Walked into town, and spent too much on food again.
As I was walking back home struggling with the bags of nosh - I started recalling the highlights of my life...
Being dragged unwillingly into the  world by the mid-wife, being handed to Park Drive smoking mother, and her telling the midwife "I don't want it... throw it in the Trent!"
(I didn't actually recall the event of course, but do recall the midwife telling me about it years later)
Mummy dear doing a moonlight flit as the debts and fiddles came to light.
Me, when I was young and had hair, and hope!
Being thrown in the the Canal off Wilford Bridge.
Dad getting me a morning paper round, then added an evening paper round, then adding a weekend paper round for me to do - a week later he got me a part time job at the local hardware store.
Mater coming home just as I started earning my £3.3.0 a week first job.
Mater off again.
Being made redundant for the first time.
Being made redundant for the second time.
Being made redundant for the third time.
Being made redundant for the forth time.
Copping for heart failure, having a replacement valve fitted - after which arthritis, impetigo, angina, prostate cancer, a hernia, and deafness paid joined me.
Then I met Margaret - and things didn't seem so bad.

Saturday 2nd June:

Up and to the loo 0400hrs. Cuppa, Medications at 0500hrs.
Prepared potatoes ready for oven later, to make for nosh for Margaret, she is so busy this week, and works hard long hours. I wish I was brave enough to tell her how I feel about her, she is lovely.
Had a parcel put through door for another address, will take it there tomorrow.
No walks today, started to update blogs, and fell asleep. (sad)
Margaret had a twinkle in her eyes this morning, very attractive.

Sunday 3rd June:

Stewart and Margaret
Up about 0500hrs, loo, medications, cuppa, arthritis and angina not too bad, must remember to take parcel to the proper address later.
Made some tomatoes and mushrooms, with bacon for Margaret. 
Went over to see Margaret and Stewart, Margaret busy as usual, Stew feeling okay.
Heavy rain meant no walkies for me again today.
Worked on blogs, while me potatoes were burnt in the oven!
Cut up some new spuds, and placed them in the oven again.
Fell asleep, woke up, threw away the burnt spuds once more - then made some instant mash!
Got email from someone on the Spoof site, very nice.

Monday 4th June:

Up at 0400hrs. Loo, cuppa, loo, on the laptop, loo, cuppa, took morning medications, searched for hearing aids! (By gimminni life's exciting!)
Did some bacon/cheese potatoes for Margaret, went over to see Stew, he was on fine form.
Had a walk into Arnold and back, took parcel that was delivered to my house in error by GPO.
Got a bit wet in rain on way back.
Then realised I'd still got parcel in bag when I got home... mmm!

Tuesday 5th June:

Did some bacon/cheese potatoes for Margaret, went over to see Stew, he was on fine form.
Margaret doing Stew's paperwork
Had a walk to Hyson Green, fed the pigeons on the Forest, hobbled back (Arthritis playing up).
Another Senior Moment! Put pan on stove, and got involved on laptop - Another pan destroyed! Bugger it!
The glass lid shattered with the heat when I dropped it into the bowl of water to cool it - oh deary-me, what a-mistaka- to maker!
Popped out and posted the parcel to GPO - oh, its not the GPO nowadays is it?
Boxed me medications for the next four days. Must remember to ask Margaret to phone dentist for me tomorrow.

Wednesday 6th June:

Up, to the loo, cuppa, then remembered I was meeting Brother-in-law Pete in town.
Walked into city centre, took photo of Council House with its pathetic bunting for HRH's celebrations. (Left)
Called in at Theatre Royal with some nosh for Margaret, and then got the bus home.
Burnt some bacon in the oven, and some baked beans in the saucepan... nothing unusual here then!
Must say the knees hands and back are less bothersome today, although the angina remains a bit much.
I also managed to forget about collecting the hearing aid batteries when I was in town.

Thursday 7th June:

Margaret at Stewart's this morning - Cor what a gal!
Slept better last night. Up around 0530hrs - to the loo, cuppa, did some nosh for Margaret for later, during which I had an idea for a funny about diseases, so put on laptop and posted it to me blog. Managed to keep me concentration better as well... I'll see how that goes today.
Went over to see Margaret and Stewart. Stew okay, Mararet sneezing and looking a little tired, she works so long and hard bless her, and manages to keep looking attractive and desirable!
Had a precious cuddle and chinwag with her, then set off on walk to city centre to get bird seed, £1 shop umbrella, and a loaf, managing to forget the umbrella.
Returned on bus, and wrote this diary entry.
Fell asleep.

Friday 8th June:

Margaret at Stewart's the other day when I called
Horrible night for sleep, didn't get off until gone 0300hrs, woke about 0900hrs, missed medications.
Made vegetable curry/stew for Margaret.
Loo, wash, shave, teggies, rubbed Ibuprofen gel on knees.
Went over to see Margaret and Stewart, they were just going out, so came back to start this diary.
Bit down this morning again, in fact, depressed and sorry for myself - sad innit?
Had a bath and came down to kitchen to find water dripping into it!
Then I flippin' fell asleep and missed me evening medications - again!

Saturday 9th June:

Margaret at Stewart's with Cloey
Not up until 0600hrs gone - took morning med's, to the Loo, cuppa.
Baked some bacon ready for taking over for Margaret later.
Still feeling low. 
Left heater on in bathroom.
Burnt me digits on oven when taking out the burnt Asda smartprice short-dated cheap streaky bacon, in the smoke filled kitchen.
Had a walk and fed the pigeons.
Feeling a bit low again.
Hopeful I'll get it together more soon.

Sunday 10th June:

Took meds, went to the loo, cuppa, made meal.
Had wash, shave and shampoo.
Took nosh over for Margaret at Stewart's.
Had chinwag. Fetched some shopping for Stewart.
Back home 1300hrs - had nosh. Watched DVD 'Paul', fell asleep, woke up 2000hrs - thought it was 0800hrs and took morning medications in error for evening medications... a bit lost now.
I bet HRM doesn't have these problems!
Going with Stew and Margaret to Asda on Tuesday... if I remember.
Must remember to do laundry in the morning, running out of clean undies now.

Monday 11th June:

Margaret tending to Stewart's washing today
Good stuff this morning - Arthritis and Angina were both less severe! Hurrah!
Cuppa, medications, and on the laptop.
Made some smokey flavoured baked beans, bacon, and potato croquettes for Margaret
Did my ablutions using the famously refreshing carbolic soap.
Then took them over to Stewart's for her, but she had not arrived yet, so I fed the pigeons and had a walk around, then called back to find her there doing the laundry for Stewart.
Had a chat, and arranged for me to go with  
Margaret and Stewart tomorrow to Asda.
Had a walk to town and got the tram out to Bulwell, where I managed to get some 89p tin Goulash, dried onions (Margaret likes these), and her favourite Kit-Kat chunks.
Bussed home, and put things away, made a nosh, and promptly fell asleep. I was awaoken by Stewarts cat Chloe headbutting me to life in her mission to get food! I didn't even know she was in the house? Good thing really, cause it was medications time, so I fed her.
Put radio on using headphones, and nodded off again - and once more Chloe headbutted me into activity.

Monday 11th June:

Up around 0600hrs, medications, cuppa and on the laptop. No Chloe could be found after search?
Knees still tolerable, but Angina bothersome again.
Went to Bulwell and got some shopping.

Tuesday 12th June:

Went over to Stewart's, and went with him and Margaret to Nottingham.
Slept better, arthritis not too bad at all, angina a bit bothersome again.

Wednesday 13th June:

Up around 0600hrs - good nights kip though!
Took medications - had a wash and shave, and got the mountain of washing ready fot the launderette, two big bags-full! Needed two machines, cost over £10.. oh dear.
Called in to see Stewart on way back, he was looking well, arranged to go to Asda with him in the morning.
Walked to town, on the way I took photo's of the passing cars with HRM the Queen in one of them.
Got hearing aid batteries, and bird seed from the £ shop.
Got back, and posted the photo's to Nottingham News and Photo's - not very good, but might be of interest, along with those sent in by other plebs.

Friday 15th June:

Made Margaret some nosh, and took it over to Stewart's house. Had chinwag, Stewart okay, Margaret a little tired, she works so hard and long awkward hours. But she still managed to look radiant.
Cheating rob-dogs, Again!
 Had a walk into town, and caught bus out to West Bridgford's Morrisons, to get some cheap bread, battered fish, and veg and beef curry. Got bus back to town, then home. Put things away, and went out to my local Lidle to get robbed again by the cashier... when will I learn?
The potatoes were grotty, the queue enormous, and after checking receipt found this time the had overcharged me for a tin of Herrings - that's the third visit in a row that someone else or myself has been 'Done' by them!
Got home depressed, wondering if I could start a blog called "And which shop Overcharged You today?".
Lidle are superior at this - but no better then Aldi at overcharging, but Lidle staff do it with a more believable snotty treatment of their customers, and still they return!

Friday 15th June:

Good kip, up around 0500hrs, to the Loo, knees less painful this morning.
Went to see Stewart and Margaret.

Saturday 16th June:

Went to see Stewart, and took nosh over for Margaret. Had a good chinwag.
Went to Bulwell, and managed to get some KitKat bits for Margaret, some Goulash, and baked beans. (by golly I do lead an exciting life!)
When I got back, my body and mind retired for the rest of the day and night.

Sunday 17th June:

Margaret serves Stewart his lunch today
Up early, WC, cuppa, on the laptop.
Did some nosh for Margaret, she's so busy. Battered fish, chips and beans, that I hope will warm up alright in her microwave oven?
Did my ablutions, and went over to visit  Margaret and Stew.
Poor old Stew's loo was clogged up a bit, so fetched me long gloves and freed it up.
Had a good chin-wag, Margaret looked gorgeous again this morning.
Had walk to Asda for potatoes, fed birdies on the Forest en-route. (Not getting you too excited I hope?)
Arthritis not too bad again, angina a bit worrying in its intensity. 
My body ran out of steam around 1430hrs.
Blood from back passage on WC visit.

Monday 18th June:

Margaret poses for me, between cleaning Stew's house 
Stew at his Club today, but Margaret was at his house scrubbing and cleaning.
We had a chat, and she showed mt some of where she used to live as a young lass, in Durham on Googlemaps.
No walks today, as I intend to walk both ways, to and from QMC for blood-tests tomorrow.
I had some GouIash and baked beans with bread, then relaxed to watch some Dr Who DVDs - fell asleep!
Updated this pathetic diary of Woe, and put on the pretty photo of Margaret what I took of her, and am pleased with, cause it shows here looking radiant again!

Tuesday 19th June:

Up about 0600hrs, WC, cuppa, medications, on the laptop for a bit.
Got things ready for QMC blood test visit, and set off early. Made good time, took 1 hour 17min's to walk there.
Knees good, angina not too bad.
Big queue at blood centre.
Got bus back into town and got some bird seed from the Pound shop.
Took a couple of photos in town, showing the lack of people about in the City, put them on me Nottingham blog. Got home, and popped in to see Margaret and Stewart, had a chinwag and took some photographs. (as displayed)
By jimminee Margaret was looking radiant again.
I Think she's had her hair done differently.
Agreed to go to Doctors in the morning with them, to keep them company for a change. Must remember to call early to catch them before they go out.
Had some nosh, Chips and beef in black bean sauce - very tasty - expensive, but tasty! followed by yoghourt, a cuppa, and fell asleep - woke up with painful cramps in the legs! Argh!
Never mind, at least I woke up!

Wednesday 20th June:

I'm not so good today, a bit depressed, and angina bad.
Margaret and Stewart in cafe on Mansfield Road after Margaret had gone with Stew to get his blood test done at the GPs surgery this morning.
Took some bacon & tomatoes across for Margaret. 
I'm not so good today, a bit depressed, and angina bad.
Went to Bulwell and got some cheap snacks, Goulash, and baked beans - and did not get overcharged either... but then again, I didn't go to Lidl for me shopping!

Thursday 21st June:

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